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Dance of the Dead

I believe it was Walter who first referred to me as Hades.

I have no recollection of when exactly he chose to bestow this title upon me, for he has given me so many over the years; and after nearly six hundred years of existence the days, months, years, centuries blend into an inseparable mass of broken pictures and sounds. Only once did he deem me worthy of the dark god's name, but out of all the titles that have been chosen to invoke me, this one has refused to fade into the recesses of my thoughts.

Perhaps, I likened myself to that brooding dark, figure of old Greece. He surrounded by the dead, swallowed by the dark of the hell which bore his name. I, myself banished to a dark which I cloaked myself in, lavished in, adored. And the dead dance about us.

I believe that is why I took her to be my bride.

At the sight of the golden haired virgin standing framed in the moonlight in a woodland clearing, a single thought came to mind.

My Persephone.

She seemed to personify all that was life, all that was good and innocent. To claim her, to set her upon a dark throne next to mine, would seal my victory over light and this mortal coil. A light queen on a throne of thorns and skulls. The irony was delicious.

A single bullet caused Persephone to descend to her dark lord, a kiss made her queen. I tore her from the sun that she loved, and gave her a world of cold night. Ah, like that fair goddess, she still fights against the encroaching dark, but she will learn to love it. It shall weave its spell upon her and trap her in its embrace, and my own. And we shall both dance with the dead.

I am Hades, Lord of the Dead

I am Persephone, goddess of rebirth

A/N: An impossibly small blip on the radar, I know. But it was one of those evil bunnies that just wouldn't leave my poor brain alone. Incredibly artsy-fartsy, not to mention dumb. I think, however, it was my brain attempting to explain why I was still so fascinated by the Seras/Alucard relationship even though I long ago went off my Hellsing obsession kick. So, it related it to my favorite Greek legend. That, good people of the world, is my explanation for this little turd on the great lawn of fanfiction.