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Rising Dough

On the way to Caradhras, Sam was baking some bread before the Fellowship woke up. Unfortunately for him, Pippin was sleeping lightly and woke up to see what was going on; Sam was making an awful lot of noise with his pots. When he saw what the other Hobbit was doing, he started to sing.

Rising dough, rising dough
Starts to look good when you know
Flour and water are set to flow
And sweep this bread loaf through
Loaf of bread is long past due

Sam, surprised that the youngest member of the Fellowship was even up, turned. "Well, maybe it wouldn't be so 'long past due' if I had some help. Here, add some more sticks to the fire. And then stir this.

Pippin grinned, but did as he was told. As he was stirring, though, he burst into song again.

Rising flame, fill the Earth
Bake this bread for all you're worth
We'll be present at the stir-eth
Of ingredients looking new
Loaf of bread is long past due

Hearing his cousin, Merry opened his eyes. "What's going on? Please don't tell me it's more of those stupid crows."

"Sam's bakin' bread."

"Looks good."

"Here, add the yeast," Sam instructed.

Pippin grinned and added the yeast as he and Merry sang:

Oh, lovely loaf, yeast likes to help you grow
We should have started long ago

Sam sighed. "Who's we?"

By that time however, the rest of the Fellowship was awake. "Smells good," Gimli commented.

Everyone except Sam started singing:

Rising dough, all day long
While we sing our breakfast song
Never knew you could smell so strong
But now it's very clear
Loaf of bread is almost here

Sam sighed and tested the bread. Finding it was done and simply needed to cool, he took it out of the pan and placed it on a large flat rock he figured would do well as a table.

Pippin grinned and he and Merry started in on the melody while the others improvised on the harmony:

Breakfast loaf, by your sight
We can make the table bright
And the famine of the night
Will fade into the past
Breakfast loaf is here . . .

There was a weird silence as everyone looked at Sam. The cook burst out laughing. Then he shrugged and joined them.

At last!

:) I added in some narration to this one because my sister who critiques everything I write said without it it had nothing to do with Lord of the Rings. Probably right. I was just thinking of Hobbit-meals when I wrote it, so, naturally, I assumed everyone else would, too. :) Need to stop doing that.

AceEallagher – Well, I probably wouldn't have thought of doing a few more if you hadn't suggested it, but since you did, you want it, you got it.

xWhit3staRx – To answer your question from some other story, yes, I really do like Jurassic Park. :) And Malcolm. And chaos theory. And Malcolm rambling on about chaos theory. :)