Tohru is a young girl who somehow stumbles across a supposedly haunted house- and finds out that it's true! Only, none other than our favorite family, the Sohmas, haunts the house!


A group of people is in a room, silent and anxious. Suddenly, the door opens and a guy walks through, obviously been running. "I'm sorry I'm late!" he panted a little before dusting himself off and took his place. As he went to his place, he suddenly noticed that a certain someone was here. "What are you doing here, stupid cat?"

Twitching, the orange-headed boy glared at the boy with the gray hair and purple eyes. "None of your business, damn rat!"

"It is my business, since only members of the Zodiac are supposed to be here," Yuki said offhandedly, making Kyou angrier. Kyou was on the verge of jumping Yuki when a hand held him down. He looked up at the dog's face.

"Now, now," Shigure said pleasantly, "Yuki, Kyou is here because Akito invited him here."

"Exactly," a seductively dark voice says, "I want ALL of you here." His amusement, obvious in his voice, made everybody in the room shiver. "I was so excited about my news that I couldn't wait to tell you!" He laughed like a maniac. The temperature in the room dropped. "I figured out a way that we can all stay together!"
Shock was mirrored on every other Sohma's face. "W-what?"

"Yes…a way for me to never die as well…"

Kyou recovered. "You can't be serious!" he shouted.

Akito gave a sinister grin. "I'm dead serious, Kyou my boy, and I'm going to implement my plan right away."

"What plan?" he shouted again.

Akito laughed again. "Behold!" He raised both his hands, revealing a large ruby. "This little thing is going to help me!"

"How?" Yuki demanded.

"Well…" he paced slowly in front of Yuki, "Since my life is linked to all of your pathetic lives and to the curse, I've decided to hold off your miserable lives!" As he laughed, the jewel flared to life.

Instantly, Yuki felt like he was floating. There was a strike of pain inside him, as something inside was weighing him down. But then the jewel flared again, and the heavy weight was gone. Yuki was feeling floaty again. Wait, he WAS floating! He looked down in horror at his frozen body. Then he looked around and saw the other Sohma's having the same problem.

Their bodies collapsed. "Akito, what have you done?" demanded Shigure.

"Keeping myself alive by keeping you guys in semi-animation… you'll be with me forever… as I live forever!"

Chapter 1

The bell rang the last time for the day. Tohru smiled as she put her schoolwork in her schoolbag. Another day had gone by.

"Hey, Tohru!" yelled the Yankee, her blond hair covering one eye, "Let's go already!"

A girl with dark hair and a somber expression turned to stare off another batch of girls who were staring daggers at Uo's back. "Yes, Tohru, let's go to your house and get some snacks."

"Coming!" Tohru ran to catch up with Uo and Hana. "Thank you for waiting!"

"No prob," said Uo. "You're our friend."

"Yes, we're your best friends," added Hana, "And friends share snacks, right Tohru?"

Tohru laughed. "Of course, Hana."

As they passed through the neighborhood to Tohru's house, Tohru suddenly felt that someone was watching her. She looked briefly in the direction of where the stare came from, but no one was there. No one… there was only a big, empty mansion up the hill. Suddenly she saw something white through one of the dark windows, but just for a second.

"Tohru?" asked Uo, "Is something the matter?"

"Oh, nothing," Tohru smiled and banished the memory to the back of her mind. It must be my imagination.

Kyoko smiled at them as they came through the door. "Hello, Hana, Uo," she greeted, "Hey Tohru. How was your day?"

"It was great!" replied Tohru instantly, while Uo said at the same time, "Some girls tried to pick a fight with me again."

Noticing that they each had spoken, they tried to let the other continue. "You go, Tohru."

"No, Uo, you're my guest, you should go first."

While they were deciding who should say what first, Hana turned toward Kyoko. "Do you have snacks?"

Kyoko smiled.

After saying goodbye to Uo and Hana, Tohru closed the door and helped her mom clean up the kitchen. Kyoko smiled in thanks.


"Yes, Tohru?"

"Does… anyone live in that big old house up the hill?"

"No… why do you wanna know?"

"Oh! Um, nothing… just wanting to know just in case, you know, I see people moving into that house and not get confused that there are people…."

Kyoko's smile faded a little. "Tohru, no one's going to live in that house. They say it's haunted."


"Yes. A family used to live there once; they used to say that they were a family of beautiful men and women. Too beautiful, I guess, because one night they just up and disappeared. It was weird. There were police everywhere, but no sign of the family was ever found. So they just moved on to another case. Then about a week later, people starting claiming that the house was haunted, because some black-robed cultist came out with a knife in his hands about to stab them, only to disappear when they turn around, or they saw some pale shapes in the windows." She shrugged. "Who knows?"

Tohru laughed nervously. That sounds like what I saw today…

Memory of the previous day disappeared as a new school day came and went. Only when she was walking home again, alone, did she remember and feel something chilly in the air. She started walking faster, but the chill wouldn't go away. Finally she started to run, but then something put its hand on her shoulder and she tripped. She lay there, stunned, until something touched her again. She rolled onto her back, saw who or what it was, and crawled back a few feet. She lay there, unable to scream.

"Please don't." Said the pale form in front of her. "I won't hurt you."

Tohru suddenly found that she could scream. "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!"

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