Small Consolation of Knowledge

By: M14Mouse

Summary: 4th story in the Kaleidoscope Effect Series. Donny's POV while checking up on Raph.

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A/N: Here I am! Back again! Well, this end for the first movie. Now, it is time for the second movie! Whoa! Thank everyone for the reviews and I hope I spell Raph's name right.

I have learnt silence from the talkative, toleration from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind; yet strange, I am ungrateful to these teachers.

--Kahlil Gibran--

((Donny's POV))

Hmm…the hairline fracture in your arm seems have heal nicely, bro. The swelling in your ankles are gone. Your other injuries have fade away or have improved greatly. The only injury I was really worried about the bumps on your head. They told me of something much worse could be happening. There is nothing I can do about it. The minor could have mild concession and headache the size of the small state when you woke up. The worst case would have been a crack skull, the swelling of the brain, and coma that could have lead to death.

Everything else has healed but you still haven't woken up yet.

The only small consolation I have that you wouldn't feel a thing.

You would die in your sleep.

I shouldn't be thinking that. You will wake up, bro.


Breath, Don. Come on, breath, Donny. Just Breath. That is all you need to do. Raph is going to make it. He is going to be fine. You know he will be fine. You read the books. You understand the knowledge. Even with the knowledge in my head, it doesn't mean my heart doesn't feel especially you are examine one of your brothers.

My chest is tight with every cut, bruise, and broken bone. It doesn't matter if it was during practice or facing the Foot. I am afraid one of these days that all of my knowledge and learning will mean nothing. Someone will be dead. Dead is dead.

It is a cold and heartless fact.

But this…you lie in the tub, Raph. It is reality. You still have a chance of dying. The chances are now slim. Now, I realize it could have been any of us. But I also realize that life and my brothers are precious.

That isn't a fact.

It is a feeling.

The End.

A/N: Wow…this is depressing. I hope I got Donny's POV right. He was the hardest one to write out of the four.