This is a series of Christmas one one-shots written by Lain and Missy. Enjoy...

Thank you Santa

By: Lain

This is why I hate Christmas. At my house everyone is so busy. My Mum's running around frantically organizing all her children and grandchildren. And having six boys not counting dad or Harry, it's quite a feat. But the boys are running around doing last minute shopping and I'm always the go to girl.

"Ginny what do girls like for Christmas"

"Would mum like a muggle vacuum?"

"Would Fleur look better in diamonds or Rubies?"

"Does Hermione already own all the books from the store?"

And then it's surprising how many people forget my present. And it's because I'm 'little Ginny'. So I wouldn't like diamonds and rubies, I'd rather have a squeaky book. But I always end up doing almost all Ron's shopping for him so I was at the specialty book shop at the end of Diagon Ally when I ran into someone who's sure to brighten up my day. Malfoy.

"Well look who it is. It's little virgin Weasley." he remarked with that vile smirk. I just tried to walk past him to pay but he stopped me.

"I'm surprised you can afford to shop here virgin." he always liked to tease me since he found out I'm a virgin which was in 7th year. I finally knew what to say back.

"Well Malfoy I may be a virgin but you have herpes." I smirked at his expression. "See ya around Herp." I paid for Hermione's book, "Hogwarts a History: Edition 2. I guess she bugged them so much that they finally gave in and wrote another edition that 'doesn't gloss over the nastier parts of the school.'

But I still had to buy a present for Harry. Harry-bloody-Potter, my boyfriend of two years. he was absolutely the hardest person to shop for because when ever I'd ask him what he wanted he's always tell me not to get him anything and I was so close to doing that. I'd been looking for something to catch my eye but I just couldn't find anything. I finally decided on a copy of the Hogwarts yearbook because his copy had been destroyed in the final battle at the school. Yes, Harry defeated the dark tosser on Halloween of his 7th year. I bought his book and headed home.

There was another reason I wasn't feeling particularly inclined to buy him a huge extravagant present. He hadn't proposed yet. I'd hope he would ask me on Valentines day last year, then during the summer, then on my birthday (August 11th), and finally on Halloween. None of which had happened. I am in love with and always have been in love with Harry-sodding-Potter.

I made my way home to the Burrow instead of my apartment because that's where we were all staying for the holidays. I entered the house and was met with a huge array of confusion, yelling, and an old record player that was playing 'we wish you a merry Christmas' over and over again. We wish you a merry Christmas... ha! Shows what they know.

Then I felt two small hands latch onto my leg. I looked down and saw Christine, Bill and Fleur's daughter. She has strawberry blond hair and bright blue eyes. She's an absolute sweetheart. I scooped her up and took her over to the couch and started talking to her. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she told me she wanted "A new floating lolly from Uncle Fred." Children are so innocent sometimes.

She slid off my lap and ran off toward Fred to tell him what she wanted. I chuckled as Fred picked her up and bounced her on his knee. I jumped when I felt a strong arm encircle my waist.

"You look good with her." Harry whispered.

I smiled. I'd always imagined having children with him. I could just see my little red haired green eyes children running around. "Now if only he could get off his high horse and ask me." I thought bitterly. Harry kissed my temple and I sighed.

"Come out with me tonight, love?" he asked in a way only he could. I nodded.

"What time?"

"Around seven. Dress warmly." I decided I had better shower and such if I was going out. I went up stairs and showered and curled my hair. I pulled on a pair of dark jeans and a cream sweater. I grabbed my red scarf and wrapped it around my neck and went to find Harry.

I found him waiting by the front door dressed in dark jeans and an emerald sweater I had gotten him for Christmas last year. He looked stunning as always. I linked arms with him and we apparated to a small top-notch restaurant. it was beautiful. It was called The Celestial and I didn't know where we were at first but then Harry told me we were in Cincinnati Ohio. He said he has heard great review about this place from someone at work and it was close to where he was taking me after wards. We ate and talked casually. Then we danced a few songs and left.

We apparated to what looked like a mill. It was covered in lights and miniature trains. It was beautiful. I looked around and saw many other couples walking together. Harry held out his hand and I took it smiling. We walked in and slowly looked at all the lights. we looked at the old fashioned store and at the working mill. We stopped and got some hot chocolate and kept walking.

"I love you Harry..." I murmured into his coat as we looked at the children running. We heard one of them yell to his friend, "Hurry we have to see Santa!" Harry suddenly looked nervous and pulled me to my feet.

"Come on don't you want to see Santa?" he asked in a playful manner. I giggled and followed him toward all the commotion. As we neared the place that said 'Santa's Workshop' we discovered that every hour or so Santa would climb up the chimney and wave to the children. Harry pulled me closer as we watched Santa climb up. He popped out the top of the chimney and started waving and looking around. Then he spotted who he was looking for. He took something out of his bag and threw it. And to my great surprise Harry caught it. Harry turned and smiled at me. he took my hands and knelt down.

"Ginny... I love you. You've been my life these past years and I don't know what I would have done with out you. You helped me through all the death around me and helped me see the light. You're that light. Ginny I know you've been waiting a long time for this so...

Ginevra Molly Weasley will you marry me?"

I looked at him. He looked at me. Then suddenly I found myself on top of him.

"YES! Yes Harry you great prat! What took you so long!?" I exclaimed before I kissed him. He took out the ring, a simple silver band with a rather large diamond on it, and slipped it onto my finger. I kissed him again. I vaguely remember hearing cheers and sighs from the women in the background. It didn't matter if my whole family forgot my presents this year because I got the only thing I really wanted.

"Thank You Santa..." I whispered as we parted lips.

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