NO YOAI AND NO YURI in these short stories. All male female pairings. Enjoy.

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Mariemaia sighed as she made her way through the Preventors building. To the top floor where her mother worked. Alas, it was also the floor where her five year long crush worked as well. Having this crush was not the problem. It was him. He was the problem.

She was seventeen years old now. Old enough to make her own decisions. So why couldn't he see that? See that her crush was more than a crush? Still he looked at her like one might a child. When she had always been very mature for her age. Heck, she been brought up to rule the world! She would call herself very mature. Although her crush hadn't started until she was twelve.

He used to talk to her like she were an adult. Which is what first drew her to him. But when she brought up her feelings, that went out the window. All he will tell her now is that he is too old for her.

Her mother had no problem when she told her about her feelings toward him. In fact she was supportive of her. Her mother thought she was old enough to do with her life what she chose. Even the other pilots told her to go for it. Once they saw that her feelings for him were serious ones. They told her he would break under the pressure eventually.

Was it so hard for him to see that she loved him? Relena didn't hang on this long! She liked everything about him. They had so much in common! Their views and opinions. Their taste in movies. They both hated the color pink. . .

Before she realized it, she had stepped out of the elevator on the top floor of the building. Stopping in front of his office door. Although she couldn't dictate how he felt about her. She still liked to hang out with him. She would rather be friends with him than nothing.

What she didn't expect was to hear struggling from his office. The door was closed so she didn't know what was going on. But everyone outside the office didn't pay any mind. In fact, they seemed to smile at her curiosity.

She put her ear to the door to try and hear what was going on.

"Duo! I'm going to kill you for this!" Heero's voice yelled out at Duo. Who she guessed was in the room. What sounded like a chair was getting thrown about the room repeatedly.

"Hah! You've been saying that for ten years, Hee-man. And you haven't done it yet!" Duo's laughter filled the room as the sound of furniture getting thrown subsided. Followed by a lot of grunting on Heero's part.

"Damn! Duo! I'm going to shave your head for this!" He cursed. She wondered just what kind of torture he was putting Heero through this time.

"Quatre! How can YOU go through with this?! And you Trowa?!" She decided all of the pilots were in there. But she still couldn't figure out what they were talking about.

"Sorry Heero." Quatre spoke soothingly yet commandingly. "But its for your own good." He sounded more like he were commanding him in her opinion. Which really confused her.

"Is this your idea of justice, WuFei?!" Heero continued to protest.

"Yes, Yuy. This is justice." She could hear the laughter being held back from his voice. Just what the heck was going on? Were the other pilots ganging up on him?

"Look, Heero." Duo's voice tired reasoning. "Either you tell her the truth, or I'll tell her what you said about her when you were drunk last New Years Eve party and dressed in the pink bunny costume." Duo threatened.

. . .Silence. . .

". . .How did you know about that?" Heero asked now very quietly.

"I have pictures Yuy." WuFei continued the threat.

Who was it that they were talking about? They wanted Heero to talk to someone. A woman. They mentioned a 'her.' She felt a small pang in her heart at the idea of Heero seeing another woman. Although it was entirely possible.

"You can come in now, Mariemaia." Trowa finally spoke. Making her jump back from the door at being found. How did he know? Slowly, she opened the office door and stepped inside.

What she saw certainly surprised her. Heero was tied up to a chair with multiple layers of duct tape. Wrists and ankles bound as well. And a not too pleased look upon his face.

Quatre smiled happily at her while Trowa just gave her a knowing smirk. Duo and WuFei were grinning evilly down at Heero in the chair. "You had something to tell her, Heero?" Quatre asked him.

"Mai. . ." Heero got her attention. She smiled at the use of the nickname he gave her. "I like you."

She blinked. Not sure just what he was saying. She knew what she wanted to hear but thought it unlikely that she would be hearing it. So just what was he trying to say?

Duo nudged him in the ribs. "And. . ." He prodded.

Heero glared at him before bring his gaze back to her. "I like you. . .a lot."

"What?" She asked.

Duo grinned at her. "So anyway, Heero walks into the middle of the party with a bottle of Vodka and wearing a giant pink bunny-"

"ALRIGHT!" Heero yelled at him with the worst possible glare he could fathom. He brought his attention back to her again. "In the years that I have known you, and the last two years that you have had a crush on me. . ." He started a little hesitantly. " I have begun to reciprocate the feelings you have for me. . ." He took a deep breath. About to continue.

Mariemaia felt as through he heart were about to explode. Almost not believing what she was hearing. He loved her back? She didn't wait for the finish and launched herself at him. Capturing his mouth in a kiss. He couldn't do much about it seeing as he was tied up in the chair.

Loud whoops, calls, and whistles filled the air. Mariemaia and Heero looked at the door to see Lady Une and a good deal other Preventors clapping applauding them.

She looked at Heero to see to her surprise that he was blushing with his head down. She had no doubt her face was red too but he looked red as a beat. Lifting his head back up, to which he had no control over, she kissed him again. More passionate that the last.

I guess its true that 'absence makes the heart grow fonder.'