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"Anorexia nervosa or anorexia, as we universally know it, is an eating disorder that is largely established among women aged 15 to 35. The illness essentially entails starving oneself to death, in order to drop weight and consequently build up confidence. For some apparent social notions that regard thin as attractive, anorexia afflicts a higher number of girls from age 12 to early teens." Lu stated to the group of moms in her support group, "And as mothers of anorexic children, you guys have to get your children help."

"But Lu," started another woman, "every time I try to talk to Liz about it, italways end up in a screaming fight about how I always but into her business. Now, I know this is a serious problem that most definitely has to be dealt with butI just can't do it!"

"And that's exactly why we're here together today. To help you guys help your children."