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A peaceful blanket of tranquillity lies over the city of Gotham. Nights like these are rare. Everything is calm except for the museum. There, a danger lurks, so concealed, so deadly that I can't afford to let it escape. The wind stirs my cape like a signal and I spot the immortal terror slinking out of the glass roof. I swing over to confront it.

She doesn't turn, just puts a hand on her shapely hip and says, with that sultry voice, "Missed you last night."

I don't bother to approach because she's too clever for that. "I'd assumed that it was you. Fourteenth-century statue? Ruby-eyed cat figure from Egypt?"

She turns to face me, a small bag adorning her waist which clues me in to where her item must be hidden. "Yep. How could I pass it up?"

I fight the urge to smirk and harden my eyes, glaring. This widens her sparkling smile and causes her to approach me. I know that beneath that mask are vibrant green eyes and short black hair, but the way that she swings her hips as she saunters towards me always makes me think that there's a cat beneath the mask, a teasing, curious feline. She sighs and traces the bat sign on my chest, a favorite habit of hers that she knows will not work. Worse, it seems to always make me careless. On most nights, I can't afford to be careless. But with her...

Her fingers trail down my torso and I grab her hand. She chuckles and gives me another playful smile. "You know me too well."

Her knee connects with my solar plexus, winding me, and she breaks free, blowing a kiss and diving over the edge of the building. I follow here and the chase begins. She becomes all animal, landing with absolute grace and sprinting from building to building.

I let her think she's lost me and amuse myself with the surprised look on her face when I reappear in front of her. Quickly, she turns and dives into the building that we are on top of. I follow and land in darkness. It's an animal shelter, complete with roving eyes and shifting noises that surround me. I stalk through the circles of pale light, searching for her. The door before me is slightly ajar and I burst through it. She's crawling up to the skylight with the aid of her whip. Easily, I reach the top before her and throw a bat-rope. She's effectively trapped, her arms bound tightly to her body, but she struggles anyway. She backs away as I continue forward.

"Okay, okay. You win. Take it." She says, her eyes shining with challenge.

I allow a small smirk to cross my face as I hold up the bag that was once attached to her waist. "I already have."

The surprise on her face is priceless, but it slips into that seductive, catty upturn of her full red lips before I can take a mental picture. She draws nearer and purrs, whispering, "Ooh, you are a bad by."

For a moment, I allow her to indulge herself in me, stealing a kiss. I know that is what she loves, the chase, the thrill, the adrenaline rush, the fine line between pleasure and pain, and some part of me loves it too, which only draws us to each other. The night calls to her as it does to me. For a second, my senses reel, amazed at how a woman could taste so good, how being bad felt so rewarding.

The kiss begins to deepen, but the distant sirens cause us to abruptly pull away. I glance downward. By the time that I look back, she's out of the rope and at the skylight, smiling indulgently. "Uno mas?"

She leaps out and I'm airborne again as I follow her through the ceiling,the wind roaring through my ears like a dark symphony.


Kyoko: Yaaay one-shots! That was fun! I've watched Batman: The Mystery of Catwoman one too many times, huh? Oh, well.