Soup for the Sick

"I don't get sick." Edward Elric muttered, rolling over onto his stomach and firmly holding his pillow close to his head.

"Of course you do! Everyone has to get sick now and then, it's how people become immune to the chicken pox and things." Winry pursued, giving the Fullmetal Alchemist's covers a quick tug, revealing a teenage boy in light blue pajamas. Ed shivered and huddled himself closer to his pillow.

"Hmm…go away." Winry gave him a hard long stare.

"Edo, if you want to get better you're going to have to sit up and eat."

"Mnmhhm." Edward told his pillow. "I'm not drinking milk."

"It's not milk!" Winry said with exasperation and planted her hands on her hips. "It's chicken noodle soup. It's good for people recovering from illnesses." Edward finally opened his eyes and lazily glanced at the blue-eyed girl.

"I'm not sick."

"Oh?" Winry raised an eyebrow and bent closer to Ed, their noses almost touching. "Then why are you flushed?"

"A-anou…" Edward stuttered. (Um…)

"And why do you have bags under your eyes?"

"Well because--"

"And why," Winry took a step forward to emphasize her final point, and planted a kiss on Edwards forehead. She stepped back to regard the flushed boy who was now the color of Winry's headband.

"…haven't you finished eating your soup?"

Edward stared at her, much too weak to protest. He sat up straight, and with an indignant sigh began to eat chicken noodle soup.