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Damnit Yusuke, why did you have to die?

You were my first friend in a long, long time. And my best friend since Kurone died, helping save me and allowing me to escape relatively unscathed.

Why did you have to die?

You helped me change my ways, save my mother, and give me a second chance to do some real good in the world. And now you have given your life to make me stronger. You helped make me become a person who could believe in setting things right and just in the world, who could change it.

I think you were the first person to put their trust in me, completely, since Kurone.

I failed Kurone. He died.

I failed you, Yusuke. You died.

But I won't let you pass unavenged like Kurone, Yusuke. I will fight for you, and I will finish what you started.

I will kill Sensui for you.

What is it about me that is the cause of my friend's deaths? Kurone died helping me escape, and you died to help me gain power.

Why do I lose my friends, and carry on as a survivor?

I can see Hiei practically burning with wrath, the likes of which I have never seen before. I think he is actually willing to give his life to avenge yours, Yusuke.

That's what made you remarkable. You drew me and Hiei into your web, your circle of friends, and as much as Hiei would not like to admit it, and you were our friend. You changed me, made me willing to fight for something, and you even made Hiei believe in something enough to die for it.

Your death allowed us to become stronger. Your death has given Hiei something real to fight for, given me something real to fight for, something beyond honor and protecting the world.

You gave us the desire to avenge you.

What is it about you, Yusuke? At first glance, one would think you a dropout, which you are, a no good punk kid who is indifferent to the plights of others. But when I met you, you were a concerned individual who wasn't willing to turn me over to Spirit World authorities because I broke the law to save my mother. You knew about how it felt to care for a mother, and somehow, you knew how close a mother and her child were that was a knowledge that no one else I had ever met had. You knew and empathized with my plight.

You were a remarkably different person from all other rumors about you that sprang up at my school, once I began to listen closer about the tales of 'that Urameshi'.

You can be brash and illogical, but when injustice is done, you are full of wrath. When your friends are in danger, you rise to challenges that seem utterly impossible. You inspired us. Your brash, hidden kindness that is just beneath your seemingly indifferent mask to the world took me into your circle of friends. Your warrior spirit, that unbeatable desire to fight and win drew Hiei in.

Together with Kuwabara, we were a fighting force unlike any other. A human and two demons fighting all fighting under a Spirit Detective. Almost unbelievable, unless they knew you.

We made a great team.

Just like me and Kurone made a great team.

The similarities are not lost on me, I assure you, however much I wished to deny it and try not to think about it, that fact was always there, ever since we fought the Saint Beasts. The fact that I was back on a team.

And now that team has lost its core member.

I think I hate you a little, Yusuke, for dying. When you died, we lost any chance of truly reforming Hiei, not that there was much chance of it before, but any slim chance at all is gone now. Your death cut through Hiei's barriers and turned him into a furious warrior bent on destruction of his foe and nothing more, nothing less.

When you died, I hurt like I had not hurt since Kurone died at the hands of the authorities and left me to survive. I felt pain that cut deeper than any blade ever used on me, and as I watched you die, I felt fear that I had not felt since my mother was last threatened.

Your death has struck a blow deeper than any I, and quite probably Hiei and myself, have ever had the displeasure to feel.

Damn you, Yusuke Urameshi.

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