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Chapter 28 The Enemy's Plan of Action

The morning came all too quickly as Hilary's ruby eyes parted. She was instantly greeted by bright crimson orbs belonging only to Kai.

Shocked at first, it took her a moment to remember that he was really back. She smiled and quickly kissed him. "Morning!"

"Indeed it is," he replied, a sloppy smirk growing on his face. "It's about time you woke up…"

"Huh?" she stared at him stupidly for a moment. "Wait a minute…did you even sleep?!" She suddenly noticed his eyes were drooping slightly, and the skin under them seemed a bit darker than usual.


Hilary frowned. "I'm surprised you stayed with me then…I thought you might leave."

"Well…that was pretty much impossible…" he lifted up the sheets that were covering them to reveal his body: pinned by Hilary's. Her legs had tangled with his, her fingers clutched tightly to the fabric of his shirt.

He was going nowhere without her knowing it!

Hilary blushed madly as she let out a nervous laugh and untangled herself, allowing Kai to finally move.

The older teen was instantly on his feet, stretching his legs with a soft moan.

"So…what are we going to do today?" Hilary asked, watching as Kai sat back down next to her.

"You tell me."

"Well…" as if on cue, the phone rang.

"It's been ringing all morning."

Glancing at the clock, the brunette cursed and hit Kai as hard as she could with a pillow. It was way past noon!

Running down the stairs, she slid into the kitchen and grabbed the phone. "Hello?"

Kai chuckled to himself as he walked down the hall to the bathroom. After several minutes he re-emerged showered and dressed for the day.

Walking downstairs, he found Hilary still on the phone.

"Oh, okay. Yeah, I'll make sure he comes…okay…bye!" she hung up the phone.

"Everything alright?" Kai's voice seemed to startle her.

He leaned up against the door, waiting for an answer.

"Mr. D wants us both to go down to his office. He wants to discuss some stuff."

Kai nodded silently.

Hilary sighed, walking over to him and gently took his left wrist in her hands. "You really suck at this Kai…" she began fixing the loose bandages, tying them neatly and securely around his wrist.

Kai sighed. "Just go get ready."

She giggled as she raced back up the stairs, leaving Kai alone in the kitchen.

Sighing again, he collapsed in one of the chairs. He rubbed his eyes, apparently exhausted. A warm glow illuminated from his pant's pocket, alerting him to a familiar presence.

"I know Dranzer…I know…"


Hilary and Kai were the last to Mr. Dickinson's office. The other members of the Bladebreakers were already seated in plush chairs around a large conference table.

"'Bout time you got here..." Tyson mumbled.

Max only snickered to himself. Rei had his eyes trained on Kai from the moment he walked in until he took a seat at the end of the table, opposite Mr. Dickinson. The older teen looked slightly drained compared to when he first met him. Something was still wrong...

"I'm glad you could finally come and join us this afternoon Kai...Hilary." The BBA manager nodded in their direction. "This meeting is somewhat overdue, as I know all of you have your questions about what transpired at the tournament..."

"You bet!" Tyson slammed a fist on the table.

"Tyson! Let him finish!" Hilary snapped from across the table.

Kai narrowed his eyes at the old man. "You want me to explain...don't you." It was a statement rather than a question.

"I know you don't have any recollection of what happened...but I was hoping you could give us some insight leading up to before you arrived in Japan."

Kai sighed. He knew this was going to happen but still found himself unprepared to account for the past. He wasn't even sure where to start!

"Well...BioVolt is a research corporation run by a man named Boris Balkov...and owned by my grandfather." He knew Mr. Dickinson already knew all this, but it was a good enough place to start. "Several operations run at the same time, the headquarters being Balkov Abbey in Moscow. At the time Hilary was taken, their mission was to seek out the legendary bitbeasts. They had sent out bladers all over the world to gather intel on locations and who may possibly possess one of the beasts. Boris knew there were four total, and I was the only one they knew for sure of." He reached into his pocket and took out his beyblade, laying it on the table in front of him. "They were able to use Dranzer to figure out how to track the others."

"What about this…Black Dranzer?" Rei asked. "Where did it come from?"

"Black Dranzer is a synthetic bitbeast, created from the negative energy of Dranzer. She is the only bitbeast to successfully thrive after being created this way. But unlike the sacred bitbeasts, which are the four gods of the North, South, East and West…Black Dranzer was designed to fit in more with the Greek gods."

"Greek mythology?!" Kenny exclaimed, his laptop nearly falling off his lap.

Kai only nodded. "In order to create Black Dranzer, BioVolt had to contract some outside help. They brought in scientists from all over the world, but in order to keep the beast alive, they had to give it a purpose…"

"Let me guess…world domination?" Tyson let out an exhausted sigh, rolling his eyes.

"Erebus…the primordial god of darkness...the offspring of Chaos…bringer of disorder." Kai's eyes flashed suddenly at the name. "Black Dranzer was created to fill in for Erebus, so to speak, and to help BioVolt destroy their enemies, accomplish their goals…" he paused to let out a sigh, "yeah…world domination."

He picked his beyblade up and rotated it with his fingers. "You see...just one of the sacred bitbeasts was fairly useless to them. What good is something that has convictions? By splitting Dranzer's personality in half they were able to come up with something that could defeat the others with no remorse. The legendary bitbeasts won't go to war against each other...there is no reason."

"But what about the other bitbeasts at BioVolt? Like the one Tala has." Hilary asked.

"The Demolition Boys' bitbeasts were created in the labs as well, but they were products of the life force in several animals. Wolborg was created after siphoning the life out of countless wolves and then materialized using some of Tala's own soul.

She was almost sorry she asked.

"Do you have any idea what Boris is planning?" Mr. Dickinson cut in. "Why did he want all four bitbeasts?"

"He wants to collect them so he can use their power to materialize other beasts in the physical world. This way, he can control any thing he wishes, and eventually he'll release an army to control the world!" Kai started. "Since the owners of the sacred beasts must be defeated in order for their power to transfer, he plans on using the world championship to get what he wants." he continued, his hands curling into tight fists. "He's going to use the Demolition Boys to defeat everyone, and then steal their bitbeasts right out of their beyblades!"

"So that's why you flipped out when Carlos rigged my blade so I would lose…"

"…I suppose so…"

"But how does he expect to materialize a bitbeast?! It's impossible!" Kenny exclaimed. "Only people who believe in them can see them!"

"No, it is very much possible." Kai's tone changed immediately, as if reliving a painful memory. "He can materialize a bitbeast in this world and believe me…everyone can see it."

"But how?!" The computer nerd was about to go insane. The task was impossible according to all his statistics.

"He's already tried, and succeeded. I've seen it myself...right before Hilary was taken to the Abbey." Kai looked away, anger and hatred clouding his features. "He somehow fused the bitbeast with the master! And at his command, that bitbeast will awaken and take over its host...all thanks to me..." He stared into the center of his beyblade.

That statement caused a look of fear and disgust to run through the team.

"They used Dranzer as a guinea pig...took her power to make sure it could work on a larger scale if they only had more of it...and I was powerless to stop them."

"Don't beat yourself up...they could have..." Hilary placed a comforting hand on Kai's arm but only got a glare in response.

"I had hoped that wasn't the case..."

All eyes turned to Mr. Dickinson, who was resting his forehead in his palms.

"You mean you've known about this!?" Tyson exclaimed.

"I had a hunch Tyson." The elder started. "This has been going on for many years...that's why I decided to form a team...the BladeBreakers. A team with the best players from around the world...each with own special talents that will help destroy BioVolt and the Demolition Boys. And something very unexpected happened...the team that I formed ended up being the guardians of the sacred beasts! No doubt Boris will be furious when he finds that out..."

"That's why I was sent find and collect Dragoon..." Kai said, his glance shifting toward his lap. "This was the mission I was preparing for before Hilary came..."

"You knew about Dragoon?!" Tyson seemed furious and excited at the same time.

"Yes, Boris was able to pinpoint one of the bitbeasts to Japan. I was the perfect candidate for it...Russian-born Japanese. All that was needed was for me to learn it well enough to speak without an suspicion that way."

"Why was I taken there, Kai?" The question seemed to startle everyone. Hilary had never asked it, and to be honest everyone was sure she didn't want to know. But now the curiosity was eating at her. She had to know the whole truth.

"…You were going to be the host for Black Dranzer…" The blue haired teen sighed heavily, as if the words caused great agony in themselves. "But thank God you weren't one hundred percent compatible."

She looked away sadly, not because she was worthless in that matter, but because Kai had suffered because of her. What would have happened if it had been the other way around? What would it be like to have such a beast controlling you…the thought scared her.

She remembered how easily she fell victim to that blade when they forced her to launch it…if only she had been stronger to destroy it then…

"Tell me Kai...does your grandfather know about the bitbeasts?"

The teen shifted slightly in discomfort. "He only knows about Tyson's Dragoon..."

"Alright...then we still have the surprise on our side."

"Wait a minute Mr. D...I still don't see what part we play in this, except for the whole bitbeast thing..." Tyson started, scratching his head.

"Like it or not…you kids are chosen by your bitbeasts. They see something in you that you might not see in yourselves, and that is the reason why you are together now." Mr. Dickinson started. "Each of you brings a unique aspect to play, and if you all pull together, those special powers will awaken, and you can defeat BioVolt!"

Rei spoke up. "But we still need a captain..."

All eyes turned to Kai.

"Are we going to make this official?" The Chinese blader gave a slight smirk.

"Heh..." Kai smirked himself. "I guess there is no other choice. I think I can deal with you guys until this is all over."

"Well then...I have some paper work to do. Please, be careful from now on! Things are about to get hectic..."

"Will do, Mr. D! Don't worry about us!" Tyson gave the elder a thumb's up and the team got to their feet and started to leave the office.

Kai held the door open for Hilary as she passed under him, making sure he was the last one out of the room.

"Oh, Kai?"

The new captain glanced over his shoulder at the elder.

"Can I ask you one more question?"

"Go ahead..."

"You said you saw Boris fuse a blader with his bitbeast successfully...who was the blader?"

Kai's eyes narrowed into slits and he quickly turned away, his body quivering in rage.

" was Tala..."

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