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Chapter 3: Kidnap!

The sounds of birds outside my window were the first thing I was aware of the next morning. As brown eyes took in the beam that crept past the curtains and the cream colored walls, I noticed sounds from outside the bedroom door.

"So she's in here?"


"I wonder if she's awake yet..."

"Probably not... it was a pretty long day for her yesterday."

"Then maybe we should get going without her then."

"Ya, ok."

I heard footsteps getting softer and softer with each passing second and I quickly heard them fade away completely, taking the sounds of excited chatter with them. I sat up, taking in my surroundings with little interest before getting up and pushing the curtains away, bathing my pale face with sunlight.

I closed my eyes, a soft smile creeping onto my face as it basked against the warmth of the sun. But when I opened my eyes, it caught sight of someone standing below the window. He looked up at me; I couldn't see his face though because he had the hood of his purple cloak up.

I sought out the control to tear my eyes away from his form, but I couldn't. I was becoming hypnotized by him. My body was becoming numb and it was getting harder to breath. I could only watch as he reached for something within his robes.


I spun around, hearing several knocks on the wooden door that I was looking at. All feeling had suddenly returned to my body and it took me several moments to collect myself before answering.


"If you're hungry, you can join us downstairs for breakfast, sweetie."

I threw a glance out the window.

He was gone.

I let go of the breath I had suddenly been holding.

"Ok." I said softly.


It was the afternoon when the others came back. I had my cards laid out on the table, making sure I hadn't lost any from the sudden change in locations. They came in talking loudly, Yugi and Joey holding a box under their arms. It became silent in a second as they noticed me sitting on the couch.

"Hey Amane!" Tristan said with a huge smile, "How are you?"

"Um... ok." I replied.

"That's good to hear!" Tristan said.

"Ya... so what did you guys do?" I asked, glancing at the boxes that Joey was opening.

"We went to the game store to get Yugi and Joey signed up for the tournament. And then we got their duel disks." Téa explained, trying to ignore all the scraps of wrapping flying in the air. I nodded, watching in slight amusement as Yugi warned Joey not to damage the piece of technology.

A few more moments passed as Joey tried to put on his new gadget, although his ideas weren't exactly correct.

"Ow! My foot!"


Luckily, Yugi had a special knack for these things and soon the blonde was simulating his future duels with the other people in the tournament.

"Um Joey, shouldn't you be more concentrated on Serenity's operation?" Yugi suddenly asked, bringing the blonde to a halt as he stared at the multi-colored hair kid.

"Oh ya! I promised her I'd be there!" Joey cried out, dashing towards the door. He tripped over a small table on his attempt to jump over it, but got up almost immediately. He swung the door open and ran out in a hurry, "See you later!"

Nobody had the time to say anything back to him, for the scene had only occurred in the span of a few minutes. I glanced upon the faces of my comrades – their expression contained one of stunned disbelief.

Soon, they snapped out of it and began doing their own little things. I had cleaned up my cards from the table and Yugi was sitting down, his cards spread on the table and he began to converse with Yami in an attempt to rebuild their deck for the upcoming tournament. Téa had disappeared upstairs and Tristan was snoring rather loudly on the couch.

There wasn't much to do, and I found myself sitting in an empty chair and thinking. I was thinking about Kaiba's tournament, and how I felt like that that person Bakura was with in his torturous flashback was somehow connected to this. My mind skimmed over the possibility that maybe my darker half was trying to tell me something about him – like a warning or something. I dismissed this thought almost immediately.

The afternoon quickly turned into night and as the sun set in the distance, Tristan and Yugi made their ways home, promising to arrange a meeting the next day to see how Serenity's operation went. As the hours passed by, shadows grew longer, consuming more space as the sun cast its last few rays of the day. It was half past ten before I decided to go to bed. I slowly got up, stretching myself to ward away the stiffness from my body and walked up the stairs.

I never noticed the dark shadow outside the window, grinning madly.


That night, I had a dream.

I didn't really understand it though. There was Bakura with another guy. They seemed to be talking, but I didn't know what about. The other guy was talking the most though, and I was drawn to his striking purple eyes and his platinum blonde hair.

They appeared to be discussing about a trade of some sort, by the way Bakura constantly shakes his head and the slightly frustrated expression on the other's face. They finally settled upon something though, because they shook hands and grinned. After that, they noticed I was there (I hadn't even realize I was visible) and the platinum blonde boy stood up, face contorted into anger as he lifted a shiny object with a Millennium Item eye on the top of it. It glowed as he approached me and I watched in horror as it morphed itself into a dagger. I willed myself to move but I couldn't, only staring as he brought the knife up above our heads and slashed down –


Startled, I sat up and stared at the source of the sound – the door. Several frantic knocks followed after that and I got out of bed and opened the wooden door. Téa stood there, looking like she had dressed in quite a hurry. Adding to that suspicion was the panic look adorned on her face.

"Yugi just called – Joey's missing!" She cried out, racing down the stairs as she called out something else, "Get dressed and meet me downstairs."

Only taking a second to glance at her retreating form, I rushed back into the room, closing the door behind me and stripped off my pajamas, pulling on pair of jeans and a white tank top. I dragged the comb through my hair, wincing as I forced it through the knots and the moment I was done, I threw the comb back on the dresser and grabbed a jacket, opening the door and bolting down the stairs. Téa was sitting on the couch, looking as though she would kill someone if she didn't get out soon. She glanced at me as I ran down the stairs as fast as I could and got up, quickly going to the door and rushing outside.

Although it looked like Téa was trying to win the gold medal for the speed walking competition, I managed to keep up with her. We stopped when we saw Yugi and Tristan.

"Have you found Joey?" Téa asked right away. The two males shook their heads.

"I've checked all of Joey's spots." Tristan said.

"This isn't like Joey to miss his sister's operation – I think something's happened to him." Yugi said. Everybody nodded in agreement.

We all decided to split up and search the town for any signs of the missing blonde. Yugi would go downtown. Tristan would be on his motorcycle and would be searching the local beach area. Téa agreed to search around the warehouse district, and I would re-check all of Joey's spots. We agreed to meet back here in a few hours, or if we found Joey, we would go to the hospital instead.

And so we departed. I settled on going to Joey's house first, but no one was there and so I quickly left, disappointment rising as each place I checked had no sign of the blond being there.

As I headed back to the meeting area, I felt someone watching me so I glanced back, and saw nothing. I quickly brushed it off as me being paranoid though, and I continued on my way.

My worry kept rising with every step I took and I began to run, shooting looks behind me as I did. My mind was blank – I didn't know where I was supposed to go and fear had stricken me like a blow to the head. I was stumbling now, and suddenly, I tripped and fell on the ground. Fresh tears sprang to my eyes and I repeatedly prayed that nobody was out to get me.

It didn't come true.

I heard footsteps coming towards me and as a new wave of panic came over me, I tried to get back up, but I was pushed back down again. A laugh escaped his lips as the man kneeled beside me and grabbed my hair, roughly pulling back to force my gaze upon him. It was the same guy from before. I opened my mouth to scream, but a gloved hand muffled the sound as his eyes narrowed.

"Don't even think of attracting attention, Miss Bakura," He hissed, "I'm not afraid to hurt you like I made my assistances do to your friend."

He lifted his hand off my face and stared at me for a while.

"What do you want with me?" I whispered.

"Oh, it's not you I want – it's the one inside you." He replied, before sweeping me off my feet to carry me to his nearby motorcycle. I thrashed about and in return, I received a slap in the face, which made me still with shock.

He tied my arms so it encircled his waist and made me sit behind him, covering me with his cloak before taking off, the purple piece of fabric billowing behind him as we went.


So what will happen to our little Amane next? Tune in next time to find out!

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