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Author's Note: This is a short fic from Willis' POV, and he talks about losing his light and love, Kari Kamiya. This occurs a while after the defeat of the virus that possessed Cocomon.

Waiting for the Light

by Eternal Moonbeam

I would never stop waiting for the light to shine. The light that penetrated my lonely life, and let me know love.

Her face shone with the light of innocence. Her hair shone with the light of beauty. Her soul burned with the light of caring, kindness and love. She was a being of light and spirit.

I loved her. I admit it now. Ever since I saw her behind the fence in New York I loved her. Longed to hold her in my arms, to kiss her hair, and tell her I loved her. Then I would whisk her away and love her more, sweet, passionate love.

But that was all gone. As the darkness had enveloped Cocomon, it enveloped me. Soon after losing her, I plunged into darkness. Not even Terriermon could pull me out from the descending darkness. I wanted light. I needed light. But light never came.

Tomorrow, I told myself. Tomorrow the light would come. I just had to hold on until tomorrow. So I held on.

I grew feverish and lonely, mentally, not physically. Terriermon was there for me, but he wasn't enough light for me. I needed her, the bearer of light. To say more of the truth than that, I needed an angel: the angel of light.

I wait in solitude for the light to shine on me. 'Till then, I love you Kari. I shall wait forever, for all eternity, for the light. You are the light, Kari.

I love you.

*Wipes tear from face* There you have it! A sweet short fic from Willis' POV on losing one he loves. *Sniffles again*

-Eternal Moonbeam