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---Another Bakura: Manipulation---

Chapter One: Surprises

Was he gone?

No, he wasn't. I could feel it. I could feel him linger around in of me, and I was surprised that he hadn't come out yet. Surprises were everywhere. The first one was when I had found out that the Millennium Ring had come back. I remember that when I had set foot in my house, and had thrown myself onto the couch, that it clashed against my chest. I remember how hard I had cried when I saw it, knowing that if that didn't get rid of it, nothing could.

The second was finding Pegasus' Millennium Eye in my pocket. I remember thinking to myself that he had done something. Something horribly wrong. It was kept in the drawer by my bed. I hoped it never came out of there.

The third was when I received a letter from the archeologist group Father was in. It said that there was a cave-in while he was digging and he didn't survive. They couldn't find the bodies. The fact that I had found most amusing that the cave-in was on September 22nd – the day I boarded the ship to Duelist Kingdom.

The odd thing was... I didn't feel sad. Sure, I felt a stab of guilt here and there for no particular reason, but I wasn't sad. I didn't know why. I sighed, glancing at the calendar beside my bedroom wall. It was the third day of school and in a couple hours, I would have to go.

The hours passed by and hardly any movement was made between then. I didn't notice that I had gotten up and walked to school. My thoughts were too submerged into the recent events that I didn't even notice Yugi's smiling face until he said something.

"Hey Amane!"

I looked up, happiness filling me up as I smiled back at him.

"Hi Yugi!"

We talked for a bit as we walked to the front doors of the school, where we met up with the others. No glares were exchanged during our conversation and it was a surprise. But I guess it was because we haven't seen much of each other since the Duelist Kingdom adventure. The bell soon rang, signaling that it was time for the students to come in and receive their timetable and locker.

The school hours passed by quickly, considering that we only had to be there for a couple hours. I found it to be pretty boring, but at least it was over and we were free for the rest of the day. As I was walking away from the school grounds, I heard someone calling my name. Curious, I turned around, and saw Yugi running towards me. I raised a hand and waved for a brief moment, watching him as he stopped in front of me.

"Amane... do you remember Yami?"

I nodded.

"He's been depressed lately."

I could tell; even Yugi was looking depressed.

"Why's that?" I asked.

"He's been sad ever since the almost theft of the Millennium Puzzle. Don't you remember? That happened yesterday."

Yesterday? I wasn't doing anything yesterday... I was just sitting around; like I had been doing for the last couple days. But wait – I couldn't recall what happened the day before and I paled.


Don't you dare tell him, girl.

My eyes widened, but I managed to regain my composure and as I watched Yugi stare at me, I replied.

"Yes, I do."

"So I, uh, was wondering... if... you were..." He trailed off, cheeks tinged with a light pink, which must have been a billion shades lighter than my own right now. He glanced away before finishing his sentence.

"If you were free this weekend..." He whispered that so softly, I could barely catch it. But I felt blood rushing up to my face, turning my already beet-red face even more red.

"Why?" I asked – the first thing that came to my mind – but I immediately regretted it, in fear that he would take back his offer. But he didn't; only saying that hanging out with someone else would perhaps help Yami sort out his thoughts. Then we parted, agreeing that we would meet Saturday morning – the next day.

I skipped all the way home that day, squealing as loud as I could.


The moment I had stepped into the house, I knew something was going to happen. It felt eerie, like something or someone would pop out and attack me at any moment. I hesitantly closed the door behind me, a good chuck of me wanting to get out of there right now. But instead, I took a step forward, and another one, until I was in the center of the room.

"My, my... aren't you the girl who almost let it slip...?"

I froze and stiffened, feeling his breath caress my cheek. I could feel him smirk as he drew a knife out. I shivered as the cold blade replaced his hot breath and closed my eyes in terror.

"That deserves a punishment, doesn't it?"

I bit my lip hard, drawing blood as I braced myself for the pain that was going to come.

But none came.

"I have a better idea for a punishment." Bakura said, bringing the knife away from my face. I gave a little sigh in relief, raising one hand up to wipe the copper liquid that was trickling down my chin.

But my hand never made contact with my face, because suddenly, I was shoved down onto the floor. One of his hands roughly grabbed the back of my head, making sure it stayed put on the ground.

"Sleep." He purred from above me. Shadows swirled around us, mesmerizing me as they raced through the air. I felt tired – my eyelids heavy – but I struggled against the sudden sleepiness. My eyes couldn't tear away from the swirling dark figures and before I knew what was going on, I was unconscious.


The first thing I felt was a great sense of peacefulness.

The first thing I heard was the ear piercing scream of another, shattering the peaceful aura that had come over me. I didn't know how and when, but I got up and I ran to the source of the sound.

I gasped. I recognized this place – my house's attic.

There was Bakura and father. My father was gasping for breath while the spirit smirked from above him. It was then that I noticed my father, curled up into a tiny ball, as if to make himself invisible from the world. A sinister laugh came from the shadows, and I noticed another figure, hidden by the darkness.

What are you doing to my father?!

I tried to stop Bakura from doing the inevitable, but my body couldn't move and I couldn't talk. I was in the past, witnessing what had already happened. I could only watch in horrible at the coming events.

A kick was delivered by Bakura, hitting my father in the stomach.

"Tell me where they are!" He spat at him, eyes narrowing into slits when my father shook his head. The white haired spirit whipped out a knife from his pocket, the silver blade gleaming in the little light there was. He bent down, grabbing my father by the collar of his shirt, holding the knife up to his throat.

"You don't want this to be dragged across your throat, do you?" Bakura asked, his annoyance being pushed even further when my father didn't answer. "Tell me where the damn cards are!"

My father was thrown all the way to the other side of the room, where he laid still.

"I-I don't know what you're talking about..." He whispered hoarsely.

"LIAR!" Bakura yelled, running up to him and attacking him with a combination of punches and kicks.

Stop it...

My father gasped in pain, raising his arms in front of his face instinctively to defend himself from Bakura's assault. One caught him in the face and he reeled back, blood pouring out of his nose.

"Stop it. You don't want to kill him before we get any information, do you?" The figure said, his shadow shifting position. Bakura immediately stopped and stormed back a few steps.

"Ya, I guess so." He agreed, shooting a glare at the injured man in front of him.

"We know that you know exactly what we're talking about," Bakura said, "So why don't you be a good boy and tell us where these God Cards are?"

My father shook his head again and I felt tears spring to my eyes, desperately wishing my father would just tell him instead of enduring this torture. But something was nagging in the back of my mind – What was so special about these cards?

"You better tell me where those cards are," Bakura said dangerously soft, "Or do you want your precious Amane to get accidentally... injured." A slow grin crossed his face as my father thought of his decisions. Pain crossed his eyes before he murmured something I couldn't catch. But it seem to make Bakura happy, his grin stretching even wider. He threw a glance at the figure behind him, before directing his attention to the injured man.

"You're in pain aren't you?" He asked him, receiving no response from the labored breathing man, "I supposed you'd want me to take care of that." A familiar sadistic grin flickered on his features, advancing towards my father with a knife in his hand.

Stop it!

Bakura jumped at him, plunging the knife deep within my father. A scream of pain erupted from his throat as blood spilled out of his wound rapidly. And then silence.



A scream pierced through my throat as tears escaped from the corners in my eyes, being absorbed by the material of the carpet. Bakura stood above me, a satisfied grin on his face before he disappeared, leaving me alone with these horrible images.

I slowly got up, tears staining my cheeks. It couldn't have been real... I couldn't accept that. I rushed up the stairs, opening the door to the attic and, hesitantly, went inside.

It was dark and I fumbled around for a light switch. My hand brushed against the string to the light and I pulled it. As the room exploded with the light, my eye caught something that made me scream loudly again, followed by me running out of the attic.

My father's dead body, stained with blood.


Hello. You have reached the Moto residence. Unfortunately, nobody's here to pick up the phone right now. So, please leave a message after the beep.

A pause.


Another pause.

H-hey Yugi. This is Amane. I'm sorry, b-but I can't make it tomorrow. Maybe you can ask Téa or something... I'm really sorry.



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