Breaking the Bad News:

"But how can this be? I mean even you said that she was perfectly healthy after I gave birth to her!" were the words coming from light blonde holding a little baby girl.

"Samantha, Tay-Sachs is a disease that can't be detected in babies until about 6 months after birth." Dr. Stowe replied, "It is an inherited disease that occurs in babies when both parents are Tay-Sachs carriers and only when both parents are Tay-Sachs carriers. Children with Tay-Sachs disease lack a vital enzyme, hexosaminidase A, also known as Hex-A. You need Hex-A for the body to break down a fatty waste substance found in brain cells. Without Hex-A, this substance accumulates abnormally and causes progressive damage until the nervous system can no longer sustain life."

Dana paused and looked over at Samantha, her husband and the 7 month old baby. She regretted the information she now had to tell the parents who dearly loved there baby.

"Unfortunately, babies with Tay-Sachs only live until about age five." This was the part of her job she hated most.

"Dr. Stowe, you're joking right? I mean this can't happen! My baby does not have Tay-Sachs." Samantha yelled almost in an outrage.

"I'm so sorry, but yes, it can."

"No – because I'm not a Tay-Sachs carrier."

Dr. Stowe was wearing the most puzzled look on her face, "Samantha, your baby has Tay-Sachs." Dr. Stowe simply replied.

"Test her again, test me again. Only one of us can be right Dr. Stowe. And I sure as hell hope that it's me."

There's an emergency in the ER, as someone is being rushed in on a stretcher Dr. Delgado rushes in to help.

"What's wrong?" Lu asked that man rushing her in.

"Thirteen year old female. Name's Lindsay Biscotti. She's having shortness of breath and has a bluish tint to her skin. Emphysema?"

Yeah" Lu said.

"Samantha, I've got your test results back. You don't carry the gene. But your baby still does."

"What does this mean Dr. Stowe?" Samantha asked puzzle by far.

"It means that this baby - is not your baby"