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The Teen Titans is a group of teenage superheroes that live in Jump City. They live in Jump City Bay on a small island with their home, a giant T shaped tower, called Titans Tower. There are 5 Titans.

The leader, Robin, is the same Robin as Batman's sidekick. His superpower is the fact that he's crazy, really. He's the only member of the team with no superpower, but he's a great fighter.

Next, is Cyborg. An African American teen who was in an accident during his high school years. To save his life he was put back together using robotics. His superpower is mainly his cannon.

Then we have Starfire. She is an alien princess, and while being very smart, has a hard time understanding Earth. Her superpowers are bolts of light she can shoot from her hands called Starbolts. She can also fly and shot beams of light out of her hands.

Up next is Beast Boy. A green teen who has to make everyone laugh. His superpower is that he can turn into any animal.

Last, but not least, is Raven. She is a half-demon, whose father currently lives inside her mind and plans on using her to take over the world. She subdues her emotions to keep her father from getting out. She is a sort of telepath, and can using her powers to control objects. She can also heal.

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Chapter 1 Tell Me The Truth

Tears rolled slowly down Sam's face. It seemed she wound up like this more and more over the past week. Danny had been in the hospital for nearly a week since he had woken up. Didn't that mean he was supposed to go home?

Everyday after school she would take the bus over to the hospital and sit by his bed. They would talk about what happened during the day, and then work on homework, so that he didn't fall behind anymore. Then every night at nine Danny would fight with her to go home. He claimed it wasn't good for her to spend so much time at the hospital. That she should be at home, doing her thing, or even out patrolling for ghosts.

The vampire hunter ghost was still on the loose. What had Danny called him? she wondered. Oh, yes. Thokk. What an odd name, she thought wiping a tear away.

Deep down Sam knew that Danny didn't want her to see him hurting so much. And so, every night when she went to bed she would cry for him. She missed his touch, his kisses, his eyes, his smiles. Sam missed everything.

The day before Jessica had caught Sam before she had a chance to get on the bus. The brown haired girl wanted her to go shopping with her. Sam had a small feeling that this was Danny's doing. When she confronted the other girl about this Jessica denied it.

"Actually, it was Tucker," she offered. "He's worried about you not living because Danny isn't here. When was the last time you got out? Even to go patrolling?" She asked the last part under her breath, but Sam caught it.

"No ghosts have been seen since Danny got into the hospital. I don't know what's going on, but that's not important right now."

"Sam, if you spend all your time at the hospital I'm afraid you'll lose it." With a sigh, she agreed and went off with her friend.

With a sigh, Sam clicked off her lamp and climbed into bed. She wiped away the last of her tears before pulling the covers closer around herself.

She lay there for fifteen minutes without falling asleep. Even tossing and turning didn't seem to help. Finally she threw the covers off and got up.

Standing in front of the window, Sam took a deep breath. "I'm going ghost," she whispered causing the transformation into her other self, Sam Spectre.

Her black hair turned pure white, and the pajamas she was wearing changed into a black tank top and skirt, with a silver-white belt and tights, along with a pair of black boots with the same silver-white soles. When she opened her normally purple eyes, they shone a bright yellow.

Turning intangible, Sam floated through the window and then flew off into the night. Whenever she couldn't sleep, she usually took a nightly fly through town like this. She figured there was something about the night air that put her at peace with herself.

A few minutes later after she had flown by the docks, the park, and the old warehouse district, Sam found herself outside the hospital. What was she doing? Danny would be asleep by now, and the nurses would be lurking. She flew past some of the windows anyway, trying to look inside.

Everything was dark inside. She floated a few feet away from the building and gave a small sigh. As she was about to fly away she heard a window open.

"Sam?" a voice whispered into the night. It was Danny.

She blinked twice before floating over to the boy who was half hanging out the window.

"Um, hey. Shouldn't you be sleeping?"

"I should be, but I have nothing to do most of the day anyway. Besides, I was thinking about you."

A blush crept across her face. They had been dating for months and she was still embarrassed when he showed affection towards her.

"About me?"

He nodded, "Yeah, I heard the nurses talking to the doctor after you left."

"What's wrong? Is it something serious? They said you were getting better!" she whispered trying to keep her voice low. Panic still filled her words.

Danny gave a small, silent laugh. "I'm fine, Sam. They were just saying that I was going to be released tomorrow. In time for school. Will you come and pick me up?"

The boy made it sound like a date. It was now her turn to laugh. "Of course."

"Sam?" he asked reaching a hand out towards her.

She took it and floated even closer. The pair was only inches apart, looking into the others eyes. For a moment she looked deeply into the blue eyes she had fallen in love with.

He smiled softly at her. "I've missed these, your yellow eyes."

Again, another blush. "And I've missed your green ones." She was of course talking about the glowing green eyes that came with his transformation.

"I love you," he whispered before leaning in for a short kiss.

When they broke apart, Sam was ready to start crying again.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Why did you do it Danny? Why did you have to risk your life for me? I was horrible to you, and treated you like dirt. Why did you fight for me?"

"I thought you already knew that Sam."

She shook her head in slight anger at herself. A tear fell down her cheek. He wiped it away and held her face to look at him.

"I love you Sam. I'd give up everything to make you smile."

"I love you too, Danny," she said with a small smile.

"Now, you need to go to bed," he told her with concern. "Knowing you, you haven't slept most of this week."

So he noticed, she thought. At least he was kind enough not to offer a suggestion as to what she was doing with her time awake.

"All right. I'll be here early in the morning."

"You better," he threatened with a small laugh.

She nodded, and they said their goodbyes before she flew off into the night.