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Be My Eyes


"What's going on down there?" Harry whispered, poking his redheaded friend in the ribs, and craning his neck over the banister.

"Dunno," Ron answered, "Tonks just arrived and Mum pulled her into the kitchen. They all seemed pretty excited."

"It's probably just a new piece of information or something," Hermione sniffed from the doorway of her bedroom. "Now you two get back to your rooms before you get in trouble."

"Yes, Mother," Ron muttered sarcastically, entering the girl's bedroom and flopping down on her bed, despite Hermione's protests that he was on her homework. Harry followed, sitting himself down in the girl's desk chair.

"Where am I supposed to sit?" Hermione demanded, seeing all of her furniture had been taken.

"The floor," suggested Ron, skimming through her notes for Charms.

"Sounds good," Hermione agreed, "for you." Grabbing Ron by his tee shirt, Hermione pushed him off her bed and onto the wooden floor, the boy grunting at the impact. "My room, my rules," Hermione stated.

"May I come in?" asked Ginny from the doorway, a large ginger cat clutched in her arms.

"Of course," Hermione exclaimed, patting a spot next to her on the bed. Taking Crookshanks from Ginny's arms, Hermione plopped him on her lap and began to run her fingers through the thick fur.

All four students were currently at Grimmauld Place for the summer holidays, Hermione's parents away in America and instead of going with them, the girl had opted to stay with her friends. Especially Harry.

Being in his deceased Godfather's house brought back a lot of memories for the teenager, and with each memory came guilt and self blame. So, it was up to Ginny, Ron, and Hermione to attempt to cheer the depressed boy up. As it was, they hadn't been having much luck, but the arrival of Tonks; Harry seemed to be feeling better.

Tonks had been by earlier in June, and had cheered Harry up immensely with her funny antics and stories of being an auror. For those few days, Harry had been almost himself, happy and carefree as he used to be. But as soon as the young woman had left, he'd secluded himself once more, seeming timid and shy.

Over the few weeks, Ginny, miraculously, had had the best success at pulling Harry out of his shell, giving him no option to get away. The over active Weasley had dragged him into discussions and games, made him laugh occasionally, and had done the most good.

But Tonks was still the best at cheering people up. And now that she was here, Harry was almost back to his old self.

"Oh good," said Mrs. Weasley, poking her head into the room. "You're all here. Now listen up. For the next hour or so, until someone comes upstairs to get you, none of you are to leave this bedroom, understand? We have something very important to discuss downstairs, and it isn't for you to hear."

"But what if we have to use the bathroom?" whined Ron.

"Then you'll hold it," Mrs. Weasley informed. "Any more questions?"

"What's going on?" blurted out Ginny.

"I can't discuss that with you, I'm afraid," the woman sighed. "None of you are in the Order, and this is strictly classified information." Stepping out of the room, the group heard a locking spell placed on the door.

"I do wonder what they're all up to," mused Harry, doodling on a piece of parchment.

"Maybe we can bribe Fred and George to tell us," suggested Ron. Just that summer, the twins had become official members of the Order, and were allowed to attend all of the meetings.

"And maybe we'll just leave the Order to themselves," Hermione butted in. "Now we're going to review some Charms while we wait. Harry, what's the proper term for the Summoning Spell…?"

"What exactly is this about?" asked the young auror, settling herself down at the kitchen table between Moody and Fred.

"Something happened," Lupin said gravely, crossing over to the table and pouring Tonks a cup of tea. "Lucius Malfoy isn't in Azkaban anymore."

"What? What do you mean?" Tonks queried, gesturing frantically with her hands. "He was caught as a Death Eater just about a month ago! The ministry can't just let him walk around like any normal person!"

"What's worse," said Mr. Weasley, eyes glimmering angrily, "he hasn't even been in prison this last month. From what I understand, he bought himself a free ticket out at his trial, and it was all kept secret from the rest of the wizarding world."

"You mean he's been out since the beginning of June?"

"That's right," Mrs. Weasley said, entering the kitchen and closing the door firmly behind her. "I have them all locked up in Hermione's room," she said, noticing the curious glances. "They shouldn't be disrupting us."

"And what exactly are we supposed to about him?" asked the now very confused Tonks.

"Think," insisted Moody, slamming his fist down on the table, the cups and plates rattling. "Who was considered to be one of the right hand men of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? Who's known for associating for the Dark Arts?"

"The Malfoys," Tonks breathed, purple eyes lighting in understanding. "They might even be in contact with him! We could get to the bottom of these killings!"

The killings Tonks spoke of had been going on since school had let out. Almost every night, Death Eaters struck muggle towns, killing every single person, whether they be man, woman or child.

Bodies were found, burned beyond recognition, mutilated so badly identity was impossible. Blood splattered every street corner, prone bodies, dotting the city. Women were found having been brutally raped, children beaten. It was truly horrible.

And yet, the killings were random, ranging from England to Japan. No one was safe any longer. No pattern had been found, any reason behind the selected towns. If was as if the Death Eaters had said, 'let's go burn London because we feel like it.'

"But what does this have to do with me exactly?" asked Tonks, once more puzzled.

"You know I don't give out compliments easily, but you're one of the best aurors we've ever had on the force," Moody said gruffly. "We need you to go to the Malfoy house and find out, if you can, their next move. They must have some sort of plan in store, or a pattern we haven't found to these killings."

"By myself?" squeaked Tonks.

"We have complete faith in you," Lupin said. "As it is, we're supplying you with an invisibility cloak so that should help you hide somewhat. And a two-way mirror so you can contact us, but only if you find something or absolutely need too."

"When do you want me to leave?" Tonks asked, completely serious.

"Tomorrow night. You should be able to sneak into the manor undetected then. Lie low somewhere once inside until morning. Then get hunting. We will expect you to come back here in three day's time. This," said Mr. Weasley, pushing a small red jewel into Tonks' hand, "is a portkey that will take you about half a mile from Grimmauld. If you are somehow caught and the portkey activates, Lucius shouldn't arrive at our doorstep."

"I'd best prepare to go then," Tonks said, rising to her feet. "I'll be in my room if anyone needs me." Exiting the kitchen, Tonks first unlocked the door to Hermione's room. "You four can come out now," she smiled. "We're all done."

"What's going on? Please tell us!" begged Ginny.

"I can't say anything, sorry," Tonks apologized. "G'night, I'm heading off for bed." The auror continued down the hall, Hermione watching her quizzically.

"Something isn't right," she murmured. "The Order is planning something…and Tonks is in the middle of it."

"See," Hermione whispered, pointing out her window at two dark figures. It was a day later, around ten at night. All four were clustered around Hermione's large bay window that was on the front of the house.

"Maybe they just stepped out for a breath of fresh air," remarked Ginny. "It is a bit stuffy in this house you know."

"Sure doesn't look that way," Hermione commented as the two figures embraced each other, easily distinguished as Tonks and Lupin. Tonks pulled away and distanced herself from the house, before pulling out her wand and pointing it at herself.

"She's leaving!" gasped Ginny. A second later, a small pop was heard and Tonks vanished, Lupin going back inside.

"What the hell is going on?" muttered Ron, leaving the window and heading out the door. So far, the group had been unable to bribe Fred and George into giving up information and were still completely in the dark.

"Mum," he said, entering the kitchen where Molly Weasley was boiling a cup of late night tea. "What's going on?"

"Oh my! What are you all still doing up?"

"Don't evade the question," Ron glared. "Where'd Tonks go?"

"To her house, where else?"

"Don't lie," Ginny said. "She's been really secretive all day, and now she leaves really late at night. Normally, she'd spend the night and then go wherever she needed to go."

"She's on business for the Order," Mrs. Weasley said, voice firm. "And it doesn't concern any of you. Now off to bed before I have to drag you there."

"Whatever is going on," Ginny whispered as they trekked back upstairs, "I get the feeling it isn't good."

Meanwhile, Tonks had appeared outside a pair of high, wrought iron gates, spikes dotting the top with a large cursive M surrounded by a snake and a rose imprinted in the middle. "This would be the place," she murmured, dropping the invisibility cloak over her lithe frame. "Now, how to get in?"

Examining the gate, Tonks could sense some type of magical barrier in place, keeping out intruders. "This isn't going to be as easy as I thought," the witch groaned, slumping to the ground.

How on earth was she going to disable a probably very intricate and dangerous locking system without making her presence known? "They just had to send me," she griped. "Why me?" Eyeing the fence with determination, Tonks judged the distance from the ground to the top.

"I could probably try to jump over…as long as I don't land on those spikes I should be fine. And as long as the top doesn't have an alarm over it…guess it's a chance I'm going to have to take."

Pulling the small backpack she'd brought with onto her back, Tonks leaped into the air, hands desperately gripping the slick metal poles as she painstakingly began to climb up, bracing her feet on the sides of poles to help hold her.

Twenty minutes later, after much slipping and sliding, Tonks had reached the top, her hands wrapped around the bases of two of the spikes; her feet wrapped around one of the rods. "How do I get over?" she murmured.

If she had perhaps been a gymnast, the woman would have been able to gracefully flip over. Of if she had been a good flyer, maybe she could have brought a broom and skipped this entire part. Unfortunately, Tonks was neither.

"Time for you to lose a few pounds, girl," she scolded herself, attempting to swing herself over, the weight of her lower body putting tremendous strain on her arms. "That's it, when I get done with this, no more of Molly's fudge."

With a final swing, Tonks flipped over, landing with an ungraceful thump on the other side of the gate, the wind knocked out of her from the hard impact. "That probably could have gone more smoothly," she laughed, standing up and rubbing her sore behind.

Swiftly stealing across the deserted yard, Tonks arrived at the front door, a gold doorknocker with the same insignia found on the gates imprinted in the handle. Wishing for a stroke of dumb luck, Tonks turned the door handle, eyes widening when the door actually opened.

Quickly entering, the witch closed the door softly behind her and stared in wonderment at the inside of the manor. Two spiral staircases stood in the room, one of the far left and one of the far right. A gigantic crystal chandelier glittered with candles high above her head.

A soft, red velvet rug ran beneath her feet, gold and silver plates and candlesticks lined small china cabinets, portraits of men, all with the silvery blond trademark Malfoy hair were placed down the hall.

Making her way cautiously down the hall, Tonks ducked into a side parlor, surveying the little room with interest. Plush sofas and chairs sat around a fireplace, drapes drawn across the windows. A grandfather clock sat in the corner, currently chiming the current hour of eleven.

"This'll work," Tonks decided, crossing over to the couch, who's back faced the doorway, and settled herself down. Making sure the cloak was securely tucked over her, Tonks fell into an uneasy sleep.

So weary and exhausted, Tonks never heard the blood-curling scream that sounded in the house, nor the soft cries of pain to follow. It appeared there were many secrets in the Malfoy residence…and Tonks was going to discover one of the deepest.

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