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Trial of humanity. The defense rests.

My short but fitting eulogy, my requiem for my fallen adversary, my replacement in the Spirit Detective business, Yusuke Urameshi.

Strange. I thought I'd feel elated at having bested my rival, proving which one of us was stronger.

The defeat of an enemy was once something I rejoice in.

I even taped the video's climactic final scene as a requiem for his death.

And yet something seems wrong.

No, I should not feel elated. He was a good man, and an adversary that may have one day been a good rival. But he was still a man, and had a soul that was pure, and just.

Yusuke was a very different individual from myself, obsessed with fighting almost to a fault, brash, headstrong, and yet, I know that we could have been friends in a different time, a different place, a different world.

I wish I could have helped bring him onto the true path of righteousness, bring him out of the shadows that Koenma has always kept his lackeys within.

Yusuke was a warrior, manipulated by those in Spirit World, by Koenma, that conniving prince of lies.

Asmodeus should have been his name. I read about that being once, the Prince of Lies and Evil. That is what Koenma is. The most conniving person I have ever met, and the most evil.

I despise him with every fiber of my being.

He was the one who sent me down this path, however, and for that, he should be thanked.

That is the greatest irony, really. Koenma's desperation and need to protect these worthless humans, when all along it was he who spurred their foreordained destruction onward.

We would destroy ourselves, save that I am not willing to suffer any more damage to this world. Humans have plagued it for far too long already. It is high time that swift and terrible retribution be brought upon them.

By collapsing the barriers between this world and Demon World, however, I also do some small penance for my sins. Humanity finally endures Judgment Day, but that is not the entire reason why I seek so desperately to open a tunnel to Demon World.

I am dying. A rare, terminal disease, they said.

Incurable. My death would follow swiftly and surely as the next dawn of the sun.

None know why or how I contracted it, but I know. I know that this is part of my punishment for the murders I committed against demons.

This was the final catalyst. With this, I had no choice but to go to Demon World, a dying man's need for closure. If not for this disease, I would have never strived so hard for this moment when the tunnel is almost complete.

I need to know what it was like for the demon's I killed, know how it feels to be lost in a different world, amid hostiles, and to die by the hand of a random native of the world.

I go to Demon World to die, and by opening the tunnel, I shall take the rest of Humanity with me.

I will purge this world, and just as I took Yusuke's life, I will begin the process to take billions of others.

But unlike Yusuke, the rest of the world is impure and unjust and cruel and evil.

That is something Yusuke had never learned in his adolescence. That the world is not divided up into Us versus Them, Good versus Evil, Light versus Dark, but into shades of gray that are impossible to discern. Irrefutable truths are refutable, facts are myths, and every thing you hold true can be inverted in a moment.

But Yusuke's shade was discernable, his true character easy to ascertain.

A good soul, fighting for the wrong side. That's what he truly was.

But I cannot think of him like that now. I cannot show regret now, not now, when I am so close, so very close.

He was a lap dog of Koenma's, nothing more, the other's within clamor. He deserved death, they say callously.

My other sides. They who know nothing of the Spirit Detective life, of Koenma's true nature of manipulation and lies.

They did not know Yusuke's plight as I did, know how easily those of Spirit World could lie and manipulate you for their own gains. If I could only have changed his mind, perhaps I could have saved his soul.

Perhaps in saving his soul, I could make up for the sins I have committed. Perhaps my penance would be enough then.

But the blood on my hands never fades, even if the physical imprint has faded. My penance would never be enough, not even if I had a thousand lifetimes to make up for it.

But I will try, nonetheless.

That is, of course, the only thing any of us can do.

But it does not matter now. Yusuke is finished, and the greatest of the insignificant threats has passed.

Still, my long-awaited catharsis has not come. I had believed that if I killed Yusuke, I would have it. Perhaps I must also kill his friends, as well as open the tunnel.

His friends are angry with me, I can see. They hate me for what I have done.

Pawns, that is what they are too. Good souls, but pawns in Koenma's game. And pawns must be eliminated before one can make checkmate.

No. I have already beaten them. Koenma's Mafuken is no more, and his Spirit Detective along with it. All that is left to them is a hopeless battle that cannot be won.

No matter what happens next, I have won. The tunnel is open.

His friends wish to fight me though, and I can sense that they no longer care about an idea of honor or pride or even the desire to protect this world. What drives them now is pure anger and vengeance, the lust to kill me.

A foolish and hopeless endeavor, but an admirable one, nonetheless.

Amazing how much loyalty Yusuke has inspired from a fire demon, the Spirit Fox, and a human. The human above all else I am impressed with, for Yusuke had managed to gain as an ally one of the few other pure humans left to the world. Truly, Yusuke Urameshi was a unique individual.

Very well, I will grant their wish. It is the least I can do for such warrior spirits.

Their hearts are also noble and pure, like their friend's. I will not let such souls waste away in anger and age and inevitable corruption, but strike them down now, while they are pure, and just. I will capture their souls in an eternal moment, and their souls will forever be pure and innocent.

They will soon be joining their friend.

I hope they shall have some modicum of peace before they die by fighting me and attempting to avenge Yusuke's death.

I also hope I shall have that same peace soon enough, once I enter Demon World.

Humanity will soon suffer the cup of Wrath that has been waiting for so long. Judgment day is upon us.

The prosecution rests.

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