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Summary: Amy is distraught upon receiving a call learning of her husband, Matt Hardy's death. When a new man senses her sorrow and steps in to save her, will it be to late? Or can she find real lasting love again?

Characters: This is all written around the WWE so you will see WWE people in it. There won't be any O/C in this story.

Genre: Romantic

Additional Information: This is the second story in the series Love United. It follows after the Trish and Shawn love story.

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The darkness was setting in around her again and it was threatening to take her whole into its spell. She had just returned from the hospital where they told her Matt had been found in some alley with a gunshot wound to the neck, instant death the doctor had said.

The tears spilled out of her eyes as she remembered the long walk she had taken to the morgue where they needed someone to finally give an identification to the man they all knew was Matt Hardy. It was sick as she entered the room that was just reeking of death and the smell of the work that was done on the dead before they were buried.

She had been a mess, something out of a horror movie, the typical victim as Matt would have put it if he was still with her. He wasn't with her though, which meant as the wife of a WWE star, one whom she had loved like no other before, she was now alone in the world. Sure, she knew she had her friends, Trish had been right by her side when she needed to be taken out of the hospital, but it wasn't the same. She was missing a vital part, one she only recognized as her heart.

"Why did you have to go and leave me Matt? You know my whole life was about you and making you the happiest man alive. I don't know how to go on without you."

The voice was apparent at that moment, but only faintly. It was the voice she had wanted to hear but knowing in her mind that she wouldn't, ever again.

"I didn't leave you Amy; I am right here beside you and will be forever. You are strong; you can get through this without me."

The tears fell then, knowing that he wasn't actually there with her in physical form, making her heart ache for days gone by. She knew she could handle being alone, but deep down she never thought she would have too. Not this early, and certainly not this way. She had always dreamed that if they had to go to heaven, they would go together. It was hard knowing he was there without her and she had to keep fighting on.

"That is bullshit Matt Hardy, do you hear me? If you had any balls at all you would have stayed here with me instead of running."

He laughed then, a sound that made Amy think the whole house was shaking in laughter with him. The strength of it was so hard and strong, almost like Matt himself.

"I didn't tell the dude to shoot me if that's what you are getting at? I didn't want to leave you but it was my time. Now I have to help you move on and find real love."

"I had real love you dumb ass, and someone with a trigger happy hand took all of that away from me. Do you really think that there is a chance I am actually going to move on without you? Who the hell would be able to deal with Matt Hardys ex?"

He laughed again and then moved over to where she stood, staring at the ceiling, obviously half believing this was real, and the other half thinking she was losing her mind. She had never been through anything like this, and Matt had to admit, it was a little scary for him and he was dead.

He embraced her then, and Amy swore she felt his arms around her like they had always been in the old times. Out of all the things she wanted out of this life that was left of hers, it was to feel his arms around her for just a little longer. Once she had it though, she wouldn't let go for nothing.

"If I have learned anything from what happened Amy, it's this. You only have one life, and most of us would like to have one love, but for us it wasn't meant to be. I know you love me, and I will spend the rest of my after life loving you, but there is someone out there that will come to you in time, and you will make the sweetest love with him."

"How the hell do you know that?" she screamed then, absolutely upset that he was pushing her in another direction when she needed him on the same page as her then.

"Because it is all a part of a greater plan. Where I am now is wonderful, and you would love it more then anything but you are not meant to be here, at least not yet. I will always be here when you need me, please don't ever forget that."

He left her then and she knew it, she felt him take his arms away from the hold he had on them, almost as if he didn't want to give up on them either but didn't have a choice. How she was going to get through this and come out on top was something she just didn't want to think about. There was no way she could ever love another man like she loved him, no way in hell.

He hesitated at the door, wondering if maybe he should be back at home in Canada instead of out there on the ranch, waiting to talk to a woman that was grieving for her lost husband.

Chris knew how it felt. When Trish had called him from Shawn's car to let him know that their good friend Matt Hardy had been taken out by a bullet and Amy was left alone to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart, he had wanted nothing more then to be there with her. They had been through a lot, on camera and off of it, and well when it came down to it, Amy and him were closer then any two people could get, that weren't dating or married.

He knocked then, waiting and wondering is she was even in the mood to see him. He had wanted to be there for her, to be her sounding board, like she had done for him so many times. This time it was life or death, and he needed to make her see that he was there for her until the end, whatever it took.

When she opened the door he took notice of the tear stained cheeks and the bloodshot eyes. It hadn't even been twenty four hours for her to process everything and well she looked like it. He immediately entered the house and wrapped his arms around her, kicking the door closed behind him.

"I'm so sorry Ames; I know how much he meant to you. It's a damn shame what happened."

With those words, she broke down in his arms, falling to floor in absolute agony. Matt had told her she was meant to be with someone else, but right now the pain of losing him was taking over her soul and she didn't know if she could ever recover.