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Looking Through Your Eyes

By Angelwings Sorrow

Chapter 30 "I wouldn't have it any other way."

Boy, his head hurt. He felt like he drunk a river of fire-whiskey then Ran with Moony under the full moon. He didn't want to open his eyes because he knew that the light would kill his eyeballs. He could hear voices around his and he could smell the tears. He wasn't dead well not again anyway. He couldn't leave again not when Harry needed him. Rage had filled him when he first saw the memories of his son's life, but then he felt sadden at the struggles Harry was forced to endure. Lilly had been right about her sister and that monster she married. Severus and Sirius would have taken better care of Harry they were right to name them as Harry's guardians. Dumbledore was supposed to see that Harry was taken care of.

That blood wards was a load of shit. They had researched all wards before they went into hiding. Blood wards only work when the all family have magic running through there blood. They had special blood ward at Godric hollow that allowed only the Marauders and Severus to enter not just the Fidelius charm. The Lilly insisted they set the same charms at Snape's manor. She not only wanted Harry to be safe should something happen to them but she also loved her adopted brother, and worried over him knowing he was in danger as active spy.

He remembered that night they were betrayed the Death eaters apparated on to the lawn there was no floo contention and an owl would never each in the Order in time. There was only one option left their Wedding portrait. He had commissioned it when he had asked the fiery red head marry him. He wanted to capture the moment and he used picture they had taken at graduation the second after he purpose to her. Hey he couldn't let the love of his life get away.

Once he saw the death eaters approaching the house he had yelled to Lilly to get Harry and run. He ordered his portrait self to Hogwarts to warn The headmaster but as soon as he relayed the Message the Portrait of James Potter was put in a deep sleep and taken off the wall where it was hidden deep in one of the vaults of Gringgotts never to be heard from again until his painting awoke with a wave of power. Once he was free his first thought was of his family and that he had to return to them. He was surprise to see his and Lilly's wands in the piles of stuff around him. Grabbing his wand and pocketing Lily's, James then began to throw every curse he knew in order to gain his freedom. That's when Lantis found him and was guided him to Hogwarts when they were attack by Death Eaters. At Least his reflexes were only slightly dulled from almost 18 years of sleep but there were too many of them and he went down. Lantis managed to get them out of there and back to the castle where he was now listening to everyone around him.

He was not ready to open his eyes and face them but that damn Snape knew he was faking sleep. As he felt himself being lifted to a sitting position. He could hear the distain in his voice as he said "Welcome back Potter." and pour the most vial tasting potion ever down his throat.

"Damn it Snape can you make these things taste any more foul?!" James choked out as soon as he was able to breathe again. "It tastes like you threw Hagrid's socks in for flavor." The former Gryffindor scowled as he drank the juice handed to him to remove the bad taste from his mouth.

"Welcome to the world of the Living Potter. I have no control of the taste of these potions. It's just an added bonus that it makes you gag." smirked the potions master.

"Severus! Don't goad him, he's been through enough."

"Remus you shouldn't be out of bed." Severus was by his mate's side in an instant.

"I know Sev, but I had to see for myself if it really was him."

"James are you alright?" Lilly was trying hard to keep the tremor from her voice as she helped her husband to sit up. Oh how she wanted to take him in her arms and hold him tight, but she couldn't James was much too injured for physical contact. The former Gryffindor took matters into his own hands and wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close.

"I won't break love." James gave her his most dashing smile before hugging her crying form. Harry watched them in wonder. He had never his parents together before. His whole life he had only photos and second hand stories for his family; a dream that he had two loving parents who love him, the dream that never seemed quite real until now. Seeing them here and now it was all too surreal for him, he didn't know what to do. When in doubt and when all his Bravery has left him he opted to runaway. Slowly he got up from his seat rubbing his huge belly to soothe his restless children, and then he headed for the door as quickly as his pregnant body would let him with Draco following right behind him. No words were spoken but Draco could feel his mate was unsure and scared.

"Harry." The young Gryffindor stopped with his hand on the door knob at the sound of his father's gentle call. He could feel his mate's reassuring hand on his shoulder as he turned to face his father. "Don't go son. We're still a family even if you are grown with a bonded family of your own."

Harry couldn't stop the tears from falling. Seeing Harry's hesitation and fright James smiled softly and with Lily's help he stood up and began to walk toward his child. Draco took Harry's hand and led him to his father. They all met in the center of the room and none of them said a thing as their tears spoke for them. They all had waited for this moment for a very long time. James placed a hand on Harry's shoulder and smiled.

"I am so proud of you Harry never doubt that and never forget it." Harry couldn't hold back any more he fell in the waiting arms of his parents and broke down crying sobbing tears of joy his family was whole once again. Draco smiled sadly as he followed the others out of the room to give the reunited family time together. Severus ushered Remus back to bed and the founders Port-keyed to Helga's cottage that was hidden in the forbidden forest, leaving the two Veelas to wait in the potions lab.

"I am very proud of you as well Dragon. You have become a very strong man who will be a strong and caring father and Husband."

"Thank you Mother." Draco Blushed as his mother hugged him. It had bee years since she held him or hugged him and he promised to hold his Children every day and tell them that he loved them. Think about them brought forth the question of his own father and his master. The Dark lord had been quite of late but the night of the releasing he attacked Harry's mind. What was he up to? "Mother I know that you carrying the mark because of Lucius, please tell me has he summoned you?"

"Not since Lucius was incarcerated. Female Death Eaters are of little use to him unless they are carrying the next line of Death Eaters. My mark was connected to Lucius as away to keep me close at hand. The Dark lord has only one interest in the Malfoys and that is our money. When Lucius was arrested I took you and the fortune and I fled fearing that monster would come for you to take your father's place."

"He won't come after us mother; he knows what we are."

"But how?"

"Lucius. He had Severus brew a potion to identify the different magical signatures he was going to kill us when I returned for the summer and watch us die by a slowly painful poison in our drinks."

"That Bastard! I knew he was insane but I never thought he was such a monster."

"He is worst than that he was the father of Harry's children till we had bonded now they are mine and I will protect them from him. It's the Dark Lord I worry about he is connected to Harry through that cursed scar. He attacks his mind and all I can do is see what he sees and try to ease the pain. The Dark lord now fears the twins he wants us all dead unless he can take them from us first and raise them in his own dark image to kill us. The headmaster is no different but he wants the twins only to drain them of their youth and power to be the hero he once was."

"They are both insane." Narcissa gasped. "How do the guardians fit in to all of this? Draco sighed and explained the battle of demons that took place while they had been switched and how the guardians brought back the Potters and the founders and the prophecies that Harry was destined to fulfill. "Your mate leads an eventful life."

"Never a dull moment around here but I wouldn't have it any other way." Draco smiled thinking of his Harry.

"But it was foolish to speak out of turn to a Guardian like that."

"I know but Harry really misses our cousin. He feels responsible for what happened to him, but the good news is that he is not dead and there is a chance that we can bring Sirius back from the veil."

"It will be good to see Sirius again he always could make me laugh." Narcissa sighed with a sad smile. "Draco I have something for you." She then pulled a pendent from the pocket of her robes. "This is the Malfoy Family Crest. The heir receives it on the day they become of age and replace the head of the family even if the current lord is still living. You are now the Lord of Malfoy Manor, where ever you choose to settle your family, you are its reining lord and master."

"Thank you Mother." Draco was at a lost as his mother place the pendent around his neck. There was once a time he dreamed of making his father proud and he would receive the pendent with his father's full blessings. But those dreams have longed passed and now he dreamed of a world where his family would be safe from the monster that he once called Father.


Classes resumed and Harry waddled down the halls were full armed guard. As it was no longer possible to hide his pregnancy the school took it well but the public didn't as he was an unwed father it was a moral outrage. There was also a panic of who would save them from you-know-who? It was James who urged the young couple to make a press release that they were courting and they had been for some time, and Draco was the father and that they would have a wedding at the end of school. Harry agreed as they weren't lying and weren't giving the whole truth either. Draco only agreed to get the marriage proposals to stop coming in by the owls. He was extremely jealous that complete strangers wanted to marry his mate.

After the Cho incident Harry was now fully guarded by the DA members. Only two more months but it felt like a life time. He was tired and his back hurt but he still had classes to tend to he refuse to take special treatment for his condition. Draco was there by his side at every moment he could making sure he eat and rested and he carried his books as not to stress him. They also spent as much time in the newly remolded potions lab which now had a secret door that led to his parent's room. It seemed that Hogwarts was turning on the headmaster as well, because the room didn't show up on the marauder's map nor did the people who lived there. Rowena Ravenclaw told them that she and the other founder would retrieve her head band from the Elvin Realm where she had left it in the safe keeping of the king.

Things were coming together quickly and it made Harry nervous but he was just happy to have his family back. He waddled to potions and took his place by Draco and waited for their godfather to appear. It seems that Pregnancy makes werewolves very frisky because Harry had to hold in the giggle at seeing Snape rush in flushed with huge hicky on the side of his neck.

"The instructions are on the board get started Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Potter you are to stay after class. Now get to work." The class jumped to work afraid to upset the already frazzled potion master. At the end of class Harry and Draco stayed behind and once every one was gone Lantis walked in.

"Mr. Malfoy Mr. Potter. The eye is calling. The dark one who holds it is summoning my elders there will be an attack on the school during the new moon, in ten days time."

"What are our options?" Harry asked as his mind switched to battle mode.

"Few. The best would be to retrieve the eye before the attack but that is impossible. Since there are so few of us I suspect there will only be four at most. Fire, Pure light and decapitation are the only ways to kill us so it is time to start your training in the combat of demons your last fight was on Mr. Malfoy's instincts now you must train your own."

"But he's pregnant! He can't fight in his condition!"

"Dray we talked about this it's my fate to fight."

"Well you are not fighting alone! I refuse to stand by yet again and watch as you could get killed!" The Veelan's eyes glowed gold in anger.

"I would expect nothing less from you Mr. Malfoy. As for Mr. Potter's training he should to quite well. Never under estimate the protective instincts of a mother. They can have more power then the gods themselves." The Silver vampire looked pointedly at Harry's lighting bolt scar.

Harry rubbed his scar and understood what Lantis meant. "When do we start?"