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What am I doing? I'll tell you what I'm doing: I'm writing a continuation, because readers didn't seem to understand that 'Love Knows No Circuits' was a ONE-SHOT! That's right! Not supposed to have chapters, not supposed to be 'continued', not supposed to 'keep going', ONE-SHOT!

Arrgh... Why are people so... so... so STUPID these days?

Chapter 1

R2-D2 had first seen C-3PO in a desert apartment in Mos Espa. A little boy called "Ani" had been making him as a project to help his mother around the house.

And the astromech had to admit- the protocol was quite sexy.

What a waste.

Artoo was still embarrassed that the first thing he'd said was "You're naked". Why couldn't it have been something like "You want to go out for an oil change?" or something more... romantic or seductive?

Oh well... Threepio had taken it well.

The podrace had practically been their first date, except they were really just acquaintances. Artoo had left on the repaired queen ship, and neither of them ever thought that they would see each other again.

That, however, turned out to be crap.


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