A quiet day darkened into night as Scar looked off into the distance. He stood on the fringes of Central City, with his back turned away from all the lights, and his shirt pushed back behind him from all of the wind. He clutched his right forearm to his chest, and his hand nearly snapped the sunglasses in two as he tried to hold them.

"It's getting worse, isn't it Ni-san?" He gritted out into the cooling air as his arm continued to shake in pain.

Another moment passed in silence as he began to re-collect himself, and to put back on his mask of stone.

He turned when he heard a light shuffling behind him.

"Mister? Why do you have that scar?" Rick asked as he ran over to stand a few steps behind the impressive man.

"It's my burden." Was all the answer Rick got as Scar started to stare up into the sky.

The little boy kicked up dirt as he waited for a better answer, but once a near hour had passed he became increasingly worried.

"D-dinner started a little while ago…" Rick stammered as his stomach began to grumble.

A ghost of a smile went across Scar's face, then it returned to an impassive feature in the darkness.

"Can I hear about your scar?" Rick whispered, but his timid voice carried on the breeze.

"I thought you were hungry." Scar said, as he turned to stare down at the child.

Rick flinched under the intense stare, then plopped down and smiled up at Scar.

"Not anymore!!! I won't eat 'till Scar-san eats!" Rick said, as his wide grin showed a few missing teeth that had yet to come in.

Scar bit back a remark that would probably send the child running and decided that it was best to direct the boy's attention to something else.

"You miss her?" Scar said, as he again turned his gaze to the stars.

Rick looked startled for a moment then worked up his courage.

"Mother?" He asked, his small hands balling around his knees.

Scar nodded while Rick felt his stomach grow nauseous.

"Leo says she couldn't see anymore… I wish she could see me when I get big."

"She will. She's watching over you from the stars. You and your brother." Scar said then he lowered his gaze to look at an astounded Rick.

"You mean it!?" Rick asked, anxious as he sat up on his knees and smiled at Scar.

"She does." Scar said quietly, then he walked over to the camp a few feet away. Rick had hastily gotten up to follow as the stars smiled down on the two of them.