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Evil Kasumi Returns

Ranma sighed as he walked home one Friday afternoon in the general direction of the Tendo home. "Man this weekend is going to be so boring," he said softly as he opened the creaking gate and walked towards the front door. Holding up his hand, he counted off the members of his makeshift family. "Well, since they won those tickets from out of the blue to that south pacific island, Happosai took pops and Mr. Tendo… aw man I feel sorry for the girls on that island." He smiled, shook his head and then sighed again. "Ok, those three will be gone for a week. And then there's Nabiki, she's gonna be at that student business seminar on the other side of Tokyo, so she'll be gone till Sunday."

His thoughts were interrupted as he saw Akane rushing out the door. "By Ranma, see you later!" She said as she waved goodbye.

Blinking he watched shocked, as she ran out the gate. "I thought… she wasn't leaving till tonight." Shaking his head Ranma thought to himself, 'and there goes Akane, she's gonna be at Sayuri's sleepover tonight, so that just leaves Kasumi and me here...'

It wasn't that that he disliked Kasumi, quite the contrary. Of the Tendo daughters, she was the one that treated him with kindness and concern, but most especially, she never tried to hit him, or take his money. She was just so cheerful and smiling all the time he thought that nothing could get her down. "At least it's gonna be a quiet weekend, but what am I gonna do?" he mumbled to himself as he opened the door. He had scarcely taken three steps when he noticed a box on the floor.

"Huh, what's this," he asked as he picked up the box. It was a simple wood box that appeared to be warped slightly by water and several strips of kanji filled paper covered it. One piece of paper looked a lot like a mailing label… from America. "Do we even know someone from there?" While thinking of this, something was nagging at him and for some reason the box looked somewhat familiar, but he couldn't remember from where. "Maybe Kasumi knows someone there," he said and walked further into the house.

Having been so caught up in his thoughts he did not pay attention to the sudden danger that he sensed; however, as soon as Kasumi opened the door to the kitchen and stepped out, everything he had felt, fell into place.

"Hello Ranma," she said as nice as ever, but he was not looking at her angelic face or her warm smile. No, he was instead looking at a pair of small horns on top of her head. "You look very tired, would you like me to give you a massage?"

As she said that, she pulled her hands out from behind her back, which prompted Ranma to gulp loudly. "Oh no…" he said softly as he saw the long blades that extended from her fingers. 'That box… it's the one we put that ogredemon in… and those horns… the…the fingers…' Slowly his mind registered the fact that the evil ogre had returned, and that Kasumi was possessed once again. 'Why me?' he asked himself. 'The Kami must really want me to never to have a calm and quiet moment in my life.'

Ranma looked around for a place to run away to, but he knew that he was the only one here besides her… and if he left then no one would be here to help her, or stop her for that matter. "Um… Kasumi…" he said slowly and laughed nervously. "I… um…"

"It's no problem Ranma." She told him and was quickly standing behind him and started massaging his shoulders.

He tensed up and waited for the pain to hit. Her hands had reminded him of that Gaijin Flick he'd seen a few weeks ago with his friends. It was called 'Edward Scissorhands' However, he was surprised to find that the pricks form the blades were actually very light and it felt more like she was giving him a good back scratch and not trying to seriously hurt him. This of course confused the young martial artist even more until he remembered that her father only complained about it being uncomfortable and scratching, and Ranma knew that he was far stronger than Soün, so of course he wouldn't be as affected by it. "Feels… good," he told the possessed girl to which she only smiled and nodded quietly.

When she stopped, he rotated his head and arms a little and let out a sigh, "Man that felt good." He gave a genuine smile at her.

"I'm glad you liked it Ranma-kun, I will be right back and dinner will be ready." She then got up gracefully as a goddess would, though the image was lessened with the horns on her head and spikes on her still delicate hands. Thus, she left him to his thoughts which at the moment, wasn't much.

"I wonder if I should call someone?" He thought for a minute then snapped his fingers, "Cologne, she'll know what to do." He went to the phone and quickly picked up the receiver and tried to place a call. However, all that greeted him was dead air. "Huh, that's strange..." He hung up the phone and then picked it up again to make the call again. This time he noticed that the phone was dead. No dial tone, no background noise, no nothing. "Ah man... this sucks. I can't leave her like this, and I can't take her out like this either." He knew then, that he was stuck.

Even though some time had passed since the earlier possession, he could still remember how they had to quarantine the home to keep the ogre contained. This time, it looked as though he was going to be on his own, as he had no way to go get someone or call someone to come help.

As he contemplated what to do, Kasumi brought out dinner and set it out on the table. "Ranma, dinner is ready."

"Yes!" he shouted and sat down at the table happily and completely forgetting Kasumi's predicament. However, after taking one large bite of the dinner he felt like he was breathing fire.

Seeing his discomfort Kasumi asked him, "Are you alright Ranma-kun?"

"Um... yea Kasumi. Its fine," he choked and after drinking three straight glasses of water, he tried to eat more. This time, Ranma ate slower and noticed that if he did that, then the food wouldn't be too spicy. Smiling, he ate almost everything she had cooked. The only reason he didn't eat everything was that he found out eating slower also filled him up faster. Not only was he filled, but having been forced to slow down in his eating, he was able to enjoy the dinner a lot more than normal. "That was great!" He told the possessed girl and then noticed her horns again. 'Damn, I need to do something to get rid of that thing,' he thought and wondered what he should do while Kasumi cleared off the table and washed the dishes.

Without really knowing what to do, he left the room and made his way to the dojo. "Maybe a few Katas will help me think…" at least he hoped it would. Regardless, Ranma started with a basic kata and then moved to his more advanced ones. As he worked his way though the exercises he kept coming down to one final solution, he'd have to hit Kasumi to get the oni out, but he couldn't see himself hitting Kasumi… 'It's just not right.'

"Ranma." A feminine voice spoke said and broke him out of his thoughts. He turned to see Kasumi standing there with a tray and two cups. And despite his unspoken wish, she still had those two small horns sticking out of the top of her hair. "I've brought you some tea," she told him and with a reserved sigh, he moved over towards her.

Sitting down across from her, he watched as she poured the tea and giving it a dubious look, he sniffed at it. With another sigh, he realized that it was going to be as spicy as dinner was. Taking long slow sips though allowed him to mostly enjoy it. There was a different taste to the tea, but he couldn't quite identify it, but it wasn't bad. When he had finished several cups of tea, he was feeling better and much more relaxed. 'At least she's not trying to poison me,' he thought.

However as much as he thought she was not going to poison him, he soon realized that something else was wrong. His arms and legs were not moving as normally as they should. Though he was not paralyzed, his movements were sluggish and his balance was off. "Wha?" he asked and looked to Kasumi. Her angelic smile still offset by those horns.

"You look tired Ranma-kun. Let me help you to bed." Without a good way to stand or walk, he had to let her do just that. So they both made their way out from the dojo, swaying through the living room and took a longer time than normal to get up the stairs. Soon he was on a bed, and fast asleep.

As he slept much more deeply than normal, he had a very good and sexy dream; a dream of a woman, as there was not way the well-proportioned female could be that of a young girl. In the dream she came to him, professing her love to him, and Ranma found that he was drawn to her… drawn in a way that he had never felt anytime before, or for any woman as well. And so as she kissed him, he returned the kiss. Slowly his arms wrapped around her and pulled her to him, holding her tight. He even imagined the scent and sweat of her arousing body.

And so with that very good, and very vivid dream running though his mind, Ranma slept better than he ever had in his life. Though when he later woke up a few things surprised him. Slowly as he returned to the land of the living, and the first thing he realized was he was very comfortably sleeping on this soft bed. 'Bed!' Ahoh! That word bounced off the innards of his dazed skull a few times, as he concluded that he was not on a futon, but on a bed. 'Oh man, this isn't a good way to start a day.' His eyes opened slowly and when he saw the ceiling over him, he could not help but think that this was the wrong patch of ceiling. 'There's none of the cracks and missing plaster that I'm used to, course that's from all the fights that start in my room. This is smooth and has no cracks or damage.'

'I know what the ceiling over my bed looks like... and this ain't it,' he concluded. 'So where am I?' As he contemplated this, his hand began to stroke something that was soft, and warm… and slightly moist like sweat lying mostly on top of him. It was then that he suddenly started having a war inside his mind telling him that he was not where he was supposed to be and that something or someone was in the bed with him. Not believing what his hands were telling him, Ranma tilted his head up and looked. His eyes opened wider than they should have been able to as he saw a body, a female body lying partially on top of him. The body had long brown hair that was mostly in a messy ponytail. Not only was the body using him as a pillow, but also one slender arm of the body was draped over him in a gentle and warm embrace.

'Not good… not good at all…' he thought and slowly his mind, hands and eyes came to the conclusion that it was Kasumi that was lying on him. 'Really not good,' he thought again. His heart began hammering in his chest in fear with each new discovery. But the one that threatened to send him into an early heart attack was the fact that… he could feel every inch of her body pressed against him. 'That means…' he thought and was very near panicking. 'We're both… naked…' (Eep!) He mentally screamed!

It was at this point that Kasumi woke up. Those beautiful brown eyes seemed to exude caring and warmth as she looked at his perplexed expression. "Oh, good morning Ranma-kun." She said sweetly, smiled and placed a warm and loving kiss on his quivering lips causing his heart to race… but for an entirely different reason. Slowly Kasumi sat up, and stretched. In doing this, it showed clearly that his mind was right; she was gloriously naked. And in moving to sit up and stretch, she went from kneeling over his body to straddling his damp hips. With her stretching like that, it made several parts of him react without his bidding. This in turn caused her to smile and giggle slightly, her hands clasping together bringing her assets together as well. She winked at him, "Not right now Ranma-Kun, I have to get changed and get breakfast started." She was still smiling as she carefully moved off him, and the bed. Thought he was now exposed to her his eyes were glued to this full view of the goddess before him.

Walking around the room, she gathered a change of clothes for herself bending over and making him redder than any ripe tomato in season. She finally turned, smiled, blew a kiss at him and headed out the door to the bathroom. Ranma slowly sat up and looked at his body and at the room. "I'm in Kasumi's room… we're both naked… and… and… and I think that dream… wasn't really a dream… but if that's true then… then…" His mind was slowly seizing up as he realized that both, he and Kasumi had not just slept together, they -slept- together!

"Oh man, Akane's gonna kill me literally… and pops… and Soün… and Nabiki too… not to mention Shampoo, Ukyo and Kodachi… and… course Mom's gonna dance at me being manly but…" he stopped his tirade as he saw something on the floor. "What's that?" Moving to the floor Ranma bent down and picked up a small yellow and black cone of some sort. "What's this?"

Kasumi could not have been happier. Last night Ranma had told her that he loved her… and had made love to her and more than once. But, it wasn't just both of them having sex; he actually told her that he loved her, and that making love to her was his way of showing how he felt about her. She was on cloud nine. At least until she looked at her self in the mirror. The sight that greeted her caused her to panic. She reached up to her hair with her now shaking hand. "Oh no, where is it…" dropping her clothes she held in her other hand, she began searching though her hair, and only found one small yellow and black horn still attached to her. "On no… he knows… he has to know…" she said and then fell heavily to the floor crying. Oh my…what will he think of me now? With what I did…how I did it …he'll think I'm a…" She continued to cry, not hearing the steps of someone coming towards her.

To be continued… (Really… despite my reputation for unfinished works, I plan to do a lot more with this. And yeah I know. There is a difference in planning and doing, but give me a chance.)