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Warning: this chapter will contain disturbing thoughts, references to rape and strong language, please proceed with caution, you have been warned! I have not made this an R rated fic because the rest of the story will not contain such graphic description.

Know thy Enemy!

Harry James Potter was exhausted; Voldemort was back at full strength and in his anger had battered his occulmency shields. Harry had barely kept him out but it had taken a lot out of him. Neither man would have much strength left if they continued.

Throwing all caution to the wind, Harry muttered legilimens by focusing on his scar and pushed as gently as possible into Voldemort's mind. Voldemort was currently recuperating from his strenuous attack and he was not focused on blocking out foreign intrusions.

If Harry kept quiet and his emotions in check, he would be able to sneak in without being noticed. He entered- pushing as far as he could go without disembodying himself. What he saw made him slightly uncomfortable, the walls around were dark and damp.

There were numerous instruments on display, quite evidently for interrogation purposes. There were some wickedly hooked ones, like ancient Egyptian tools for taking out and preserving organs. Others were blunt, flat able to inflict pain without inflicting permanent damage.

There were other weapons too, some swords, impeccably designed and weighted. There was something, which resembled an Olympic hammer with spikes. Harry lost himself in the display and spent a good five-ten minutes admiring the more eye-catching pieces. Coming to his senses, he ploughed on, looking for either knowledge he could steal or some sort of method to killing him.

He finally came to a block, containing silvery liquid and he reached out and touched the surface tentatively. He was assaulted by memories of transfiguration, how he created the dark mark and surprisingly of animagus training. It was painful, so Harry put up his shields slightly, regulating the amount of knowledge flowing into his mind. Finally, when he finished he walked over to other blocks.

Similarly, he was assaulted with memories of charms and care of magical creatures. Wondering why Voldemort would take such a subject, he continued looking for more blocks. When he touched the next one he regretted it, he would regret it more lately but for now, it seemed unlikely.

Wave after wave of memories hit him, Tom Riddle being beaten by the orphanage care taker. Dumbledore as deputy headmaster being overruled by Dippet and having to send Tom back to the orphanage. Being cursed magically and verbally, being raped by the more sadistic Slytherin girls.

Even one in which the girls had him tied down whilst one was suckling and biting him. The others were sending cutting curses at his chest. The cruciatus, Dumbledore finding Tom, emotionally and physically battered. Dumbledore's tears dropping onto his chest as the old man held him in his arms. Dumbledore performing an exorcism on him?

Pain, terrible pain, feeling empty after the exorcism, anger at everyone. Raping the girls back one by one whilst getting Nagini to choke them. Moaning Myrtle walking in on him casting memory charms on the defiled girls. A foreign presence in his mind, egging him on forcing him to learn the Dark Arts.

A Voice in his head telling him that Dumbledore does not care for anyone, just wants to manipulate him. That his twinkly eyes are just that way because he sees a way to gain greater power. Regret, when he cursed Dumbledore from behind his back, forcing himself to turn away and not cast the killing curse.

Feeling the compassion draining out of him after leaving Hogwarts. Despair overcoming all emotion, finally finding salvation, horror.

The thoughts were becoming jumbled now, his lust overtaking him and forcing himself onto Myrtle, torturing her and accidentally discovering that he was a Parselmouth and opening the Chamber. Killing Myrtle using the basilisk, and feeling inhuman from time to time.

Finding books on ancient black magic, ancient languages, the name Voldemort coinciding with his name. The meaning of which is the dark angel of death in some long lost language.

Voices shouting at him, "Mudblood"


"Does the little mudblood enjoy our sexual games?"

"More? Come on girls, I think he must be the most sexually active fourteen year old boy ever don't you think girls?"

"Bite him".

Pain, physical, trauma, waking up every night screaming because one of the girls was toying with him. The boys watching with amusement as both he and another half-blood girl, Amelia are raped. Fourth year -Asking Amelia out, joy as he danced with her.

The first night they made love, all previous trauma fleeing him for a few short moments. Dumbledore asking him about his future plans. Dumbledore's eyes lighting up when he said that he wanted to be a transfiguration teacher and eventually headmaster.

Sixth year-Joy as he found out Amelia is pregnant; they discuss the names they would choose for both boy and girl. Abandoning all thoughts of getting revenge as Dumbledore delightedly accepts to be the baby's godfather.

Cold, burning rage as he finds out she is raped and killed. Feeling nothing, no hate, no rage nothing even when Dumbledore is holding him in his arms and sitting there in despair. Feeling nothing when people taunt him about Amelia. McGonagall watching him with tears in her eyes, walking over and kissing him on the cheek.

Flitwick coming over, embracing him in a half-hug, and muttering something about,"They will get theirs". Dippet telling him to stop making up stories, not allowing him to be resorted.

Dumbledore nearly being sacked because he is protesting against Dippet's decision.

A woman, Pandora Snape, watching him with calculating eyes and gesturing to him to follow her out of the common room. Feeling nothing as the woman pleasured him, feeling nothing when he toyed with her. She straddled him and bound her body to his.

Her saying something about women being more enduring or exciting. Asking him to cast the cruciatus, her screaming whilst writhing against him, still feeling nothing, no power no joy, nothing. Pandora smiling at him whilst begging for more, her screaming at him about being a homosexual because he had yet to ejaculate.

The final straw, after she left, returning to the common room as he followed. He walked in to see his stuff strewn all over the floor, pictures of Amelia burning, the baby's clothes- burning. Pandora smirking at him. The lock of hair from Amelia gone missing. Seeing Amelia making love to other girls.

Her screaming in joy as they pushed up against her, her screaming to Tom that he was useless and that she did not want his baby so she faked her death and got an abortion. Collapsing onto the floor, everyone in the common room laughing at him. Amelia turning into Lara Bulstrode, realisation as the room turned to look at him horrified.

A woman screaming about red eyes, the distinctive smell of polyjuice floating around. Succumbing to darkness, watching himself in the mirror with his eyes glowing red, his features in the mirror twisting into another face.

Salazar Slytherin grinning at him, the man's face looked exactly as it does on the portrait. The mirror speaking, "Let the darkness, embrace you!" -giving in to him. Killing Dippet, A spirit rushing into him, power unleashing inside of him. Tears, recovery, gaining strength, powerful, death, meeting Amelia, leaving his body and finally a different person inside him…


Harry pulled back, severely ill and disorientated. He sat down trying to get back his bearings. He looked up and saw a skeletal figure being tortured by another Snake-faced creature and suddenly it all made sense…and it scared him shitless.

He pulled back again, out of Tom's head this time and fled towards the headmaster's office, forgetting about any of the valuable knowledge he had learned or his lack of respect for the man.

He fled up the stairs and burst into the office startling the staff who was gathered there.

"Harry? What is the matter my boy?" the headmaster asked, showing something akin to concern.

"I know why Voldemort is so powerful and I know why he has the same amount of knowledge as you, even though he is ninety years younger!" Harry burst out, he felt lost and vulnerable again. He felt out of place in what this could be thought of as a game of kings.

Dumbledore paled some remorse showing in his eyes most likely about Tom Riddle.

"Speak Harry," he urged.

"Voldemort means the dark angel of death, it's not Tom anymore, and it's his Naraen (Ancient language) namesake…"

Vectors eyes widened and she fell of her chair. She tried to claw her way back on but she was too shaken. Harry could sympathise with her, had it not been for his shit life he would not have been prepared for such a bombshell.

"Salazar Slytherin!" she screeched. Suffice to say when Dumbledore fell back in shock and half of the staff fainted in shock; things were probably at their lowest.

Dumbledore now had a look on his face as he had just figured things out and he did not look too happy about it. Finally, he spoke and his words just made Harry's task so much harder.

"Harry, it makes sense now. You and Tom Riddle are Gemini twins." At Harry's confused look, he elaborated.

"It means you two counts as one soul, even though you are two separate souls. You were not prophesized to kill Tom; you were prophesized to save him. He had a hard life as you have had a hard life. He suffers now and you suffer now. He is powerful and you are powerful. He is a Parselmouth and you are a Parselmouth. You share brother wands and you share a unique mind connection.

One more thing, Gemini twins cannot commit suicide unless both do so at the same time, both willingly therefore his power went to you, he is quite dead. When Volde… Slytherin tried to kill you with a killing curse, he was in Tom's body, and it bounced off instead and created a mind connection. When the curse rebounded it cast out Slytherin from the body but since he had tied himself in place of Tom, he fed off your life force (through his scar) to live.

It explains why you were so little because magic generally compensates for food in younger children."

"Your task has gotten that much harder Harry, kill Salazar, or risk your own death." Silence descended and the teachers watched the boy with horror struck gazes.

Harry felt sick to the pit of his stomach, he fled from the office and out onto the Quidditch pitch. He ran as fast as he could and as far as he could, not knowing where he was going.

Hours later, a boy with messy black hair and emerald green eyes could be seen looking up into the air and screaming something. If the observer were a werewolf, they would have heard the words loud and clear.


Lightning crashed and the sound of thunder could be heard for miles around. The wind rustled his hair and exposed his scar

The werewolf who was listening felt his heart clenching- The boy was just like his father. The resemblance and mannerisms were uncanny, even the 'Protect everyone at the cost of my life' and 'never show your hurt, be strong always,' attitude. When Snape said that Harry was a carbon copy of his father, he was not far wrong.

His mind drifted back to a similar moment back in his fourth year, Remus hid in the shadows, with Peter, Sirius, and Arabella Figg (the daughter). Some other Gryffindors watched as James looked up into the air including the group of Lily Evans and their friends. Everyone thought he had gone mad, as he was red in the face and punching the oak a few moments earlier.

Lily Evans thought to get him back for some of his pranks but then she noticed a red envelope on the floor behind him. She gasped and her hands flew to her mouth and she muttered loudly.

"Red note." Several curse words followed from the males in the group, especially from Sirius. Peter was trembling badly and the other girls were weeping softly. Remus closed his eyes; it was the dreaded red note, the note from hell as it were.

A black note was issued if parents were killed, a brown one if other family members were killed. Finally, a red note was issued if you were the last survivor.

The magic saturated the air and soon the wind began to pick up strength and twist around the gathering people. Dumbledore came out sucking the magic in through his wand, but it had little effect. James still had not noticed the group behind him, he started screaming.


Lily ran out and put her arms around him, the Marauders followed suit and the huddle calmed him down a little. Dumbledore quickly sucked in as much magic as he could and threw it into the wards, strengthening them a twofold. Other things happened which Remus still could not believe to this very day. Sir Nick had come to the entrance of the school and looked at James. Who was stumbling in.

"Welcome home…James Potter…"

End flashback

The storm was reaching its peak and Remus knew what he had to do now. He ran outside, pushing through the water like magic in the air and wrapped his arms around Harry.

The order that had assembled to watch moved out of the way so Fred and George could make their way through. Others such as Ginny and Luna did not have the strength to make it, so the others watched from afar.

Harry realised that he was channelling too much magic, if he did not stop it would have the effect of a nuclear warhead. Britain most likely would wiped off the face of the earth. Drawing his wand he pointed it towards the wards and made them absorb as much magic as possible.

What happened next was a huge stroke of luck for the wizarding world. The wards expanded over the forbidden forest, allowing a greater distance in the apparition point. The castle lit up in the dark, it grew bigger, and the flames on torches roared to life. The suits of armour snapped to attention, and the ghosts gaped in awe as the magic drilling through the castle.

Everyone in the hospital wing woke up, fully healed and all the older teachers felt their aches and pains go away- rejuvenated. The magic still flew around them. Finally Remus pulled Harry towards the entrance and as it had years ago with James- Sir Nick was standing there, grinning and being flanked by all the other ghosts.

Two lines of armour lined up, in saluting mode, creating an aisle for Harry to walk through. Sir Nick spoke again…

"Welcome home…Harry Potter … Lord of Hogwarts."


RonWeasley is MY king: no Voldemort isn't dead, he had that portkey ready but he could not do it whilst the wards were still up. Voldemort was about to kill Harry, but Harry let the wards down so Voldemort portkeyed back to his own place. Harry pulled a sly one on him and got away from a clearly superior opponent.

Texasjeanette: excerpt from chap 9

'Back Outside Pensive

'Dumbledore stood arguing with himself, on impulse he wrote a note and sent it.

Harry got a note, reading it he pulled out the enchanted galleon and summoned his club around him. He read the note again

'Harry, voldemort is here, come with your group and positions them on the second floor windows which face the entrance gate. It is the only way in for a large army but I won't put students at risk. You however, may come down to the front, as I believe you are a capable dueller.'…

Hogwarts is not impenetrable in the sense that no one can get in. its impenetrable in that no ARMY can get in, those few death eaters who did get in usually have to go through the forbidden forest or through the front gate under invisibility charms. Remember the old judge crouch and fudge in book four? They are totally intolerant about dark arts to the point one of them imprisons his son. They try to pull out any publicity they can from the event, but they fail.

Harry is only the heir of Slytherin in financial terms not magical, and Harry's power has been unleashed in this chapter as the heir of Godric and Rowena.

Athenakitty: random group, attacked, I was going to have them correspond with some students inside Hogwarts but I left it out by mistake.

Ladykalia: you are right, but I want his mistakes to be private, he has to project an image with which he is going to lead. His results in classes are the result of work in private. I have dropped the subjects I believe he would find difficulty in like potions. He has the power and he is accumulating the knowledge but he cannot afford to appear weak as it were. It may not be weak, merely human but anyone who expects a 16 year old boy to take on the most evil bastard in the world are going to put him up on a pedestal, they'll need him up there. His mistakes will come later, and they will make a big impact on this story.

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