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Chapter Nine

"Of all the bad luck," Yuki muttered to himself, as he buttoned up his shirt and put on his blazer, "Why, Kami-sama, why did he have to say I was incognito and possibly gay??" He glared up through the roof. He couldn't see them now that he was mortal, but he was positive that was where Shigure was. He was right. Shigure was happily providing a disinterested Hatori with a running commentary of his day, which included haunting the girls-only hot springs bathhouse and blowing gusts of wind at passing girls' skirts. Shigure suddenly shivered.

Hatori's brow rose. "You're not catching something, are you?" Of course, both of them knew that, as ghosts, they couldn't really get ill, but years of medical training consequently meant that Hatori still said something like that every now and then.

Shigure shook his head and chuckled. He nervously glanced downward, where Yuki was, quite possibly, glaring a death glare worthy of the Sohma name at his general direction. "I guess Yuki's not taking it too well. I just felt his glare."

Hatori pulled his hand for another drag of his cigarette before remembering that ghosts don't smoke. Damn. Sighing, he put his hand down again and looked at Shigure. "You really put him in a difficult position, Shigure. If I was in his shoes, I would have filleted you and served you up to Akira by now." Shigure shuddered at the imagined experience. "I guess so...it was just that Aya and I kind of got carried away."

Hatori snorted. "Obviously." Then he noticed Shigure's thoughtful and anxious expression. "What is it?"

"Well..." Shigure was in a dilemma. He was tempted to tell Hatori what else Aya had told the principal. On one hand, Hatori had a calming influence on Yuki and could possibly save his (Shigure's) butt from Yuki's vengeful flames. On the other hand, Hatori might think that he deserved it and might throw him to the proverbial dogs. He then noticed that Yuki's glare had magnified when Yuki had put on glasses, courtesy of Aya. Awww, he looked just like Aya in the old days, minus the glasses, purple hair extensions, and the skirt. Well, maybe not the skirt. Aya was fond of wearing dresses, even back then. Aya had insisted that Yuki wear them, just to preserve the lies told to the principal. He was not happy, but Aya was estatic.

Yuki was probably putting on a skirt right now, because Shigure felt his butt and backside getting hot from the roasting they were getting from Yuki's extremely concentrated glare. Meep. Thoroughly shaken, Shigure fell into temptation. "You see, Hatori..."

While muttering curse words and dire predictions for Shigure and Aya, Yuki's long hair became tangled in the buttons and he had to painstakingly remove the individual hairs one by one. As he did that, he became aware of the draftiness of the skirt and the tickling and heavy feel of his (now) long hair on his back and neck. Damn it all. Why did those two idiots have to tell such idiotic stories to the gullible principal?

Apparently, Aya had also managed to convince the principal that Yuki was going to be Yukina, at least for the first semester. The only semester he would attend school before mysteriously disappearing, if Yuki had his way. 'Yukina' was confident that one semester was all he was going to need to convince the Honda girl to help them get their bodies back. But for now, he had to live through the draftiness and the long hair. He finally finished dressing and walked out of his room. He didn't bother with the mirror.

His school supplies were packed into a bag on the kitchen counter, and a bento lunch was laying right beside it. Darkly amused, Yuki silently wondered from which house did the pilfered supplies come. Shrugging his shoulders, he nonchalantly picked his bag and bento up, waved to an empty room, and walked out in to the bright sunshine of the mortal world.

Of course, Yuki knew that the empty room wasn't really empty. It was filled with everyone, except for Hatori and Shigure, who had come to watch Yuki go to school for nearly the first time in 50 long years. And since Yuki was mortal and couldn't hear what they were saying, he wouldn't have known about the ongoing comments his relatives had.

Aya was weeping. "My adorable, ADORABLE, extremely delicate little brother is going to school...and only his dashing, handsome older brother is here to see him off!" He pulled a silk handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his eyes.

"Put on a can on it, stupid snake." Kyou couldn't stop grinning at the picture Yuki had made in the girl's uniform. "This is better than that one time his fangirls did put a dress on him." He laughed.

"It's about the same," Kagura interjected. "Why is this time better?"

Kyou smirked. "Because he has to do this everyday for the semester!"

Haru twitched. Yes, he twitched. "And then all the guys get to see Yuki, and they'll think he's a she..." Immediately, he headed for the door to follow Yuki.

Kyou blocked him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"To keep him from being raped!" Without further ado, Haru went through Kyou and door and flew out into the day.

Kyou cursed. "That stupid idiot!" He went after him.

"Wait, Kyou!" Kagura started to follow. "Leave him alone, Kagura," Shigure casually walked through the door with Hatori. "They'll come home eventually, though with or without a vengeful Yuki, I don't know."

"And why would you say that, Uncle Shigure?" Kisa hesitantly asked. Hiro stood behind her, staring hard at Shigure.

"Oh, I don't know," Shigure waved his hand airily, "maybe a trying first day of school?"

Suddenly, the door slammed open and a dark aura filled the room. Yuki stalked into the room. "What did you guys say to him?!" he demanded, his glare zeroing on Aya and Shigure.

"Meep," Shigure cowered.

Hmmm, sounds like Yuki had more than just a trying day. What could possibly have happened? Stayed tuned!!