(Kit Thespian walks onstage)

Kit Thespian: Well, here we are, folks, the last chapter. It's been fun!

(enter Magus and Glenn)

Glenn: Thou leavest us?

Kit Thespian: Er...yes?

Magus: You can't go!

Kit Thespian: What?

(enter Crono, Marle, Lucca, and Ayla)

Lucca: You can't leave us, Kit Thespian!

Marle: That's cruelty!

Kit Thespian: ...Gosh, I thought that with all the things I put you through you couldn't wait to see the back of me.

Crono (getting on his knees): We didn't mean it, honest!

Ayla (clinging to Kit Thespian's legs): Kit no go!

Kit Thespian: Eep! (sighs) Looks like I'm going to have to call the back up. (looks towards the FFVII category) Sephiroth! Cloud!

(Sephiroth and Cloud from FFVII enter the scene)

Sephiroth: Yes, oh mighty one?

Kit Thespian (motions towards all the CT characters): Do something!

(Cloud promptly pulls out his Ultima Weapon and chases all the characters out of the stage, except for Glenn and Magus. Sephiroth goes to them)

Sephiroth (to Magus): All right, widow's peak, it's you and me.

Magus: Ladies first, girly bangs.

(They initiate a staring contest. Glenn seems fascinated by it. Kit Thespian breathes a sigh of relief and puts up the chapter)

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Chapter Fifteen- The Entity

Belthasar and Kaleste's fingers dug into Janus' flesh and clothes as they held onto him with desperate fear. Lucca had her arms around the children, trying to hold back her tears. Glenn was on the ground, trying to protect Schala, but not having the slightest clue how. Janus was the one man there left standing, and his legs were starting to grow a little shaky. The growing darkness around them was starting to concentrate on one specific location, and taking a form like a man's.

Janus realized that the darkness had not come with this creature, but that this thing was the darkness itself. In that moment he began to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. He and the others had guessed that the Enemy of the Entity was the one behind all of this, but every piece of theology that the three Gurus had taught him and Schala stated that the Being of Destruction was forbidden to come to the World. No writing ever stated what would happen if It did.

Well, that was the situation presented to them now. Was the world about to be destroyed by this Being, and all of their efforts to save it in vain? Janus did not have long to ponder on this, because the Thing took on its full form. It did look like a man, but the different shades of black against the white snow were the only things outlining the contours of Its body. It was twenty feet tall and dressed in armor. The only things about It that weren't black were Its eyes, and they glowed white with black snake-slits in them.

For all of Its size, It seemed to have no weight, for It took a step towards them and they could hear only a slight sound of shuffling against the snow. It left black trails behind It. But everyone cringed as It came forward. Even Janus was beginning to lose a little of his resolve.

"I grow tired of your constant meddlings..." It said to the magic users, "Your people gave themselves totally over to the worship of Lavos, and then to the worship of power, and then to science and technology. The blood of your entire race should have been mine. Mine!"

Janus swallowed the lump in his throat and shouted up, "With the Entity's will against yours, you stand little chance of winning!"

"Well..." the Being waved Its arms (causing a great wind) and chuckled a little, "He is not here. If He really did care about you, he would show Himself, would He not?"

"He'll come..." Janus said.

The Monster grew in size only more, reached down, and wrapped Its icy fingers around Janus and picked him up. Lucca and the children screamed. Glenn jumped up and ran towards the Creature, but It turned on him and spit at him. The saliva splattered against Glenn's tunic like black tar and he fell to the ground writhing in pain. The liquid started to seep through his clothes into his skin, causing him to convulse. Schala screeched with terror and went to Glenn's side, trying to call up healing magic, but it wasn't working.

Janus felt as if he were caught inside of a vice that was growing tighter by the second. The Being brought him up to face level and glared at him with Its snake eyes. Janus felt the Thing's hand turn as hot as red pincers around him, then as cold as dry ice. Janus would let out a shriek of agony if he could have gathered enough breath to do it with.

"Have you no mercy in you?" Lucca sobbed.

"Mercy?" It seemed to find the idea amusing, "What is mercy, I wonder?"

Janus thought that all life was being squeezed out of him when he and everyone else heard a voice. It said a word that for the rest of his life, Janus could never figure out how to pronounce. They had heard the word before, spoken by Lavos when he named the Being. At the sound of it, the Dark One gasped and dropped Janus. Janus fell to the ground harshly, but he was still alive and conscious.

The Thing began to shrink as the darkness began to dissipate and the light grew brighter. But it wasn't coming from the sun. There was another human-like form coming, emerging from the sky and the light swirling around It. It was exact opposite of the dark one, but greater and more powerful. Nobody could see the outlines of His eyes because of their radiance. Janus knew at once that this was the Master of all good, the Entity. He had come at the hour He was needed.

The Being of Destruction shrieked with dismay and tried to flee, but the Entity grabbed It by the ankle (a small task for Him, by the way), dragging It to Him. Then the Entity took the Thing by the throat and spoke, his voice level and calm.

"I warned you," he said, "never to enter the World I created for them. I wish to know, did you really think that I would let this go unnoticed?"

The Thing that had only moments before terrorized the human population of this age was now cringing and whimpering incoherently like a dog facing an enraged master.

"Our agreement is through. You have broken your part, and now longer have any right to their blood. Take all of your pawns and go to the Depths prepared for you."

"Not that!" The Being screeched more in horror than protestation.


There was an incredible flash of light, and Janus found himself lying on the ground, with the sky as normal as it should be, without any damage to any of his surroundings. All of his pain was gone and he could breathe easily. Glenn was in the snow nearby, without any sort of wound or pain. They looked at each other questioningly, and nobody said or did anything for several minutes. It was like the entire thing had been a dream, except that the black markings that the Being made in the snow and grass were still there, as a reminder of what had occurred.

The first thing that Janus did was go to his wife and children, who were sitting still in a shock. Schala sobbed with relief and clung to Glenn. Slowly, all of the villagers started to clap and cheer, and raise up praises to the Entity. This would surely go down in history, as the day that the Dark One was driven to Its proper place. Much later, Janus, Glenn, and Lucca would laugh to themselves at wondering how Crono, Marle, and Robo would react to the story.

Although it took them a long while to fully recover from those events, life went on in the Last Village. A couple of months after this, Schala and Glenn were married.

At the End of Time, Gaspar and Spekkio were pleased, and a little amused, to find what the reason was why the Dark One had come to finish off the human race at that time. From Janus and Lucca's descendants came a line of secret magic-using Knights in Guardia, who served to do more complicated things than the Knights of the Square Table could handle. Schala and Glenn were the ancestors of the mysterious order of white mages (masters of healing magic) who also served under the Throne of Guardia.

Because of this, when the attack from Porre came upon Guardia in 1005 A.D., Guardia was better prepared and won the war. And because they won the war, the future of the world remained changed for the better.

"Well, Spekkio," Gaspar said, "I'm glad we're not running this show. We would probably mess it up."

"I agree," answered Spekkio, "but I do miss those youths. It gets lonely here."

"Hey, do you want to spar?"

"Spar? You? Aren't you reaching eighty about now?"

"I bet I could get you good."

"Gaspar, you can barely walk without a... Ow!"

Quick as lightning, Gaspar had whacked Spekkio on the head with his cane. He chuckled while Spekkio rubbed his forehead.

"I've still got it," the Guru of Time said, grinning.

"Why, I oughta..."

And the rest is, er, history.

The End

(Kit Thespian, still on the stage, breathes a sigh)

Kit Thespian: There! I hope I didn't disappoint...(turns and notices Sephiroth and Magus still staring.) Are you two still going at it?

Glenn: Neither one of them hast blinked.

Kit Thespian: Oh, brother...

(Cloud runs in)

Cloud: Seph, we've gotta get out of here; all those CT characters are gaining up on us!

Sephiroth (blinks): Huh?

Magus: I win!

Sephiroth: What? No fair!

Cloud: Sephiroth, we've got to get out of here now! Fangirls heard you were here and they're coming this way too!

Sephiroth: O.O

(Cloud and Sephiroth flee the scene. The cast of Chrono Trigger enters, as well as a herd of fangirls)

Gaspar: Well, I guess we showed that upstart what's what.

Marle: His hair was weird. (looks at Crono) Then again, who am I to complain?

Fangirl #1: Where's Sephy?

Fangirl #2: Waaaaah! No Sephy!

Fangirl #3: Wait, Magus is here.


(Magus runs screaming ahead of the crowd of fangirls and they disappear into the distance.)

Lucca: Hey...Where's Kit Thespian?

(All of the characters are just beginning to notice that in the midst of all of the calamity, Kit Thespian snuck out of the category)

Glenn: Oh, confound it! She hath escaped!

Marle: What're we going to do?

Melchior: Let's go pick on zipis1. She hasn't updated in months.

Belthasar: Yeah, and Gibson18.

Crono: Let's go!

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