Sephiroth Returns

Dottie: I couldn't wait to make my own Final fantasy 7 Christmas story so here it is, just for warning like always my stories have sexual content and scenes, I'm not a pervert of anything I just like making stories like these, and with plenty of romance.

I can't believe that weakling has beaten me, he will pay for this I swear he will pay. I will come back to kill you and your friends if I have to… Cloud beware….

Sephiroth escaped the crater barely alive, he was bloody, and had scars everywhere on his body. He walked limp with the Masamune in his right hand as it snowed violently. Meteor was stopped forever, and the world was safe once again. "I am strong I will not let myself die, I am the great Sephiroth I cannot be beaten" he kept telling himself that as he continued to walk in the cold snow to he just fell unconsciously in the snow.

Tifa got done putting up her Christmas tree and lights, it was 2 days til Christmas and she couldn't wait. I was warn as ever in her house she had a nice fire place that would last a long while as long as she kept the firewood going, but when she look where she kept the wood at she figured out she was going to have to get some more. "I'll just go and cut down some more then oh well " she said grabbing her big winter coat, hat and gloves then grabbing her medium sized ax while going out of her door. "Oops almost forgot my sled," she said running back in her house and getting it.

A mile away from her house was lots of trees with good wood. "I'll guess these will have to do" she said as she lifted he ax and started cutting down the first tree she saw. As she cutted she heard a moan close by. She stop cutting and went to find where the noise came from. As she walked she saw somebody lying in the snow, looking like they were hurt by something big. She walked to the figure a kneeled down next to him. "It's a guy and he looks like he's been damaged badly" she said trying to pick him and his sword up and carry him to her sled. "Man he's very heavy" she said sliding him on her sled. "Wh..who are you and where are you taking me.." the figured asked. "I'm taking you to my house now lay back down" she ordered him.

5 minutes later they arrived to her house, she sat her sled by the door and grabbed the man and layed him on her back bringing him upstairs to her bedroom. She layed him an the bed, when she looked at his face she realized she had brought Sephiroth in her house. "OH MY GOD SEPHIROTH??!! She said backing away.

He opened his eyes to look at her "TIFA!?? He said bringing his head up to see her. What are you doing wandering in the snow around my house, I thought you were dead!!! "For your information I'm not, remember I am Sephiroth I cannot be killed," he said. Tifa rolled her eyes. "When I get better I will"…he was cut off falling unconsciously back down on the bed. Tifa thought for a long while, should she tend to his wound or just let him die. She didn't know what to think at the time, Christmas was in two days and unlike him she had a heart for those in need so she decided to tend his wounds.

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