Summary - Hilary was never the one to beyblade, but when she does, a dangerous enemy sees her hidden talents, and kidnaps her. She soon realizes that she is a captive deep within Balkov Abbey, a place with no mercy. But within the shadows, she finds hope in a blue haired boy. Will he help her escape?

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Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End

Hilary Tatibana stepped out of her warm house in a new pair of black boots, jeans, and a fuzzy purple sweater and into the fresh winter air.

It had snowed slightly the previous night, and now cold white fluff lined all the plants and walkways.

The brunette smiled and breathed deeply. This was going to be a good Saturday, she could just feel it!

Remembering her promise to her friend Tyson, she began walking down the street toward a large dojo, the snow beneath her feet crunching loudly.

After a few minutes, she came to the entrance, only to be greeted by a small brown haired boy.

"Good morning Hilary!" He exclaimed, smiling as the girl approached.

"Morning Chief! Is Tyson up yet?"

"He said he's been up all morning, but I seriously doubt that...I've been waiting almost an hour!"

Hilary sighed. "Typical Tyson..."

Finally, the navy-haired teen burst out of the dojo.

"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late! Let's go!" He yelled, running past the two brunettes and down the sidewalk.

"Tyson get back here! You haven't finished your chores yet dude!" An elderly voice exclaimed.

Suddenly, an old man appeared in the doorway, a bamboo sword in hand.....the one and only Grandpa Granger.

Kenny and Hilary gasped, pivoting on their heels and running after Tyson.


"Few! That was a close one!" Tyson sighed, patting his chest as he tried to regain his normal breathing rate.

"One day Tyson, he's going to catch you....and I don't want to be around when he does!" Hilary said, closing her ruby eyes and crossing her arms over her chest.

"Yeah..." Kenny added nervously, images running through his mind about what would happen.

"So Hilary! Are you going to blade today?" Tyson asked, changing the subject.

"How many times do I have to say this?! I...DON'T...BEYBLADE!" She hollered.

Tyson had been badgering the brunette about that game all week! Hilary was just about to explode!

"Oh come on! Just on time! You might like it!" Tyson whined as the group came to the entrance of the BBA Training Center.

"Tyson..." She growled, clenching her hands into fists.

"Please?! Pretty please with a cherry on top?!"

"Um...Tyson?" Kenny started, seeing a glowing aura of anger around Hilary.

"You might catch the attention of that guy you like so much....what was his name again?"

Hilary gasped, her cheeks growing a red tint to them. "How did you.....FINE!" She grabbed a beyblade out of Kenny's hand and stormed up the steps into the gym, Tyson bounding in excitement behind her.


"Alright! I'll try and go easy on you..." Tyson smirked, readying his new beyblade and launcher.

"I don't care Tyson...this is pointless and stupid. Let's just get this over with..." Hilary sighed. She couldn't believe she was doing this.

"3....2....1....Let it rip!"

The two blade launched off into the dish.

Tyson immediately began his onslaught, sending Hilary up the wall of the dish.

"Man! You suck Hil!" Tyson snickered.

Hilary growled. Tyson was really pissing her off today.

Suddenly, Hilary's blade picked up speed and returned blow for blow.

This maneuver caught the navy-haired teen off guard.


"Tyson watch out!" Kenny hollered, but it was too late.

Hilary's blade sent Tyson's out of the dish and onto the floor near Kenny's feet.

Both the competitors were surprised at the battle's outcome.

Hilary had beaten Tyson!

"You got to be kidding me"


"Sir?" A man cloaked in shadow asked.

"Go and proceed with the operation." Another man replied, his voice dark and malicious.

"Who are the victims my lord?"

"See that girl?"

"The one that just defeated out true target?"

"Take her instead of the boy."

"But sir! We were ordered by Master Vol...."

"Granger was defeated! We were ordered to take the strongest from the BBA, and it seems that is no longer him!"

"....yes sir..." The man bowed his head, and rushed off.


"You cheated! There's no way I could be beaten by you!" Tyson whined, picking up his beyblade from the floor.

"Quit being a sore loser Tyson!" Hilary yelled, her hands on her hips. "You're the one that wanted to battle me so badly!"

"She has you there Tyson..." Kenny pointed out.

Suddenly, all the lights went out, and some of the kids began to panic.

"What the..."

A dark outline appeared at the main doorway, holding an object that looked conspicuously like a gun.

The different bladers backed away from their battles, rushing toward the back doors, but were cut off by strong men in long dark trench coats.

The figure at the entrance aimed his weapon and fired, causing screams of terror to ring out.

Instead of any bullets, the trainees watched in confusion as a small can like object bounced along the hard floor.

"Is this some kind of joke?!" Someone demanded.

"Oh this is no joke...this is the beginning of the end!"

With the intruder's words, the can exploded wit a murky cloud of smoke.

The BBA trainees began coughing fiercely as their oxygen supply decreased.

One by one, the bladers fell to the floor in a deep sleep.

The man at the main door motioned to his accomplices to carry out the task at hand, removing the strongest potential beybladers from their enemy....the BBA.

The man moved out of the shadows and into a small flood of light coming from an overhead window, revealing dark purple hair and black goggles over his eyes.

He walked straight over to Tyson, Hilary, and Kenny, all of them sound asleep from the effects of the gas.

With a smirk, he bent down and scooped Hilary up in her arms.

"I never thought that such a girl could have so much potential...."

He nodded his head to one of his accomplices, who had already gathered two boys under each of his arms.

"We are done here. Let's leave before anything is suspected."

With that, the intruders walked out the back of the training area and headed toward a black van, parked in a tight alley way.

Tossing the children inside, the men climbed in their seats and took off, leaving no trails behind.


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