Christmas is a wonderful time. A time to reflect on past Christmas's and a time to enjoy the present. Harry Potter was doing just that.

Harry stood in front of the family Christmas Tree, looking at each ornament that had been made by his children.

There were green and blue brooms that Sirius and James had made at age four. A yellow angel made by Lily. An orange train made by Evan, in honor of the Chudley Cannon's, for his Uncle Ron.

Thinking of Evan brought back memories of the Weaver of Life. The Weaver had shown Harry what he truly wanted out of life. And that was a family with Ginny.

He had made a promise to himself, a promise that he would marry Ginny Weasley. And he did. The Weaver had shown the events up until Ginny was pregnant with Evan. So, he had no idea what destiny had in store for him. Good thing too. Harry didn't think his 17 year-old self could have handled the thought of being a father to six children. Well, soon to be seven, as Ginny was due to give birth any day now.

Harry smiled as he thought of Ginny. She was perfection. He knew he would never deserve her, but thankful he had her just the same.

Harry was startled out of his thoughts as Addison came down the stairs. Addison was almost two years younger than Evan. Next he heard the rest of his children running down the stairs.

First was James, he was holding Gannon, who was eighteen months old. Sirius raced ahead of James and scooped Addison up in his arms. Lily followed holding Evan's hand.

Harry knew he was blessed.

"Hey, where is your mum?" Asked Harry.

"Here I am, " answered Ginny from the top of the stairs.

As always, Harry's breath caught when he looked upon her. She was to gorgeous for words.

Harry raced up the stairs to help Ginny down.

"Hey, how are you doing Luv?" Asked Harry as he took hold of her arm.

"Oh, great for a pregnant whale," laughed Ginny.

"Whale! What are you on about? You are absolutely beautiful."

"Harry, I'm huge," laughed Ginny.

Harry let his eyes roam over her body and couldn't stop the desire from showing in his eyes. Ginny also saw the look.

"Harry, you can't be serious."

"Oh, I'm very serious, you want to feel how serious I am," whispered Harry in Ginny's ear.

Ginny snorted. "We better get going. Everyone else will already be at the Burrow."

"Ok, just be careful going down these steps. How do you feel?"

"Harry, I'm fine. Come on, our children are waiting for us."

"Hey mum, are you going to pop tonight?"

James and Sirius burst out laughing at Evan's question.

"Evan, you shouldn't ask such things. Mum is sensitive right now. Lily, ever the voice of reasoning, scolded her brother.

Ginny and Harry were both laughing as they reached the landing.

"Its ok Evan, I do look like a balloon about to pop."

Ok kids, everyone to the fireplace. We better get to the Burrow before Molly blocks the floo," said Harry.

"Honestly Harry, mum wouldn't do that. Ok James, you and Sirius go first with Addison. Be sure to hold tight to him."

"Ok, now Lily you hold tight to Evans hand and go next."

After the kids had gone, Harry hoisted Gannon up on his hip.

"Gin, I'll go now with Gannon. That way I can help you once you arrive."

Ginny watched as Harry disappeared. She took a deep breath as she grabbed a hold of the mantle. "Ok baby, just wait a little longer and then you can come out."

After taking another breath, Ginny threw some Floo powder into the fireplace and disappeared to the Burrow.

The Burrow was filled with family and love. Harry would always love coming to the Burrow. He watched as all of his nieces and nephews raced about the back yard.

The smaller children were playing with their Christmas gifts. Bill had enchanted a portion of the yard with warming spells. This way everyone was nice and warm, as they watched the children play.

There was a pick up game of Quiddich going on. Not just one, but two, as there were to many children for just one game. Charlie and Bill were calling one of the games. Ron and Fred were calling the other. George was helping his pregnant wife Katie, sit in a rocker, so she would have an excellent view of the children. They had two boys flying about, one on each team.

Percy was in a deep discussion with Mr. Weasley. Hermione was laughing with Molly and Ginny.

Harry's eyes never left Ginny as he watched her laugh. Then he noticed her laugh never reached her eyes. He then noticed she was taking deep breaths.

"Bloody Hell, she is in labor," muttered Harry to himself as he took great strides to his wife's side.

"Molly!" Yelled Harry as he got close to them. "Go prepare Ginny's old room, please."

Ginny's eyes grew wide. Harry was on to her.

"Whatever for Harry." Molly stood as Harry approached them.

Everyone else seemed to hear Harry also. Everyone grew quiet so they could hear the conversation.

"Ginny, how far apart are they?" Harry ignored Molly as he knelt beside Ginny.

"You know me so well, Harry. They are about five minutes apart."

Harry's eyes grew wide. He stood up and scooped Ginny into his arms and started toward the house.

"Bloody Hell luv, you are going to be the death of me yet. What possessed you to keep this from me."

"I wanted to enjoy Christmas with my family. I knew you would have me in bed all day."

"Damn straight, you are the most important thing in the world to be. I couldn't go on without you."

Ginny didn't argue with Harry. She knew he was very serious. They were bonded. She knew neither could live without the other. Their love sustained each other.

Molly had apparated into Ginny's room and had it ready when Harry arrived with Ginny.

Their children were gathering at the door, trying to get a glimpse of their mum.

Evan spoke up first. "Mum, are you going to pop now."

Fred and George could be heard laughing in the hallway.

Harry laughed as well. "Yes Evan, I believe your mum will pop very soon."

"Good, I miss sitting on her lap."

Everyone could be heard laughing at Evan's last comment.

Ginny was getting settled in the bed while Hermione and Molly began to prepare for the birth.

"Ok, everyone downstairs, this will go fast, I think," said Hermione as she ushered everyone out into the hall.

Hermione was correct. In less than one hour, Allie Maria Potter was born.

Harry handed Allie to Ginny after he helped her get cleaned up. He settled next to her on the bed, content just to watch his wife and new daughter.

Molly had gone to get their children so they could meet their new sister.

The door opened and the kids made their way to the bed. Each finding the perfect place to settle, so they could see their sister.

"Wow, she is little," whispered Evan.

"She is no smaller than you were," laughed James.

Lily had tears running down her cheeks. "Thank you so much mum, thank you for a sister."

The room erupted in laughter. Lily had been begging for a sister for months now. She did not like being the only girl.

Ron and Hemione made their way into the room.

'Well mate, seven is a lucky number. You think you and Ginny will stop now.?"

Harry looked at Ron like he was crazy.

"Stop?" Asked Harry.

Ron rolled his eyes. He didn't think Harry was that thick.

"You do know you have more children than any of us. You've beat Bill by two kids now."

Harry laughed.

Fred and George thought they would spice up the conversation.

"Yeah Harry, you aren't planning on knocking up our little sister again, are you?" Fred could hardly contain his laughter.

Harry smirked. "Every chance I get"
The twins didn't have a response to that.

Ginny found the whole conversation funny. Even James and Sirius was laughing.

Bill looked at James and Sirius and said, "you don't mind your parents having more children?"

James turned to Bill, "My dad can't keep his hands off my mum, he never has and never will. I'm sure we'll have several more siblings and that is ok with me."

Sirius was nodding his agreement.

Ginny was turning red, but Harry thought it was funny. He and Ginny had never hidden their affection from their children. He wanted his children to know how much he loved their mum and how much he loved them.

Ron looked disgusted. "That is to much information James."

Ginny thought it was time to settle the matter, once and for all.

"Ok, let up on Harry. Lets just concentrate on Allie. Isn't she beautiful.

Harry watched as everyone began to pass Allie around. They made faces and cooing noises to her.

Harry let his gaze fall on each member of his family. As he watched his children his chest swelled with pride. They were each unique, but very special. He couldn't have asked for a better life.

Then he watched his wife. James was right, he couldn't keep his hands off of her. Like now, he was stroking her hair. He had to touch her. He had to feel her. Merlin, she just had a baby and he wanted to feel her body next to his.

Everyone filed out of the room, leaving Harry alone with Ginny.

Harry put Allie in a crib that had been set up by the bed. She was sound asleep.

Ginny looked exhausted. Harry helped Ginny get settled and he climbed into bed and pulled her close to him.

A deep sigh escaped from her mouth as she came into contact with Harry.

Harry whispered in her ear, "I love you, Gin."

"I love you too, Harry."


"Yes Harry."

"Thank you for my children. But mostly, thank you for being my wife."

Ginny smiled as she closed her eyes. "The pleasure is all mine, Harry"
Harry smiled and whispered, "Merry Christmas Mrs. Potter."

"Merry Christmas Mr. Potter."

The End.

Thank you everyone for reading. I hope you all enjoyed Harry's adventure. So, until our next. bye.