Chapter One.

As Harry Potter sat in his seventh year Defense against the Dark Arts class he was trying to focus on what Professor Lupin was teaching. After all, Harry didn't see much point with Defense class with Voldemort vanquished and all.

A smile played across Harry's face at the thought of Voldemorts demise. It had happened rather suddenly and on Halloween of all days. Seventeen years to the date from when Harry's parents where killed. Harry thought it quite ironic, for the date did prove to be unlucky for Voldemort and the one thing Voldemort couldn't abide is what killed him in the end. You see Harry and his friends, which consisted of Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, and Luna spent the entire summer vacation at Spinners End. Spinners End was Sirius's house which he willed to Harry. Believe it or not it was more protected than Grimauld Place. Harry especially loved the house, as it was in the same neighborhood his parents home had been in. The group had worked out, with Hermione's help, what needed to be done to kill Voldemort and thankfully the library at Spinners End held just what they needed.

They created a spell that literally was a love spell. They worked it out where a piece of their essence was placed by a charm into a necklace that Harry would wear around his neck. This would allow Harry to have a burst of magical power. But what was really Voldemorts downfall was the destruction of the dementors. Harry smiled as he recalled telling Hermione that she was absolutely bloody brilliant.

Then Harry thought about how Voldemort broke thru the wards on the castle. But Harry knew he was coming. Voldemort had all of his army with him, which mainly consisted of dementors. Harry walked out to meet Voldemort and the dementors started to swoop toward him. In that instance Harry closed his eyes and focused all of his energy and spoke a simple charm. As he said this charm his wand began to vibrate and a gold beam stretched out and surrounded all of the dementors and when they died the souls of every person they had kissed was released and they attacked Voldemort. Dementors feed off of happy memories so all of these happy and lovefilled thoughts and memories engulfed Voldemort and destroyed him.

Harry smiled as he thought of the muggle saying, "love conquers all".

Harry was jostled out of his thoughts by the professor.

"Harry, its your turn to go thru the Weaver of Life."

Since Harry had been daydreaming he didn't know what the Weaver of Life was.

He got up from his seat and walked to the front of the class to where Professor Lupin was. He then noticed a waterfall suspended in the air with silvery looking flowing water. It reminded him of Dumbledore's penseive.

"Ok Harry, all you have to do is walk into the waterfall and you will be whisked away to events that are in your possible future. You may have only one experience or many. Just know that you will actually be transported into your future self. It is not like a penseive where you observe only. In this case you are actually trying out your possible future. Any questions?"

"How does the waterfall know what to show you?"

"It shows you what you need to have or do in order to be happy for the rest of your life. Whether or not you agree with the knowledge it gives you is up to you but there has never been any record of the Weaver being wrong."

"Are you ready?"

Harry swallowed hard. "Yeah" , he said as he walked into the mist.

Everything was foggy and then suddenly he was in a strange apartment. As he looked around he noticed several pictures. There were some of Ron and Hermione and of..... What was this Harry thought? A picture of he and Ginny Weasley. And they were snogging in the picture.

As Harry was trying to wrap his mind around what the picture meant he heard a 'pop' to his left.

"Hey, mate, are you nervous about tonight?" asked Ron as he shrugged out of his cloak.

"Tonight?" Asked Harry, as he noticed that Ron only looked a couple of years older than he was now.

Ron rolled his eyes. "Alright Harry, I've already apologized for the prank Fred, George, and I played on you. See, I brought it back all safe and sound."

As Ron said this he handed Harry a box. Harry just stared at it.

"Go on look at it, we changed it back to its original form. You can't blame us though, you are asking our little sister to marry you and that is just to good for us to let pass without scaring you a little", smiled Ron.

Harry hadn't got passed the part about asking Ginny Weasley to marry him. What on earth had happened?

"We told Gin to be at 'Oscars" at 7 and he will have your special order all set so all you have to do is show up and ask her. Simple as that", smirked Ron.

"Yeah simple", frowned Harry.

"Like she'll say no. Harry, you have been planning this night for the last 4 months. Where is the Gryfindor courage, huh? Laughed Ron.

"Good luck mate." And with that Ron disappeared.

At 6:30 Harry found where Oscar's was and apparated over there. He wasn't sure how he knew how to apperate though. Harry was nervous. Oscar showed him to a veranda that had flowers and waterfalls in almost every corner. Overhead the stars were bright and fairies were settled in the greenery giving the area a most romantic feeling.

As Harry turned toward the entrance he saw her. Ginny. Or at least he thought it was her. But...great Merlin this woman was beyond gorgeous. Harry was aware his jaw was hanging open so he closed it.

"Harry, oh my, this is absolutely breathtaking", Ginny gushed.

"Yes, utterly breathtaking" said Harry, but his eyes never left Ginny.

She turned toward him and flew into his arms. "Harry, I'm so lucky to have you, you are the most thoughtful boyfriend".

"Boyfriend?" Asked Harry slowly.

Ginny frowned and stepped back from Harry's arms. Harry felt lost when her warmth wasn't next to him.

"H- Harry, you aren't breaking up with me are you?" Stuttered Ginny with tears in her eyes.

Harry noticed her bottom lip tremble and for some strange reason he wanted to kiss her lip and suckle on it. Harry shook his head to clear it and noticed Ginny now had tears running down her cheeks.

"Well, Ginny you have part of it right", Harry noticed she was about to bolt. But let me tell you what I want to change about our relationship. Does that sound ok to you?"

As Ginny tried to pull herself together she nodded for him to continue.

"Well, I don't want to be your boyfriend anymore...(he could tell Ginny was starting to loose it again so he hurriedly said). I want to be your husband."

Harry stood waiting for Ginny to register what he had said. He watched the different emotions play across her face, when she smiled he got down on one knee in front of her, took the ring out of the box and took hold of her left hand.

"Ginny, will you please marry me so I can be complete", asked Harry

Ginny's eyes sparkled with tears and her smile was beyond brilliant Harry thought.

"Yes, Harry I want nothing more than to be your wife".

Harry grinned and slipped the ring on her finger, stood up and gathered her in his arms and kissed her. A mind blowing kiss until Harry realized he was thrown into another possible future.