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Original Summary: (Medieval settings) Enemies from the beginning, Syaoran and Sakura are forced to live with each other for six months, for unknown reasons. For the sake of their families, they agree. Their hatred for the other grows every second, but will something else come out of their so called "friendship"? SS! RR! Flames will do!

Disclaimer: "I own Card Captor Sakura, and all of their characters. Yep. I own it ALL." If you believed that, you're an idiot. I don't own CCS or ANY of it's characters. Geesh...

Short Key:
"..." - talking
italic font – thoughts/exaggerated words

Now...on with the story!


A young, five-year-old Sakura Kinomoto ran behind the cherry blossom tree, and sat there, quietly waiting. With her shiny auburn hair flowing behind her, she stuck out her tiny head from one side of the tree, and glanced nervously around the castle grounds. When she found the coast was clear, she stepped out of the shade that the cherry blossom tree had given her, when all of a sudden, a tiny hand pushed her hard on the ground. "TAG!" the person yelled. "YOU'RE IT!"

Tiny Sakura got into a sitting position on the ground, and a big fat round tear escaped her eye. "No fair!" She shouted to also five-year-old Syaoran Li, young Prince of China. "You cheated!" The adventurous little boy stuck his nose high up in the air, and folded his arms across his not yet developed chest.

"I do not cheat, young maiden! Cheating is for those who are less capablethan myself!" He said, trying to sound as professional as his father did when he was alive. The Princess of Japan had abruptly gotten up, and was now facing him with an angry look on her face. She put both of her hands on his shoulders, and shoved him rudely onto the ground just as she was.

"Well, THERE! Now YOU'RE it!" she said triumphantly, and ran away to find a new hiding place. Syaoran got up gruffly, and soon found her once again. He pushed her onto the ground this time.

"No! YOU'RE IT!" Sakura took hold of his ankle, and pulled him onto the ground so he landed with a soft thud. He yelled in fake pain, and flicked Sakura on the forehead childishly.

"You only did that because you're mad that I'm winning!"

Sakura flicked him also. "There is no winner in tag, you oaf!"

The anger inside of Syaoran slowly began to build up. "I don't know why my mother let's me play with you! You're an unfair CHEAT!" he spat.

"And YOU'RE a stupid, great big oaf!" Sakura shot back. Syaoran glared at her. Soon, they were on top of each other, throwing weak punches and kicks to each other's legs and arms.


"So, Fujitaka, it's settled then?" Yelan said, as she took a sip of her green tea.

"Yes it is, Yelan. Twelve years from now, our children will be - " Fujitaka began, but was interrupted by the sound of their children. Fujitaka screwed up his face, and put his tea down. "What on earth is that noise?"

Both him and Yelan stood up from their seats and ran to the gardens, where they found Sakura and Syaoran fighting. Fujitaka pried Sakura off of Syaoran, and Yelan also with her son. Sakura's pink gown was ripped and covered in twigs and grass. Syaoran's clothing was in the same condition.

"Children!" Yelan shouted. "What is going on here?"

"HE/SHE STARTED IT!" Syaoran and Sakura started at the same time, both pointing an accusing finger at one another. Sakura gathered in her arms what was left of her pink gown, and looked up at her father.

"Father!" She shouted. "Do you see what he has done to my gown?"

Syaoran looked at his mother, and yelled also. "Mother! She cheated!" Sakura's mouth fell open.

"I was NOT!"

"You were too! You cheated because I was winning and since you're a girl, you ALWAYS lose!"

"Father! Did you hear what that boy said! There's no winner in tag! I already told you that, you buffoon!"

Fujitaka and Yelan rubbed their foreheads in frustration. They had just enough of all their bickering and shouting, when Fujitaka pulled his daughter away.

"Sakura," he began softly. "You cannot act that way in front of guests. You will have to be nice to them when you grow older!"

Sakura grunted, and folded her arms across her chest. "Must I, Father! He's so rude! And on the other hand father, it's not as if I'm to marry that boy!"

Fujitaka gave her a weak smile, and cupped her face. "My dear, you must apologize," Sakura opened her mouth in protest, but before she could get a word out, she heard her father's firm voice. "Now," he added. Sakura planted on an angry face, and stomped towards Syaoran and his mother, her father trailing close behind her.

"It was nice to have you here today," Fujitaka said, nodding his head both to Syaoran and Yelan. "We will see each other soon!"

When Sakura said nothing, her father gave her a tiny nudge. She looked up pleadingly at her father with her emerald green orbs. Fujitaka gave her a stern look, and through gritted teeth, she said, "I'm sorry for fighting with you. I will miss you greatly, oh, Prince of China."

Yelan smiled pleasantly at Sakura, and also nudged her son. Syaoran gave his mother the same pleading look that Sakura had given to her only parent, but just like Fujitaka, he was given no excuse not to apologize. But unlike Sakura, Syaoran refused to apologize. His mother gave him a look. "Mother!" he wailed. Yelan once again nudged him in the back. "Xiao-Lang," she said. "Apologize now!"

Through bared teeth, Syaoran replied, "I apologize, also. I will hopefully see you soon, Princess of Japan."

Sakura payed no attention to his apology. She whipped around, and began to walk back to the castle. Fujitaka held her back. "Darling, did you forget to do something?" Sakura gave him a confused look, but suddenly remembered. She rolled her eyes, like she had nothing better to do, and curtsied towards Syaoran and his mother. Yelan smiled, and curtsied also. It seemed like it took Syaoran every muscle in his body just to do a simple bow to the girl he despised.

With one last glare at each other, they turned on their heels, and walked their separate ways.


Twelve years later…


Sakura Kinomoto walked briskly down the castle halls. She had grown into a fine, young beautiful seventeen-year-old girl. With her auburn hair, falling down to her neck, she looked just as radiant as her mother did. Her emerald green eyes had more shine to them now, and there was not one single man in the castle that didn't wish he had someone like Sakura to come home to every night.

With a smile on Sakura's face, she entered her father's study, and found him fast asleep with his head on his arms. Sakura smiled even more, and kissed her father on the forehead. "Father," she said, shaking him a little. "Father, it's time to wake up! Queen Li is coming to our castle again with her horrid monster of a son!"

Fujitaka looked up from his desk, and saw the face of his daughter. "Oh, Sakura. Don't talk about them like that,"

Sakura rolled her eyes. "Father, I do not mean to insult Queen Li, but her son!"

Her father laughed at his daughter's childish attitude. He didn't understand why Syaoran and Sakura hated each other so much. He got Sakura into a tight hug. "Thank you for waking me, daughter. I have a lot of things to do, today!" he said, getting up from his seat and walking towards the door.

"Father! Wait!"

"What is it my dear?"

"Must I spend my day with Syaoran Li keeping him company? Surely, he can find something better to do then hang around me all day!"

"Darling, the two of you should begin to bond! It is important to Queen Li and I thought you two form a friendship…it's been twelve years, my dear. You two have spent every waking moment together. Couldn't you at least try?" Fujitaka asked. This of course, was only part of the reason why they wanted each other to bond so badly.

Sakura rolled her eyes once more. "I'd rather not, Father." She muttered under her breath.

Sakura walked out of the study, and began to talk to herself in the hall. Fujitaka could hear her loud bickering. "Me! Becoming friends with that buffoon of a Prince. Hmph! I think not!"

Fujitaka laughed. He too left the study, and went into the living room, waiting for Yelan and Syaoran's arrival.



Seventeen-year-old Syaoran stepped out of the horse drawn carriage, with a stern look on his face. There he was once again, staring at the white marble castle of the Kinomoto's. He looked around, his messy brown hair flowing in every which way. He heard a sudden giggle come from the castle. He turned, and saw a maid, obviously trying to flirt with him.

Syaoran winked at her, and looked around once more. He saw the gardens in which he and Sakura had last fought. No, I'm not referring to the time when they were five-year-olds. Syaoran and Yelan visited regularly, hoping that Sakura and her son would build some sort of bond. The last argument that Syaoran and Sakura had was not but a week ago. No fists or legs were included - they were much too mature to have those kinds of fights anymore. That argument was only verbal. With lots of cussing.

Yelan and himself walked into the castle and saw Sakura. With one look at him, Sakura scowled, and walked towards them, her beautiful purple gown flowing behind her. "Hello, Queen Li. It is a pleasure to have you here today," Sakura greeted. She gave a look of disgust to Syaoran, and added, "Hello, Prince."

Syaoran returned her look of disgust, and also replied, "Good day, Princess."

Sakura whipped around, and led the way to their living room. "My father is waiting for you, Queen Li. Prince, you may do as you wish around the castle. Just do your best to not break anything,"

"Very funny, Princess. The only time I'd break anything is to annoy yo - " but his insult was interrupted.

"Now, Xiao-Lang. Be nice. I will be with King Kinomoto." Yelan said. Syaoran nodded, and soon enough he was left alone with Sakura.

Sakura studied him. For a disgusting maggot, Sakura found him quite handsome. His chocolate brown hair was extremely messy, but that somehow made all the girls in the kingdom want him even more than they already did. His undeveloped chest he once had when he was five was no longer undeveloped. He was very built and masculine, and his intense amber eyes only made him a lot more wanted by all the girls.

Syaoran scowled. "What are you looking at?"

Sakura snapped out of her trance, and shook her head. "Nothing,"

"Right..." Syaoran replied, with a smirk on his face that could easily be read as "time to annoy the Princess!"

Sakura sighed. "Listen hear you buffoon, I have better things to do then spend my entire day with the likes of you, so if you don't mind, stay out of my way,"

Syaoran chuckled. "Oh please. You're using insults you've used when we were five!"

"That's because they still seem fit!" Came Sakura's reply, and without another word, she turned on her heel and walked away.

Men. She thought.

Syaoran shook his head. Women..


"Oh, Fujitaka. How will we make this arrangement work? Our children hate each other so much! I don't see how this will ever work out! We're supposed to tell them today!" Yelan cried, her head buried in hands.

"That's right," Fujitaka replied. "But they will not get married just yet, although Nadeshiko's dying wish was that our only daughter marry the Prince of China…"

Both Fujitaka and Yelan reminisced about Nadeshiko, Fujitaka's deceased wife and Yelan's great friend. Just before she'd died, she told her husband of what she always wanted to become of her daughter…she wanted her to become Queen of China. Neither Fujitaka nor Yelan could refuse this. They'd do anything for Nadeshiko.

Yelan snapped back to reality first. "It will not matter when they get married! They despise each other! They will never accept this arrangement!"

"They will. Soon enough, they will. But instead of pronouncing their arranged marriage to them, we will tell them to…" Fujitaka said, searching for the words in his mouth.

"We will what?"

"We will tell them that they will have to live with each other for six months!" He said, declaring the first thing that came to his mind. It seemed like something an annoyed parent would do with two siblings – force them to sit in a corner togetherand work out their problems until they sorted everything out.

Yelan's jaw fell down to the ground. "That's preposterous! They can barely stay in the same room together! How will they live with each other?"

"Yelan, that is the thing! They will bond for those six months, and become closer than they ever have before. You just wait, they will fall madly in love with each other soon enough.

"But, Fujitaka. They've hated one another for twelve years! What makes you think that six months will make any difference at all?"

"It doesn't…but…we can only hope for the best, Yelan,"

"That's right…only the best." She agreed with a sigh.





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