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"My Prince," Nappa rumbled. "What are we doing here?"

Vegeta didn't even pause as he replied, "Lord Frieza wants some slaves. He thinks his troops could use the … morale boost." His lip curled slightly in disgust.

"I know that, my Prince," Nappa answered. "Why are we here?"

The shorter warrior stopped and looked back at his companions. "Because Frieza wants to see me rant and rave at the indignity of sending the Prince of Saiyans on such an errand, and I won't give him the satisfaction." His tail unfurled from his waist, twitched twice, and curled back in the other direction. It was the only outward sign of his agitation.

Nappa sighed and shook his head. They were warriors, not errand boys. But if his prince was not going to complain, then it was not his place to say anything.

Vegeta glanced over at the third member of his little group. Raditz looked like his Prince felt - completely bored. Being low-born and the weakest of the three, Raditz needn't hold himself to such high standards as the other two. He was free to express himself as he saw fit - provided he didn't break anything. Lord Frieza would have been a tad … unhappy if he received a damage bill on top of everything else. Vegeta was haggling with the merchants, but not too much. He didn't want to give his "generous" employer any bona fide reasons to send the three of them on another fool's errand like this.

Vegeta sighed inwardly and started walking again. At least he could take some small pleasure in terrifying the flesh peddlers. Very small.

Raditz lagged behind a little. He was extremely bored, but not enough to miss the irony of the situation. Here he was, young, healthy, and surrounded by beautiful females from hundreds of races, and he wasn't interested in any of them. Oh, it wasn't that he didn't like women; in fact, his appetite for them was almost as great as those for battle and food.

It was just that they were all the same. Granted, the variety of shapes and colors was staggering, but, underneath it all, they were all spiritless and frightened.

Well, what do you expect to find here? They know that their lives depend on pleasing their masters. Or mistresses, he thought, as the crowd surged between him and the others. Immediately, he was glad that Nappa towered over everyone else. It made finding him so much easier. I swear, if I could find just one with a little fire, I'd —

He didn't get to finish that thought, as he suddenly found himself soaking wet. He looked down sharply to see a filthy pile of rags and matted brown hair staring up at him in mute horror. Raditz's tail whipped out to wrap around her neck and lift her to her feet.

As her hair fell back, he was shocked at how Saiyan she looked under the dirt. Oh, her hair was brown, maybe, and her eyes were blue, and she didn't have a tail, but her skin, her facial structure … Raditz shook his head slightly. Bah, I'm losing my mind. There are no Saiyan women left, and I'd definitely never find one here.

"Aiee, you stupid bitch!" Her owner sprinted up behind her, and snatched her from the warrior's grasp. He knocked her upside the head, once, and she crashed to her stomach on the ground. She pulled herself to her knees, swaying and shivering.

As his tail curled slowly about his waist, Raditz decided he didn't like this man. Not because he hit the girl, since Raditz didn't have a gallant bone in his body, but he saw the calculating look the merchant had given him, and it made his flesh crawl.

His eyes narrowed as the bejeweled feline proceeded to gush with insincere apologies. His tail uncurled completely and swayed rhythmically. Too bad for the other man that he didn't recognize the signs of an increasingly irritated Saiyan, or he would have taken the girl and run.

After the fifth apology, Raditz had had enough. He was bored, hungry, wet, and to top everything off, he'd lost sight of Nappa and Vegeta. He turned to go at this realization when he felt a light touch on his leg.

"Beg pardon, please, master," the girl implored. The words were stilted and mechanical, as if she'd been taught the sounds but not the meaning. Raditz guessed she wasn't worth more than a few credits, and was considering the cost of snapping her neck, when she did something he definitely did not expect.

She winked at him.