Lost Identity

(Author note: I don't own Harry Potter. This is my first one shot. This idea has been tugging at the back of my head forever so here it is.)

Ron trudged down the hallway with Hermione and Harry. It was another bright day at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry. The trio was on their way to Pro.Snape's potion class. Today Ron was feeling melancholy because of a sudden realization that he had no name for himself. Of course his name was Ron Weasly, but he wanted a name that everyone would say with great pride. He wanted to be Harry Potter the boy who lived.

If he every were to tell someone how he felt they would just laugh. Who would want to be Harry they would ask him, and say that Harry's life is filled with pain and misery. Ron wanted to be Harry because his friend always came through always saved the day. Everyone in school liked him except Maulthoy and his goons and Snape, but they hated almost everyone that wasn't in Slytheran.

" Ron are you o.k?" Hermione asked, " You seem unhappy."

" Nothing," Ron smiled, " I just don't want to go to Snape's potion class."

" No one wants to go to Snape's potion class," Harry laughed.

Ron managed to stifle a grin even though his mood wouldn't allow him.

" Hey Harry," Hermione said to him, " we are still up for the Yule Ball tomorrow?"

" Yes, Hermione," Harry grinned taking her hand, " we are still going tomorrow as long as Ron is okay with it."

Anger bubbled in Ron's brain he wanted so much to yell and say NO but all he could do was nod.

" See Ron is okay with it," Hermione assured Harry.

Hermione started having feelings toward Harry when Ron didn't make his move. You could say she moved on. Really it was Ron's own fault because he could have gotten Hermione, but he was a coward, so Hermione turned toward Harry for a relationship, and he accepted. Ron was heart broken, but he wouldn't let Harry or Hermione know.

The trio made it to Pro.Snape's class in time. Snape was standing in front of the classroom with the same scowl he had on his face everyday.

" We will be making a potion that wards off Dementors," he explained, " I'll be putting you together with partners of two not three, four or five."

He announced the partners and luckily Harry and Hermione were put together, but Ron was partnered with someone he didn't know, but as they always say make new friends.

" Hi I'm Ron what's your name,"

" I'm William, but I am only going to cooperate with you because your Harry's friends other than that I don't care what you think," he answered.

" Oh okay," Ron frowned disappointed.

Ron and his partner finished their assignment in time to face Pro.Snape's expecting. Snape gave them a long stare then approved their potion. After class Ron headed out the door before his friends could catch up.

" Ron wait up!" Harry screamed.

" Yes, Harry," Ron, grumbled.

" Are you okay?" he asked.

" Yes, I am fine," Ron turned to face the concerned look on Harry's face, " don't worry mate."

A huge crowd of sixth years surrounded the trio. Ron was being pushed and shoved by little eager girls and boys wanting to talk to Harry and Hermione. The little kids shoved Ron all the way out of the crowd. Ron had a sudden feeling to force his way back in then he decided not to. Slowly Ron walked away from the crowd of sixth years. He headed down the hallway not bothering to think about where he was going.

It didn't disturb Ron that much if he walked down the crowded halls never turning up anywhere because no matter where Ron went he would still be invisible to the school and the whole wizarding world. Ron would from now on be the boy with the lost identity and none of the others would know how he felt. No one.


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