Title: Impressionable Youth

Author: mistymidnight

Rating: G

Disclaimer: Nope, nada, zilch.

Timeline/Spoilers: Season three, sometime after Angel's back….-gasp!- That was a spoiler right there, wasn't it? I mean sometime after Angel's not back…right before he joins the circus…but after he opens a chocolate factory…are you good and confused, you-who-do-not-wish-to-be-spoiled-about-season-three? Good. All others, ignore everything from the words "not back" to "chocolate factory"…

Summary: Dawn chooses her role models very carefully.

Author's Notes: I haven't written a Little Dawn fic in ages, so I figured I'd do one now. I got inspired by various Dawn ficlets I found on ffdotnet.

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Impressionable Youth

"I hate vampires."

Dawn glanced at the tall, slim brunette standing next to her and replied, "Me, too."

"I mean, their complexions! Can you say 'out of date'?"


Cordelia slammed the book shut and leaned back in the library chair. "Vampires." She turned to Dawn. "Did you know that Neiman Marcus just got in a brand-new shipment of spring fashions? And I can't go. Because of vampires."

Dawn nodded sympathetically. "Vampires. Who need them?"

"Tell me about it." Cordelia sighed. "All those fashion rejects are gonna get there first! They'll take all the good fashions and I'll be stuck with nothing to wear come April."

"Maybe," Dawn suggested, "they're such big fashion rejects that they won't shop there at all, and you'll still be able to get your spring stuff."

"Maybe," Cordelia sighed. "We can try the optimistic route."

There was a pause. Cordelia sighed again, exasperated.

"Okay, I'm done thinking optimistically. It'll never work. I spend so much time telling these people to shop someplace that counts. Figures that today will be the day they decide to take my advice."

"Figures," Dawn agreed.

"Why is my life like this?" Cordelia groaned. "Nothing ever goes my way!"

"Me either," Dawn put in. "Mom never lets me do anything. It's always, 'No, dear. Let Buffy do that.'"

"I know," Cordelia said. "While they're all out patrolling, I get stuck here researching stuff! Just because I almost got us killed that one time—"

"I'm never allowed to patrol!" Dawn exclaimed. "They always say I'm too young. I bet someday I'll turn eighty and I'll want to go patrolling and they'll say, 'No Dawnie, you're too old. You're too delicate.'"

"Delicate, my as—butt," Cordelia burst out, catching herself before swearing in front of the eleven-year-old. "They don't give us any respect, Dawn."

"None!" Dawn agreed.

"They don't appreciate everything we do for them. Researching and everything."

"Yeah." Dawn smiled as an idea struck her. "We should go on strike."

"I'm with ya," Cordelia nodded. She pushed the pile of old and dusty book away from herself and Dawn. "As of now, no more researching."

"Until they let us patrol."


They sat in silence, staring stubbornly at the books. After a moment, Dawn remarked, "Going on strike is boring."

"Agreed." Cordelia said. She stood up. "And there's no way I'll get to Neiman Marcus before it closes. It's two hours away, for God's sake!" She glanced at Dawn. "Sunnydale really needs to get with the program, you know what I mean?" She barreled on without waiting for a reply. "So, even when we're on strike, they won't let us have fun! It's not fair!"

She sat back down.

"I hate vampires."

Not my best, but it's okay. I think it's pretty good, actually, seeing as I'm so out-of-practice with the Little Dawn fics…

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