Lorelai sat contently at the diner's counter bugging Luke, of course! She sipped her coffee slowly taking in every last goodness. She looked up and noticed him smiling at her. Lorelai winked at him and grinned back. Her mind began to race, her breathing became heavy, and all of her guilt began to surface. She hadn't told Luke that she had seen Max yesterday, and the fact that he had kissed her. 'It wasn't a big deal, right? She didn't feel anything, she didn't kiss him back, and most of all she didn't want him. She wanted Luke.' Seconds later, her lips began to move and words poured out. At that very moment all she wanted to do was shove the words back in her mouth.

" Luke, I ran into Max yesterday while I was in Hartford. He was there …I was there and we were both there.. Together. We started talking about Rory and her life at Yale. He asked me how I was doing and stuff about my work, ya know just chitchat. Even though I hate chitchat I was just doing it to be nice. Because I can't be rude to someone who I almost married. Even though I didn't marry him. Anyway I'm getting off track. HE kissed me," she blurted out. Her hand slowly moved toward her quivering lips as she saw Luke's reaction. His eyes widened, and his smiled faded rapidly.

" You.. You ugh.. WHAT?" he stuttered out.

" We ran into each other. I was shocked. We were only talking for a few minutes and then he.. He kissed me. But it didn't mean anything. I didn't kiss him back. I pulled away as fast as I could and told him about you and then ran out," she protested.

His visage became cherry and she could see the anger beginning to surface. He turned to walk upstairs but quickly twisted back around to face her.

"Evidently, you didn't pull away fast enough," He said harshly. He continued on his path up the stairs.

Lorelai could feel the tears beginning to swell in the corner of her eyes. She released a heavy sigh and headed up to algid stairs. Both of their words replayed in lorelai's head as she continued to his apartment. When the door was in front of her, she took a deep breath and twisted the knob. She found Luke sitting on the couch with his elbows on his knees and his hands covering his face.

"Luke, I'm sorry. You know you mean everything to me. I didn't mean to hurt you." Her words were filled with sorrow.

Luke yelled, "Lorelai! That's just it even if you didn't mean it you still did it. I trusted you. I trusted you with everything! When you casually didn't tell me about Christopher and his frequent visit. Or when you helped him out. And what hurts me the most is I trusted you with my heart. When I said I was 'all in' I meant it!" He paced back and forth in front of lorelai's shocked body sitting on the couch.

"Luke.." she said dragging out his name.

"Don't lorelai. I don't wanna hear this shit anymore. I'm done." He mumbled even before she could finish her sentence. He began questioning himself jokingly. "How could I be so foolish to think that you wouldn't do something like this, and that you meant you were all in too? For god sake lorelai I know I'm not a man of many words but I opened up to you, ONLY YOU. I told you I've waited eight year, I took you to sniffy's tavern, I said I was all in, and I told you about my dad. I have never told anyone about my dad. Not even the woman I was married to!" he stormed down the flight of stairs and out the diner door scowling everyone who crossed his path. Lorelai quickly followed him not wanting to leave things the way they were. He stepped into the middle of the street as she exited the door.

She shouted, "Luke.. WAIT!" He stopped dead in his tracks but didn't turn to face her. Lorelai proceeded to get closer to him.

Her voice trembled as she spoke these words, "Luke, I lo.." she couldn't finish her sentence because Luke wasn't there. Lorelai's mind raced. 'Where is he? I just saw him where could he have gone?' In that shocked state she didn't comprehend. Still standing in the middle of the street she then realized, 'I let him slip away. I let the man I love slip away!'

The top half of lorelai's body quickly sprung from under the thin sheets. She was sweating and her heart pounded fiercely in her chest. Her thoughts wandered aimlessly inside her head. ' It was just a dream. Nothing happened between us, nothing happened to Luke, MY LUKE!' she tried to push the dream out of her mind but she couldn't. Lorelai picked up the phone and dialed Luke's number. It just kept ringing. She threw the phone on her bed and ran down the steps grapping a coat on her way out. It was late march and still a little chilly out. Her sock covered feet pounded the ground every so often as she headed for Luke's. When lorelai reached her destination she search her pockets franticly looking for her keys to the diner.

He had given her a set of keys to the diner and his apartment awhile back; he said only to use them for emergencies. She never listened. Lorelai then gave him a set to her house even though she didn't know what half the keys on the ring were used for.

She uttered, "HA" when she finally found the keys. She unlocked the door and proceeded running up to his apartment. She left the keys in the door down stairs so she pounded on the glass to wake Luke.

Luke awoke abruptly to a loud thumping noise. He looked over at the clock it read 2:57 a.m. He jumped out of bed affair something had happened. When he opened the door he was surprised to find lorelai's disheveled self. As soon as the door opened she jumped into his arms burying her face into his neck, which caused Luke to stumble a little. Tears poured from her eyes as Luke tired to calm her down and find out what happened. After a few minutes of standing in the entranceway letting lorelai cry on his shoulder he closed the door and walked her over to the couch. She wiped her eyes sniffling a few times. Luke tried reading her face but he could make out what was wrong, so he asked.

"Lorelai, what happened? Is everything all right? Is Rory okay?" he asked.

"Um, everything's fine. Rory is okay, and everything is fine. Its just..," she tried getting it out but was overwhelmed with tears. She calmed her self down and proceeded to tell Luke about the dream. She remembered everything so clearly, which shocked Luke a little bite.

When she was finished Luke said, "lorelai, it fine I'm here. And u didn't kiss anyone that I should know about right?"

She chuckled a little. Lorelai looked deep into his eyes and replied, "no Luke. The only person I ever wanna kiss is you."

He smiled and pressed his lips lightly against hers. He led her over to his bed, took off her coat and slipped her under the cover. He then hopped in on the other side and cuddled closely to lorelai's body.