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The way to Freedom


To Earth

Cybertron Decepticon HQ

"Let go!" I yell as I slap the con that was trying to assault me " Your not allowed to touch me"

"Not like Galvatron is here to stop me." He said grinning as he tried to pull me closer to him.

"He might not be here but I am" A voice rang out from the shadows behind the mech. The mech. turned around and came face to face with Scourge. " I suggest you release her Wrecker, you're not high enough in rank to touch her like that"

Wrecker just glares at him as he try's to pull me closer instead of letting me go, Scourge just grabs him and forces him off of me before he slam's Wrecker into a wall knocking him out.

" I told you not to wander around these corridors alone." He said looking at me

" Sorry Sir" I say looking at the ground in total submission to him

"Come, your being sent to earth." He said.

I almost looked up in surprise before I remembered that Galvatron was on earth, which was probably why I was being sent there.

"Yes Sir" I said nodding as I followed him to the docking bay.

When we reached the transport I saw two other mechs there, they were both Femme's. I recognized one as Scourges mate while the other one was a slave I recognized as Starscreame's personal slave. Being Galvatrons slave I was the highest-ranking slave, but I did not out rank Scourges mates so I bowed my eyes to her but glared at Starscreame's slave (because I did rank her), she cringed back.

"Lets get loaded" He say's as he headed up the ramp, we follow behind him. We take off towards earth a few moments later, it took us 2 day's to reach earth. When we got there we automatically went to stealth, but it was to late for an Autobot curser was there wanting for us it would seem.

"We are under attack, all hands brace for impact." Scourge yells threw the comm. I grab onto something just as a blast hits our shields sending the shipside ways and out of stealth.

The battle went on for a while before there was a massive explosion and the comm. Cracked alive with a computerized voice telling everyone to evacuate the ship. I was the last one to reach the evacuation pod, I knew upon arrival there wasn't enough room for me and since I was the only flyer in the group I decided to try and convince Scourge to let me follow them down the rest of the way to the planet.

"Sir, there's not enough room for us all to fit in here" I said, "so you take the pod and I will fly."

Scourge is silent for a second before answering.

"Do it, but stay close to the pod and follow it down understand" He said

"Yes Sir" I say as I step back hitting the closed button watching the pod jettison, I blasted the wall next to it and used that as a quick exit.

I quickly caught up with them saying as close to them as I dare as we got away from the ship as quickly as possible. Seconds after we had left the ship exploded, the shock way hitting us hard especially me since the pod had shields and I did not.So the blast hit me sending me forwards and away from the pod. It took me a little while to collect myself, when I did I looked quickly around for the pod to see it about 20 feet below me hitting the lower part of the atmosphere. I took off after it not realizing that I had pickup some pursuers. When I was about half way there when a shuttle came out of nowhere blocking my path making me stop fast. I tried to go around him but found myself surrounded by Autobots. The one in front of me transformed holding his weapon almost point blank at me.

"Freeze Decepticon." He said.

Since I was trained to follow orders I did as I was told. I turned just enough to see the pod disappear from sight, followed by some Autobot flyers. Once the pod was out of sight I turned back to the Autobot in front of me, as I looked at him I couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen to me, now that the Autobots had captured me. Was I going to be treated like any other prisoner or would I be treated like a slave?

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