A Drift in the Deep

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A/N: Well I'm sitting in the hotel again about to move to another country. Thanks as always to Kasman for reminding me about writing and still wanting to beta this. Written to the music of the official soundtrack of NCIS and all the music from the talented DA fan video makers. Thanks to everyone who asked for more but this is the end for this one.


Epilogue: Debriefing


The Needle

Max sat towards the edge of the circular roof. Usually she stood or sat facing the city, but tonight called for a different view, a different perspective. She watched the faint moonlight reflecting off the Sound.



Max glanced over her shoulder towards Bling's van and Logan sitting by the open door as she headed for the restrooms to change. An expression of thoughtful rapture was on Logan's face as he gazed out towards the Sound, a towel held forgotten in his hand. A soft smile caressed her lips.

The shark had swum up through the dark water towards them as they returned from viewing the few bits of what used to be the Honey Bear wreck. Bling had held up his hand in a halting motion as they watched the big, six gill shark glide through the water its tail barely moving as it slid past, did a turn and circled them once then headed off into the gloom again. Logan had moved first towards the disappearing shape then halted and glanced at her and then his friend. The big man had grinned and shaken his head at them both and gestured for them to follow. They had returned to shore just as Logan was showing the first signs of fatigue.


"Beep! Beep!" Max reached absently for her pager and glanced at the number. A sigh of satisfied delight escaped her full lips. She stood with one lithe movement and headed for the broken panel up the slope of the Space Needle roof.