Next Generation

By Light-Eco-Sage

Rated: PG-13 just in case.

Summery: The story of Jak's daughter. Jak's greatest enemy returns, and he's too sick to fight! Now it's up to his daughter to save the world!

Disclaimer: I don't own Jak and Daxter or anything related to Jak and Daxter. I do own Saphira (suh-FEAR-uh).

LES: In case you have read my other fanfic "Veil of Mist" (Lots of things going wrong with it. Writer's Block, I tried to repost it to fix the first chapter mistake, but half way though, wasn't downloading from that disk anymore, then I lost the disk so I can't even put it on another disk! AUGHHHH!!!!) Anyway, you will know that "Saphira" is the name of Jak's dead sister. However, this story is not in anyway related to "Veil of Mist." I just liked the name, and couldn't think of a better one. Don't worry, as soon as I find that stupid disk and my mind unblocks, I will post more new chapters. Enjoy my other stories in the mean time, including this one.

Chapter I: Childhood, Part I

My name is Saphira.

You may or may not know me, but I'm sure you've heard of me. I guess I'm just a normal 19 year old girl, if you look past the fact that I have a father who's fame is bigger than the planet we live on, and the fact that my full name with title is The Crown Princess of Haven City, Princess Saphira Mar.

About my Father? He is, without doubt a very special man. I've heard ENDLESS tales from other kids in the Palace tales of his exploits. Some of them seem quiet far-fetched, but Father stands firm in backing their stories up. Even Mother, a woman who would never lie, says that she had personally witnesses some of those things and more. Maybe she's in on it to.

Though I shouldn't be talking, for I just had an adventure of my own.

But, look at that, I'm getting ahead of myself. Best go back to the beginning, before I went on my adventure, before I met him, even before I knew I was a Princess.

Back then, all I ever knew was my nice little house in the richest part of Haven. The Slummers said it was one of the biggest private residence in Haven City, but I guess I got used to it. I grew up in Nobility, and my family forced very few rules on me. But, there is no family in Haven City that doesn't make their child follow a few rules, and my family was no exception. I couldn't go out into the City without a trusted servant. Even though Father said the City had greatly improved in the last several years, the City was still not a safe place. I couldn't go out of the City, period. I didn't have much of a lust to go out into the Wasteland, so that was almost never a problem, but that is later on in my story. But, the first rule that I ever remember was a strange rule that my Mother instilled upon me one day. Oddly enough, this is how my story begins…

(Scene dissolves in a major Flashback that won't end until the end of the story.)

The Governors and the Ministers of Haven City stopped by our house everyday. I didn't care about them, they asked for Father, and I was not my Father. Even though I seemed to inherit his hair. My hair was still mostly green, but you could already see the blonde growing though. I would try to imagine myself with the green/blonde locks that my Father had. It looked very odd. It was unusual for someone to have bi-colored hair. But, look; I've grown vain, talking about my hair.

Father seemed to get mad at the end of each of their visits. Sometimes, after a particularly angry session, he would lock himself in what I them assumed as a private study. But, I took to calling it the 'Anger Room' for Father only went in when he was angry. I asked Mother about it,

"Mother, what is behind that door?" I asked as we walked past the door.

"Nothing, dear, you must never go in there." She answered, glaring at the door with the clear sea-green eyes that I had gotten from her.

Ever the inquisitive child, I asked, "But why?"

"Everyone has their own demons, even your Father…" was all that Mother answered. I tried to press the matter, but Mother said no more.

The next day, I was six years old at the time, I was walking gown a hallway, wearing a dress. I didn't like wearing dresses for some reason. I always preferred clothes that I could run and jump in, but Mother had insisted.

"That's because you are you're your Father's daughter." Mother laughed as I pulled on the dress.

I walked down the corridor, anger at the fact that it was impossible to run in a dress. I don't know, I just never really fit in with the other noble girls. They were interested in money and stuff like that, and I had always dreamed of having an adventure. Anyway, I walked by the living room, the door was slightly ajar, and I heard voices coming from inside the room. Even though I considered myself very mature for my age, I possessed a child's curiosity. I put my ear up to the door to listen.

"Ashelin and I can not hold this City together for much longer. The people want a Mar. But you and your daughter are the only ones left. And she is hardly old enough to rule. She would have to be ten, at least…" A man called Commander Torn said.

"If you would please leave my daughter out of this." Father said in the low, dangerous tone he used when he got mad. "She can decide for herself when she is old enough. But, I shouldn't rule. We've been over this, I'm not the King. I shouldn't have that sort of privilege just because of who my father was, and my father's father. If I wasn't a Mar, we wouldn't be having this conversation right now, in fact, I think you would've banished me long ago."

"You can't run away forever." Commander Torn said, his temper rising to almost match Father's. "You are privileged! No one in all of Haven City can rise up and take the throne like you can! You can use your power to do well for this City, and bring it back to the glory it hasn't seen since your ancestors ruled. Just having a Mar on the throne again will give the people hope! You take the throne and people will follow you! Look at what you've done, you've killed the Metal-Head Leader for Precursor's sakes!" He pointed at the large trophy that hung above the fireplace, the head of the Metal-Head Leader. A small plaque read:

"The Precursor's Bane:

But, now his power has waned…"

Father always said he meant it as an insult. Many times Uncle Daxter has told the story about how they defeated the Metal-Head Leader years ago. Father scowled at the old memories, probably about his fight with the Leader. Then the scowl vanished and was replaced by a rare smile.

"That was about eight years ago, wasn't it, Torn?" Father asked.

Torn looked surprised, "Er… yes, it was."

"He'd be about 14 by now…" Father laughed. I've heard Father talk about 'him' a lot. But only Uncle Daxter and Mother seemed to know what he was talking about. There was so much about Father that I didn't know.

"Well, I should get back to the Palace, Ashelin is waiting for me. We'll continue this conversation tomorrow…" Torn got up, and I ran away from the door, I didn't want Father to know that I had been eavesdropping. Then, I didn't realize how much that conversation would change my life, I only ran away.

Mother swept up the hallway in a long dress, she confronted Father. "You-Know-Who is here." She said as she looked past Father's shoulder at me. Father turned around, noticed me, and smiled.

"Well, look who it is!" He picked me up. "You look cuter everyday. You are going to be beautiful, just like your Mother." They exchanged a smile.

"She may have my beauty, but she has your personality." Mother laughed. "If we're not careful, we can end up raising a female version of you."

"And that's a bad thing?" Father asked. "Now, go get washed up for dinner." He put me down, and I ran around the corner. But I stopped when I heard him and Mother talking. Once again, I decided to eavesdrop. "I'm getting this close to taking the throne, just to get everyone off my back. Almost everyday for six years those ministers come and beg me to take the throne and clean up the mess they've made of Haven City. And now… they are after Saphira…"

"What?" Mother asked.

"The moment she turns ten, they are going to try and take her away to learn how to be Queen." Father said.

"Jak, what are we going to do?" Mother asked.

"I don't know…" Father said, then he paused. "There is one thing. I could become King, and then we would be able to oversee her studies. Or, she could decide that she doesn't want to be Queen. But, I think, after all these years, it's time for me to give in and accept my birthright."

"Are you… going to tell her?" Mother asked.

"Tonight, after dinner." Father sighed.

"Remember, this is going to be a lot for her to digest. She's very smart for her age, but she's only six years old." Mother said, "All she'll see is the glamour. She won't fully understand until she's older."

"It's so hard to think of her as a six year old." Father said. "She acts so mature. That must be Mar's blood. You know, I was very mature when I was young."

Mother let out a disbelieving sort of snort. There was a knock on the door, which gave me an excuse to run away. A servant; not a slave, Father didn't believe in slavery, opened the door. It was Uncle Daxter and his wife, Auntie Tess.

(A/N: Yes, they did get married also.)

I ran up and cuddled Uncle Daxter, he was the only adult that I could actually pick up and cuddle.

"Hey, kiddo, put me down!" Uncle Daxter cried, "I'm glad to see you too." I released him and he got a good look at me. "Good Precursors, you look more and more like Jak everyday."

"You're Daddy's Little Girl." Auntie Tess said.

I guess it was true, when I was really young, my hair was green, but, now you could see the blonde that I was getting at the tips, just like Father's.

"She has Keira's eyes, though." Uncle Daxter said. My eyes, so unlike my Father's piercing ocean blue, was green like my Mother's eyes. I gave Auntie Tess a hug, Mother and Father walked.

"Daxter, you old rat. It's good to see you again. How are you?" Father said regally.

"Jeez, Jak, noble life must be rubbing off on you." Uncle Daxter said. "Stop acting so regal! It's creepy!"

"Eight years can change a man…" Father said casually.

"Just like two years changed you." Uncle Daxter said, "You go from being all sweet and innocent to an Eco—Hey!" Father had stood on Uncle Daxter's paw. Something I had never seen him do. He just smiled one of his 'smiles.' Like I said, there was so much I didn't know about my Father.

Mother, noticing the uncomfortable situation, said "Come, I'll have the servants make dinner for all of us." Mother sighed, "Even after seven years, I am not used to ordering people around."

"No one will ever get used to it." Father said, "Let's go have dinner."

(Later that night, after Daxter and Tess left.)

I was sitting in my room, brushing my green/blonde hair. I put the brush down and looked around the room. Father often said that my room alone was bigger than his entire old house. I could never quiet believe him, I couldn't imagine my elegant Father living in nothing but luxury. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." I said. The door opened and Father came in.

"Hey, Saphie." Father called me by my pet name. This got my interest; Father hadn't called me 'Saphie' since I was four. He sat on the bed next to me. "There's something I have to talk to you about."

"What is it, Father?" I asked.

"So formal, that's what happens when you grow up in the noble life." Father smiled, then he became serious again. "There's something that I've kept from you for a long time. There's a reason for all the ministers and governors coming over. Do you know who Mar was?"

"Of course, Father, you told me." I said, reciting from memory. "He founded Haven City over 500 years ago. He was the first and most famous King that Haven City ever had. And his heirs are the true rulers of the City."

"Funny you should mention his heirs…" Father said. "You see, before the last ruler, Baron Praxis, came to power; Haven City was ruled by the Heirs of Mar. The last King… there's no easy way to say this, so I'm just going to come out and say it… that King was my father." Silence. "So, by right of birth, that makes me Mar's Heir and the true King of Haven City."

"What's going to happen?" I asked.

"In a year, we will move to the Palace. Your mother and I will begin our royal duties, and you will start learning how to become Queen…" Father said.

"What? Queen?" I asked, stunned.

"You are my first born, and my Heir, so you are the future Queen of Haven City…"

"So, I'm going to be a Princess?" I asked.

"Yes, you will." Father said, "But you must understand. You will have to rule someday, as future Queen…"

"I don't mind being a Princess, but I don't wanna be Queen. All I'll do is sit around all day! It's no fun!" I pouted.

"You need to start learning how to rule, and here is your first lesion." Father said spontaneously. "You are my daughter, and I am your father, this is the strongest of bonds. No one can break it. We are one." I stared up at father, I felt something deep in those words, but I couldn't understand. "You'll understand someday."

Father got up and left. That night I found out that my Father was the King, and I was a Princess.

LES: I know this is a long 'Flash-Back' but I wanted the story to start with Saphira being older, then go back to her being younger, then go back to being older. Next chapter will still be a Flashback, but it will be a quick summery of the year and the Crowning Ceremony. So, um… on with the story.