Chapter 4

Before he could answer, his cell phone rang. "Grissom!" he breathed into the phone.

He listened to the caller and calmly said, "Sorry, Warrick, we can't make it to breakfast today. Maybe next time. I am getting married in two hours. Next time you see me I will be a married man."

He pulled the phone from his ear for a second, and Sara heard an excited scream.

"Catherine, calm down. We'll call you back in a few ok." Grissom told her patiently.

"Sara, you know we can't keep them from hunting down every chapel to find out where we are going. So, you want to let them come, Honey. I mean, they are family. Give me the details, and I will call her back and give her the details. Then we don't have to call anyone else. You know how Catherine is. Whatever she learns goes in her ears and out her mouth. Sometimes it can be used for good. Like now. So details, Sara. I don't even know them." Grissom said smiling at Sara.

Sara was stunned. She thought it was going to take an hour and a half to convince Grissom that this was the right thing to do, but look at him. He is taking this all well.

"Grissom, I didn't really make reservations at a chapel. I just thought we could pick one. I know that I don't want to get married by Elvis or at the alien chapel or by the godfather man. I just want a nice quite romantically themed chapel were we can become a family. I don't mind the guys being there. I just don't know where to tell them to go to because I don't know where we are going. So, do you have any suggestions. I love you, Gil." Sara said looking down at her feet.

"Sara, look at me. I love you too. I want to marry you. I don't want to waste any more time. I know this quaint little chapel down on Staten Street. A friend of mine got married there a couple years ago. I was his best man. It was a lovely ceremony. You get to pick your music. I even think they have some dresses and suits to use. I know how you feel about wearing other people's clothes, but it would make for a nice picture. Don't let me forget my camera. Let's call Catherine." Grissom said. Before he picked up his cell phone, he pulled Sara to him and kissed her tenderly.

/ - - /

3 hours later

Bride's Room

La Rosa Chapel

May 24, 2004

Sara was pacing back and forth. Catherine was all smiles while she watched her pace.

"Come here, Sara. Let me do something with your hair. It will help pass the time. Come on I brought my hair and makeup kit. I am not going to put makeup on you though cause you look beautiful without it. I am sure that is something that Grissom loves about you. I am so happy for you. I am so happy for him too. I was beginning to think that he would never find anyone that would make him happy. He loves you so much. I knew that when you first came here from San Francisco. He smile went all the way to his eyes when he looked at you. I had never seen anyone affect him like that. I just never thought it would take four years before he finally let his guard down and admitted to himself." Catherine told her.

She had pulled Sara's hair back and twisted it some with the curling rod that she kept in her hair kit. It wasn't anything spectacular, but Sara was crying when Catherine let her see herself in the mirror.

"Thank you, Catherine. Will you stand beside me? Be my Maid of Honor?" Sara asked turning to face Catherine.

"Oh, Sara, I would love too." Catherine said giving Sara a hug.

/ - - /

Groom's Room

Grissom was pacing the room. Warrick was trying to calm him down.

"Grissom, you are going to wear a hole in the floor if you don't sit down and try to relax." Warrick joked trying to calm him.

"I know it. I know it. I just won't believe this is really happening until Sara and I are married. Even then I might not believe it. I am usually calm under pressure, but in all my 48 years I have never been the one at the end of the aisle waiting on the bride. I don't know how I am supposed to be acting. I think that I am going to faint, Rick." Grissom said sitting down and putting his head between his knees and taking deep breaths to calm himself.

"I wonder how Sara is coping. I hope that Catherine can keep her under control." Warrick said picturing Sara stressing.

"Catherine is the mother of a preteen age daughter. Sara should be a piece of cake." Grissom said getting his self back together as much as humanly possible under the circumstances.

/ - - /

40 minutes later

Grissom and Sara were standing together at the altar. They were hand-in-hand. All their friends were there watching them commit to one another. Nick, Greg, Doc Robbins, David, David's fiancé, and Mia were all there watching the happy couple take their vows. Catherine was Sara's Maid of Honor, and Warrick was Grissom's Best Man.

They said their vows. They opted for the traditional wedding vows.

The minister said, "I know pronounce you husband and wife. Now, you may kiss the bride."

With that Grissom took Sara into his arms and kissed her gently. Everyone applauded the happy couple. Sara couldn't stop smiling at Grissom. She held his hand , now clad with his wedding ring, like a lifeline. She never wanted to let him go. At that moment, everything was wonderful.

They all went out to celebrate the nuptials. At dinner, Warrick toasted the happy couple.

"I never thought I would ever see you married, Grissom. I mean we all knew Sara loved you and you loved her, but we wondered just when you two would stop playing hard to get with one another. We had a bet going and sadly to say I lost to Nick. He can read people you know. He had it nailed when he said that you two would either be hitched or at least dating by September. I wish you two all the happiness in the world. You both deserve it. Just remember this. Don't hold you head down cause you miss everything that life is painting around you and keep your heart open. When things look bad, keep your hearts open and remember that as long as you love each other nothing is worth losing each other over. I speak for everyone when I say that we all love you and are happy for you. To Sara and Gil. I thought one Grissom was bad. Now, we got us two."

Glasses were clinking. Sara couldn't keep her eyes off of Grissom, and he the same. Five minutes later, Grissom reached for Sara and pulled her onto her feet. "Dance with me, Mrs. Grissom." The song that was playing was "The Closest Thing to Crazy". Sara was wrapped in Grissom's arms and had her head on his shoulder.

"Let's get out of here." Grissom stated half way through the song.

"We can't just leave, Gil. They are here to celebrate us. It wouldn't be right." Sara said.

"I don't think they expect us to stay with them all night you know. This is our wedding night. I want to take you home and make love to you all night until you are begging me to stop. Come on, Sara. I got to have you." Grissom whispered in her ear. With that he took her hand and led her to the table where everyone was drinking wine and champagne.

"Everyone, I am sure that you won't mind if we duck out and head home. We are kind of tired. All this excitement ain't good for an old man" Grissom deadpanned. Sara poked him in the ribs.

"We know you ain't tired. Neither of you hardly sleep. We know you want to take you new bride home to consummate your marriage." Greg said. He had clearly had to much to drink already. He would have never have said that to his boss otherwise.

Sara blushed. Grissom just smiled.

/ - - /

20 minutes later

Grissom's Townhouse

The radio was playing some romantic notes. Candles were lit. And Sara and Grissom were naked standing in the bedroom kissing. They were slowly moving to the notes of the song playing. Grissom picked her up and carried her to the bed. He made love to her like it was their first time and held her all night long. He woke her up in the morning and made love to her all over again and again. Everything was perfect or so they thought.

/ - - /

4 weeks later

"Grissom, I have to tell you something. I think this is good, but I don't know if you will." Sara said smiling at him.

"What is it?" Grissom asked getting worried.

"I'm, well, We're pregnant." Sara said looking at Grissom to see what he was thinking.

"I'm going to be a dad? Oh, Sara, this is wonderful. Now we will have it all." Grissom said picking her up and kissing her. He carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. He was still kissing her when he suddenly pulled back and looked at her.

"This won't hurt the baby will it?" he asked Sara.

"No. Are you really happy, Gil?" She asked.

"Yes" he said. Then he showed her just how happy her truly was.

/ - - /

February 26, 2005

Grissom carried the tiny bundle out into the waiting room to the crowd that had gathered waiting the arrival of the new Grissom.

"Everyone, I want you to meet Gillianna Leigh Grissom. Her mom is doing fine. So is her proud old man. You can see Sara in about an hour. She will be in a room then. It will tomorrow before you all get to hold baby Gilly. I have to get her back now before Sara comes after me and kills me. She hasn't gotten to hold her yet."

Everything was right with the world now. They were happy. They had their baby and they had each other. That was all the needed in the world. They were a family.