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"Beast Boy?" She watched as the silhouette walked towards her. Though she could not discern features or colour, the height and gait suggested that her joking friend. Yet, he didn't reply to her query.

Slowly, she moved back. His speed didn't change as he advanced onto her. She quickly found herself pressed against a solid immovable object.

Suddenly, light sprang from no perceptible source. The figure in front of her was indeed Beast Boy. But, not the Beast Boy she knew. His mouth no longer quirked into a quick smile, and his eyes no longer held the usual sparkle that they did in all but the direst situations.

"Beast Boy?" She asked again. She tried, and failed miserably, at keeping the tremble of uncertainty out of her voice.

His lips curved upwards. Not into his normal contagious smile, but a malicious leer.

"Hello Raven. Remember me?" She recognized the voice coming from him, but, it was not the voice she associated with him. She couldn't even place who's voice is was. "I've missed you my sweet. You're friends have missed you as well."

Five shadows appeared behind him, and slowly sharpened into people she knew very well.

"No…" These were not the people she remembered. There was Starfire, red hair limp and lifeless, lips curled into a cruel smirk and eyes highlighted with the brightness of being close to the kill. And there was Robin, eyes still covered, but radiating a lust for battle. Next to him as Cyborg, who's human eye glinted with the anticipation of fresh blood. And last…last was her. Blonde hair waving, blue eyes laughing ruthlessly, lips set into a condescending smile. She was dressed in little more then metal and bandages.

"We've missed you. We've all missed you." They chorused. "Return to us." However, as she had noticed with Beast Boy, their voices did not match her memory. She was hearing someone else's voice, seeing someone else in their eyes. These were not her friends. Digging through memories, she matched the voices to faces.

"No! You can't be! You're all…"

"Gone?" Malchior's voice, still patronizingly sweet, resounded in her ears, even covered them with her hands. "No my sweet Raven. We never left. You did."

"And we want you back." Slade's deep voice added. A flowing laugh bubbled in the sultry tones of the villaness Blackfire.

"You didn't really think we'd leave you now, did you?"

"You rejected us, but we'll still accept you." Brother Blood's voice cut through her barriers she was trying to erect to block them out.

"After all." Terra moved towards her. "That's what friends are for." Hands reached out to stroke and grab her, passing through her barriers as if they didn't exist. And, perhaps they didn't.

"Come with us. You belong with us. Only we can protect you." Voices bombarded her from every direction.


Beast Boy had just finished preparing the tea, relieved that the water had finally boiled, when he heard Raven cry out again. Running, he found she wasn't thrashing about, just quietly whispering. Somehow, that scared him more.


"No…no…no….no" tears were running down her cheeks. He gently placed a hand on shoulder, shaking her slightly.

"Raven, wake up, you're…you're scaring me Rae!" Her eyes snapped open, and regarded him. Her eyes were no longer over bright with heat, but with fear. "You OK Raven?" she blinked, and an emotionless look replaced it so quickly, he could've sworn that it was never there.

"What kind of dumb question is that?" She mumbled. "I wouldn't be…here if I" she yawned "wasn't…" She wasn't completely coherent. Her words were slightly jumbled and oddly spaced. Even he could see it was hard for her to force herself to stay awake.

"Here. I have some tea." He placed the cup at her lip to encourage her to drink. She took a small sip and grimaced. "Didn't I make it right?"

"I…hate this stuff…it tastes awful." He was surprised at how young she sounded. Like a child complaining about medicine

"But it'll help! C'mon Rae. You need to get better so we can go home." She smiled slightly, before taking another few sips of the ea.

"Home…that sounds…nice." She continued to slowly sip until the cup was empty. Beast Boy was slightly happier. She seemed to be doing better. Not that he knew anything about medical stuff, but, talking to him was a good sign, right?

"OK, you go back to sleep, then you can take us back home! And we can play video games! Well, Ok, I can play video games and you can watch while I kick Cy's butt, and we can go fight over pizza toppings, well, again you can watch us…" He looked to find her eyes were closed. She looked….peaceful. Well, almost peaceful. Except for one worry line in forehead. He reached over to smooth it out. "I'll shut up right about now…" he whispered. Just as he was about to pull back, a weak hand caught his.

"No, please, don't stop talking…." Again, he saw how young Raven really was. How young they all were. They were just kids really. However much they tried to hide behind facades. "I…need to hear your voice…please?" He put his free hand up to scratch his head. For once at a total lose for words. She wanted to hear him of all people? "If…I hear you…I won't hear them…" He still had didn't have any idea what the nightmares were that plagued her, but if he could help, then why not?

"Uh…Ok, what do you want me to say?"

"Anything…" She was fading into the realm to sleep "You never had trouble with words, tell me a story, a joke….just…just keep talking…." The hand that was weakly grasping his own grew lax. He caught it as it fell and held it in his own.

"Anything, huh Raven? You sure 'bout that one?" She didn't answer, apparently asleep. "Talk? Well, I'll try." He sighed. "You were right Rae, you really are complicated. I really don't understand a thing about you. I guess they were right. I see a lot. Around here, back at the tower, but, I can't make any sense of it. I don't know why the hell you act the way you do. I don't know why these people act the way they do. I don't know….I don't know why you choose me. I mean, I know you don't hate me or anything, I just…never thought you liked me. But…you let me kiss you right? And you kissed me back. That gotta count for something." He sat down on the bed beside her sleeping form, never letting go of her hand. "I'm still angry, you know. I still haven't really gotten any answers from you. Then you decide to pull a stunt like this! Sometimes I wonder whether you'll ever explain anything. I really wish you would though…"