Hot Shot's Cildhood

Part 1

Towards Life

When Hot Shot received his sixth upgrade, he knew that he was mature enough for school. When his family died in the attack of Clairos-sector, Hot Shot had been the only survivor from his family. Many autobot-children were orphans because of the war, so there had been built orphanages for the children without a family. Hot Shot had spent only a year in an orphanage, but he still didn't have any memory of the family he had lost. All the time from his five first upgrades was a blank to him. He did not remember a thing. He did not have even one picture of his family.

But Hot Shot was strong. He would become a great warrior, just like his father had been. That was what he had decided. He would work hard and destroy the decepticons, who had destroyed his life and family.

Hot Shot was standing outside of the Glismax Academy's gate with many other first-years. He noticed that he was about the middle-height and that meant that he was not going to stick out because of his height. But the color of his frame! All the bots around him were reddish black, greenish grey or bluish white, but Hot Shot was bright yellow. He was not going to stick out because of his size but because of his color.

All the students were directed to the school auditorium and they were put in a row on the stage. An old male transformer had directed them to the room. He was colored mostly grey, but he had many sections in his armour that were green. The transformer had green eyes that had faded during the years and his face was grey.

"Welcome to Glismax Academy", the transformer started. "My name is Datamist and I am the school principle. Here we will decide which of you will study under which teacher. There will be four groups in all together. First I shall introduce Spiralfox's group."

Hot Shot eyed the thin, red femme transformer, and did not want to belong on her team. The femme had a dark, mean look on her face and her dark blue eyes were unreadable. Hot Shot swallowed a lump that had formed in his throat.

Datamist enumerated fifteen names in total, and Hot Shot was not among them. Hot Shot sighed in relief, when Spiralfox disappeared into the hallway with her students.

"Next it is time for Crushingor's group." Now Hot Shot's attention was on an unusually tall transformer, whose frame was black and had red flames pictured on it. Crushingor's eyes were evil red. Hot Shot liked this tuitor even less than the one before. Hot Shot's name was not on the list of twenty student assigned to Crushingor. He was very grateful of that.

"Next comes Smokescreen's group." Hot Shot looked at a very young transformer, who had a crane on his shoulder. A friendly smile was on Smokescreen's face and Hot Shot was not nearly as nervous as on the previous two times while the names were numered.

"SteelGlide, Speedpainer, SpiralBeam, StarHeart, Sparkly, Sparky, Lunar, Forestra, ComCom, Alarie, Hot Shot, Aqua Pulse, Flaring Blade, IceTwister, Clawer, High Voltage, Dorona and Proxim."

It took a moment for Hot Shot to realize that his name had been spoken out. He was a part of Smokescreen's group! Hot Shot walked to his teacher with his other classmates. Next to him stumbled a dark blue male bot, who had light blue stripes all over his frame. The bot's eyes were light pink and his face was pale blue.

When the bot in question almost fell flat on the floor, Hot Shot grabbed his arm on instinct and pulled the boy on his feet.

"Thanks..." the blue boy whispered, but had to stop in mid sentence, because he did not know Hot Shot's name.

"Hot Shot", Hot Shot whispered.

"My name is ComCom", the boy answered. "Maybe we could be friends?" A wide grin appeared on Hot Shot's face.


Hot Shot and the others arrived to a big hall that was filled with tables. Hot Shot thought that it was the school cafeteria. Thinking of food made him immediately hungry. He had been too nervous to eat his energon earlier that day.

"Okay..." Smokescreen said to have the students' attention. Everyone turned their heads towards the older transformer. The tallest ones of the group reached the instructors hip. The shortest students reached only half-way his thigh.

"Like the most of you have already quessed, this is the school cafeteria", Smokescreen told them. "We will spend some time here, so we can get to know each other and our roommates." That said, Smokescreen sat into one of the big chairs in the hall. The front of the list on one of the walls was soon growded. Everyone wanted to know, who they were sharing a room with.

"They are three-membered groups", a girls voice pointed out. "They are in the selection order." Hot Shot thought that it meant the order they had been announced to each group.

Finally Hot Shot got to the list. He was in the group number 2. And his roommates were...

"What luck!" ComCom shouted out. "We got to share a room, Hot Shot!" Hot Shot nodded with a wide grin on his face.

"What luck", he admitted.

"So your name's Hot Shot, huh?" said a boy bot, that had a mostly black frame with a little bit of white. The eyes measuring Hot Shot were orange and the bot had a yellow face.

"Yeah, My name is Hot Shot", Hot Shot said to the newcomer.

"I'm Sparky", the black bot said. "I'm rooming with you and ComCom."

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Sparky", Hot Shot said.

"Thanks", Sparky said, grinning as wide as if he was trying to make sure to show every tooth he had.

"Are you probably related to her?" ComCom asked Sparky and pointed at something. Hot Shot looked at the bot ComCom was pointing at, and noticed the similarity. The femme bot was an exact duplicate of Sparky.

"She's my sister", Sparky answered. "Her name is Sparkly. We're twins."

"You can see that", ComCom said. "Do you have any other siblings?" he then asked.

"There's just me, my sister, our mom and our father", Sparky told them. "What about you guys?"

"I have a younger brother. We live alone with our mother", ComCom told them. "Our father lost his life in the battle of Caicarash."

"Geeze, I'm sorry", Sparky said.

"There's no need to apologise. Me and my brother have both gotten past it. Our mother is really stong in mental level."

"What's your brothers name?" Sparky asked.

"Sideswipe", ComCom answered. "He is three upgrades behind me."

"What about you Hot Shot?" Both transformers turned to face the yellow mech. "What kind of a family do you have?" Hot Shot hesitated for a monet before answering.

"...There's just me..." he said finally.

"Ugh, sorry that we asked..." ComCom said in a apologetic tone.

"It doesn't matter", Hot Shot said. "I don't remember a thing about them. I only know that my father was a great warrior and that's enough."

"What do you mean?" Sparky asked.

"I'm going to get revenge on the decepticons for what they did to me", Hot Shot answered. "I'm going to reach my fathers level as a warrior and destroy every decepticon I counter."

"Bleeh, don't be like that..." Sparky said. "I want to destroy a couple of them aswell." All three boys exploded into fits of laughter.

Smokescreen's voice interrupted their laughter.

"Ok, I think that it's the time to show you your rooms. Follow me." Every student went after their instructor without a question. The living quarters were in the same building with the cafeteria and auditorium. In the next building, that was alot bigger, were the classrooms. There was also a library in the same building. Even the gym was in a building of its own. It was a low but wide building, where the students practised hand-to-hand combat and fencing. There were many shooting-courses in the yard for gun-practice.

Girls and boys slept in the different sides of the building as the school rules insisted. Hot Shot did not understand why it bothered High Voltage so much. Sparky told Hot Shot that High Voltage was interested in the light pink StarSheart. Hot Shot did not know what he meant. He had not learned any figures of speech in the orphanage.

In the evening Hot Shot, Sparky and ComCom were in their room. Sparky had insisted of having the top bunk. ComCom had gotten the lower bunk. Hot Shot slept in a single-bed, that was positioned on the other side of the room. There were three working desks in the room, equipped with computers and plasma screens. They had found their time tables from their desks and there were copies of them on the computer. There was not much extra in the room. The was one cupboard for personal belongings and hooks to hang their bags from.

"So, how much did you find out about our other classmates?" Sparky asked in his typical, careless tone.

"I wasn't really paying attention. I was actually just trying to avoid looking into anyone's eyes", ComCom admitted.

"I didn't bother paying any attention to anyone", Hot Shot said. "The term begins tomorrow. We have plenty of time to figure out what kind of bots the others are..."

Sparky replied with an unrecognizable grunt.

"You guys are unbelievable!" he laughed.

"Fine then." Hot Shot lifted to a sitting position on his bed, that he had lied lazily on just a few moments ago. "What did you find out?"

"I thought you would never ask!" Sparky shouted in relief. "First of all those SteelGlide, Speedpainer and SpiralBeam seem to be a group of pretty nasty fellows. They will most certainly cause trouble..."

"That was one thing even I noticed", Hot Shot pointed out.

"StarHeart seems to be the daddys-little-princess type. She will probably become the most popular girl in our class. Lunar and Alarie don't talk much. Either they're geeks or they have bad self-esteem. Proxim talks with tec-terms all the time. How annoying. And High Voltage is clearly a sports man."

"I hate sports", ComCom muttered. "I'd rather just read theory..."

"There's nothing fun in that!" Sparky shouted out.

"I'm tired..." Hot Shot muttered suddenly. "I haven't had a bite to eat since breakfast..."

"Why didn't you eat dinner in the cafeteria?" ComCom asked.

"I couldn't keep anything down..." Hot Shot growled.

"Maybe you're ill..."

"I know just how you feel, pal!" Sparky shouted. "I felt like that the first time I drank level three energon..."

"Energon 3!" ComCom shouted, terrified, while jumping up fron his bunk. "That stuff is grown-ups-only!"

"That's the reason I drank it...idiot..."

"You only have six upgrades!" ComCom growled. "You could have died!"

"That's the other reason, why I drank it; the risk."

"You're a real lunatic!" ComCom muttered.

"And I'm also proud of it", Sparky said with a wide grin on his face.

"You say something about this, Hot Shot!" ComCom turned towards the yellow bot but only snores answered him. Hot Shot had fallen in recharge while the others had been fighting. Sparky bursted out in laughter and ComCom decided Hot Shot had a point and crawled into his bed. Sparky still let out a few short chuckles before falling asleep.


In the morning Hot Shot woke up starving. He lifted himself into a sitting position and noticed that ComCom and Sparky were still asleep. Hot Shot stood up. He was not tired anymore. He lifted his gaze to the clock on the wall, that had been hung above the window behind the desks. On the green screen were black markings that read: 'Tsun 1.15'.

"Tsunai, 15 of the first round..." Hot Shot translated the clock's numbers. His eyes widened.

"HEY GUYS, WAKE UP!" Hot Shot shouted. Sparky and ComCom were sitting in their beds in a flash. "Breakfast has started already!" That got the two other bots going. They all grabbed their bags from the hanger and ran to the cafeteria on full speed.

'Talk about a really bad start...' Hot Shot thought while they went to the food counter. They were probably the last ones there.

"There's still a few seats free", Sparky said while pointing to a corner table.

"Good, we can sit there..." ComCom said. Hot Shot could hear relief clear in his voice.

"Excuse me", Hot Shot said to the two transformers sitting at the table. "Do you mind if we sit here?" he asked. The two transformers looked at each other for a moment and shook their heads. One of the transformers was colored blue and orange, the other was green and white.

"Thanks", ComCom said while the trio sat down.

"You must be on your last year?" Sparky asked the two larger transformers.

"Actually, we have already finished school. We're here to take part in a finishing test", the blue bot said. This transformer was a boy, even though it was difficult to tell because of his faceplate. "My name is Blurr."

"And I'm SnipeShooter", said the green bot. This one was clearly female. "And who are you little cuties?"

Hot Shot felt Sparky flinch. He felt a strange heat against his arm. Why was Sparky blushing?

"I'm Sparky."

"And I'm ComCom. We're only on our first year...OOF!" A loud clang was heard. Everyone was silent for a moment but nothing happened, so their continued on their eating. The older duo forgot that Hot Shot had not introduced himself. Pleased, Hot Shot sipped his energon drink.


"Why did you go and kick me?" ComCom shouted at Sparky while they were on their way to class.

"You shouldn't have told those two that we're only at our first year!" Sparky roared.

"What difference does it make?" ComCom said. "They could see it with their own optics. We're a little bit too short to be their age..."

"But it wouldn't have given away that were that much younger!"

"Oh, please!" ComCom muttered. "They really wouldn't think any different about you. You would still be a brat to them." Sparky could not do anything but growl. Hot Shot sighed at his friends' fighting. Everyone they had passed in the hall had turned to gaze at the loud duo. Hot Shot hated drawing attention to himself.


'Math...' Hot Shot thought and sighed. 'I hate math...' Hot Shot gazed at his working partner, Clawer. Clawer was in deep sleep and his head rested on top of the table. Clawer's frame was colored orange and it had a few dark blue sections. Clawer's face was light orange and now ofline optics were, while online-, dark purple.

In the class they had been paired-up. Sparky sat with ComCom in front of Hot Shot. They were second in the desk line. There were six rowes of desks. Every desk line had three pairs of tables side by side. So Hot Shot and Clawer had managed to get seats in the back row.

Hot Shot lifted his gaze from his partner to the blackboard. On the mechanical board there were a few simple calculating codes that they were supposed to write down and then learn. Hot Shot started tapping the codes on his lap-top. The others had been tapping for a full five minutes already. Hot Shot had to hurry to catch up to their pace.

On that twin-lesson Hot Shot did not learn any of the mathematic codes being taught, but he learned something else. He learned that not everybody posessed the ten-finger tapping technique that he knew with his eyes closed. He had completed the writing in half the time the others had needed.

After math there was the twin-lesson of history. In there Hot Shot also learned one thing. He learned that he hated history even more that math. It might have had something to do with the fact that the teacher gave them an essay to write on their first lesson.

The third term was the twin-lesson in repairs. Hot Shot noticed immediately that he felt ultimate disgust towards the thought of getting his hands covered in someone elses oil and straightening wires, while the patient's spark was still producing warmth to the body. On top of all that, Hot Shot had gotten Proxim as his working partner. He was not disturbed by the technical terms. He was disturbed by the fact that Proxim explained every one of the operations the teacher mentioned with too much details for Hot Shot's liking. On top of all that, the lunch hour was between these classes, and Hot Shot could not eat a bite.

The fourth term was traffic rules. Hot Shot noticed himself paying two times the attention on these lessons than on any of the earlier lessons together. Hot Shot noticed, that he was indeed very interested in learning all about the rules on roads and using different routes.

In the end of the day they they had two lessons of language. These lessons were used in learning about different main languages.. Hot Shot noticed that he was very talented in the different accents of Klauran, which was only some unreadable curls on paper to others.

After the lessons it was time for dinner. Hot Shot was very hungry after missing lunch and ate twice as much as Sparky, who looked at him with admiring eyes after the meal. ComCom on the other hand was so terrified that he had fainted.

After the dinner the trio had to get their homework done. ComCom wanted to go to the library to read some books to make his history essay perfect. Sparky wanted to forget about the whole assignment.

"What do you think, Hot Shot?" ComCom asked.

"We can do our homework later", Sparky said.

"We have history again tomorrow. Those essays have to be written today!" ComCom's footing was sure. Hot Shot sighed. Why did he alway had to have the deciding vote? Hot Shot pondered. Would he do the annoying essay or leave with Sparky? Sparky had said that he could transform into a race car. Hot Shot could test his speed against him.

'But then again...' Hot Shot thought and cast a sideways glance at ComCom. 'ComCom would get really upset if I chose fun over school work. Sparky on the other hand recovers quickly...' Hot Shot sighed again. 'Decisions, decisions...'

"Let's do those essays first", the yellow bot finally said. "I'm sure there will be plenty of time left for one round around the buildings after that."

Only one look at ComCom's shinings optics was enough to tell Hot Shot that he had made the right choise. Sparky only looked a little disappointed.

"You better remember, that you owe me a race, then", he said.

To be continued...

Ending notes: There are few things I'd like to point out. When upgrades are mentioned, they mean the age of the transformers. The aging goes through like this. First there comes the amount of upgrades, then the age it is reflected in human age.


















Also, in my story, there are different kinds of energon. Here are the six types energon, and what drink they resemble. Energon=water, energon 5=milk, energon 4=soda, energon 3=beer, energon 2=champagne, energon 1=vine and X-energon=sake.