-by Missy


Snow. It makes everything so pure and clean. And white. Truth be told, white isn't my favorite color. It used to be blue, but ever since I started dating Ron, my favorite color is red. Every time I see red, my stomach turns flip flops and I get all excited. He's the first boyfriend I've ever had, and right now I can't imagine my life without him. It may be just a silly girlish crush, but I love that prat to death.

And now we're in our seventh year, which means we've been dating for almost two years. Last Christmas was our first Christmas together, and he got me a little diamond snowflake on a silver chain. A little diamond sat in the middle, and other little ones hovered around it, changing positions to form different snowflake patterns. I've worn it every single day, even when it was burning up and snowflakes seemed completely inappropriate. I love that little snowflake.

And this year the grounds are full of the little snowflakes. Huge drifts of snow are piled up against the castle; so going to Hogsmede is out of the question. But that didn't stop us from having fun.

It started innocently enough; Ron asked if I wanted to go out in the snow with him, Harry and Ginny. I kept making excuses about how cold it was, but he finally managed to con me into it.

Outside, the world's biggest snowball fight was raging. Ginny and I quickly joined the girls' team, and Harry and Ron joined the guys' team. Everyone pretty much looked the same, all bundled up in their snow gear, which the hats, scarves, coats and gloves were all black or blue except for my boyfriend's hat. It was maroon. He was such an easy target.

The snow was probably four feet deep, and being as I'm only five foot two, I was getting buried. Ron, being six foot five, was easily maneuvering his way through the drifts, making him an even easier target.

"I'm going after Ron," I shouted to Ginny. Snowballs were whizzing past our heads, and I had to practically swim through the snow to get to my tall boyfriend, who was steadily moving to the south side of the castle.

I followed him, and as the shouts of our classmates dimmed, I began to grow worried. Where was he going? My bootlace came untied, and when I stood back up from tying it, Ron was gone.

I started to panic. From where I was, all I could see was the edge of the Forbidden Forest. The castle was obstructed by a hill, and Ron's maroon cap was nowhere to be found.

I turned around twice, looking for a flash of maroon or red but all I saw was white. Blinding white.

As I turned again, I saw a flash of color. I walked closer to it, and Ron jumped out at me from behind a bank. He knocked me down into the snow and started laughing.

"Ronald Weasley!" I screeched after getting over the shock of falling. "What are you doing?"

He unbuttoned the last three buttons of my coat and laid his head on the sweater underneath. "Getting you."

I tangled my gloved fingers in his hair, knocking off the cap. He squeaked. "You have snow on your gloves."

I smiled. "That's called payback darling."

He tried to shake my snow-covered fingers out of his hair, but I squeezed his head gently. "No, no, no. Now you have to have snow on your head too."

"You have a hat," he complained, rubbing his face against my sweater covered stomach. "And my nose is cold."

"It's not my fault you have a long nose."

He laughed and lifted his head. "You're really gorgeous like that."

It was my turn to laugh. "What? All red faced, with chapped lips and shaking like a leaf? Yeah, I'm gorgeous." I rolled my eyes, but he kept looking at me. "What?" I started blushing.

"You know I love you right?"

I swatted his head gently. "Ron," I kept blushing, "Yeah, I know."

He smiled and pulled a little maroon box out of his pocket. I expected it to be a pair of earrings, but when he turned it around to show it to me, I gasped.

Inside, nestled in white velvet, sat a diamond snowflake attached to a sliver band. The biggest diamond sat in the middle, and all the little ones were hovering around it. They moved, forming different snowflake patterns. It matched the necklace perfectly.

"Ron," I whispered softly.

He took my left hand off of his head and kissed it. "Mione, will you marry me?"

I smiled and felt tears flow down my cheeks. "Yes."

He bit the tip of my glove, careful as to not bite my finger and pulled it off my hand. He was talking, but being as the glove was in his mouth, he sounded incoherent. He slipped the band on my finger and spit the glove out. "Fits perfectly."

I held it up to the light and it reflected the sun's rays. "It's beautiful."

"I've had it since last year," he confessed, blushing like a tomato. "I bought it with the necklace, but I didn't want to scare you off last year."

I laughed and kissed him. "Well, I'm glad you gave it to me now."


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