"Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now"

Halloween 2021: A demonic spell causes havoc for the Halliwell's and threatens to tear the family apart. (Set in the changed future)

I suppose this would be considered an AU fic because what happens is never going to happen on the show. If anyone has read my other story then I warn you that this is quite different. I came up with this idea awhile ago and I've now realized that I will not relax until I write it down…no matter how stupid it is. (Yes, it is fairly absurd)

Background- Takes place in the changed 'good' future (no connection to the Avatars though- and demons still exist).

Piper and Leo are together, and he has gone back to bring their whitelighter. Paige is still single, Phoebe is married to Cole (because that will make this story much more interesting later, trust me)…it doesn't really matter why/how he's back…you can make that up yourself. I should also mention that he is good.

Wyatt is 19, Chris is 17 and Mel (Phoebe's daughter) is 16.

I think that about covers it…enjoy!


"You look great!" Mel exclaimed as she admired Chris' Halloween costume. "Perfectly angelic."

Chris returned his cousins smile as he did up the last button on his shirt. "Thanks, same to you…well, except for the angelic part, demonic is more like it."

"Yes, I think that it suits me perfectly." she paused and formed a small fire ball in her right hand. "Scared angel- boy?" she mocked playfully.

He tried to look unfazed but she could tell that the sight of her with the fireball was making him slightly nervous. With an evil grin that only she could pull off, Mel pretended to throw the ball at Chris who instinctively orbed out. When he reformed seconds later, he shot her a murderous glare. The girl simply laughed; her cousin could be so gullible at times.

"Happy Halloween Christopher." She said, smiling devilishly as she dissolved the fireball and pushed a stray strand of dark brown hair behind her ear.

"Oh, you are so funny." Chris replied with more than a hint of his trademark sarcasm.

Mel shrugged, trying not to show her amusement, and made herself look unconcerned by focusing her attention on adjusting her tight black skirt.

This Halloween, she and Chris had decided to dress up as 'themselves' for the school's annual dance. Therefore, she was now wearing a risky leather number, a lot of red face paint and a rather realistic pair of horns; she was the perfect picture of demon-ness. Chris, on the other hand, was going for a quite different look. He had decided to showcase his whitelighter side and thus had dressed in white and was sporting a convincing pair of feathered wings. His costume had required a lot less work that Mel's- they had realized, as they worked together on both outfits, that it did not take much to make Chris look like an angel whereas making Mel a convincing demon was rather complicated.

"Fine, I'm sorry for pretending that I was going to blow you up Chris." Mel sighed with an obvious roll of her eyes. "But it's not like you can't reform even when I do."

The boy was not amused by her comments. "Yea, but I don't want to be a floating mass of orbs when I meet my date!" re retorted hotly.

Mel tried to suppress her smirk; Chris really was neurotic at times- such a contrast to her own carefree nature. "I said sorry." She began in a clipped tone. "Now, let's go show our parents our lovely costumes, I'm sure that they'll be not- so- pleasantly surprised."

Chris gave a quiet laugh and nodded in agreement as the two headed towards the kitchen. They had not told any other members of the family about their plans, and had worked on the costumes in secret- both wanted to see how their parents would react.

"You, then me." Chris whispered with a grin.

Without another moment's hesitation, Mel pushed open the doors and burst into the room where Piper, Leo, Phoebe, Cole, Paige and Wyatt were all finishing up their dinner.

"Tada!" She said dramatically, twilling around so that they could have a full glimpse of her attire. "What do you think of my costume?"

They all stared in shock for several seconds- silence enveloped the room.

"I love it!" Cole exclaimed suddenly with a slight chuckle. "It reminds me of my early days in the underworld. You could fool a lot of people with that get up."

Mel beamed at her father. She knew that he would be amused.

Phoebe, however, instantly hit her husband on the shoulder.

"Ouch!" Cole exclaimed, wincing.

"You deserve it!" Phoebe retorted angrily "How dare you encourage her, my baby looks like a demon!"

Mel rolled her eyes- as usual her mother was blowing things way out of proportion. "First of all," she began to explain "I am part demon, and secondly, that's the POINT of the costume! Chris and I decided to go to the dance as ourselves…we thought it was funny."

"Chris is in on this too?" Piper asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yep." Mel replied smugly. "Chris, come in here."

Seconds later Chris orbed into the kitchen next to her.

As he materialized, Piper gasped and brought a hand to her mouth, Leo looked even more shocked than he had before, and Wyatt began shaking with silent laughter.

The two cousins watched the family's reaction with great enjoyment; their idea was causing even more of an effect than they had expected.

"Oh, this is wonderful." Phoebe said sarcastically, throwing her hands up with exasperation. "They've gone insane and have decided to expose them selves. So much for the family secret."

"Phoebe." Cole cut in gently, trying to catch his wife's eye. " I think that you're being a bit dramatic. It's Halloween, people dress up…they are not going to cause suspicion of any kind. Let them have their fun. "

Phoebe folded her arms across her chest and looked over to Piper and Leo for support.

"Chris, those aren't real are they?" Leo asked, suddenly breaking out of his shocked trance.

"Er, no Dad, we made them." Chris replied, giving his father a strange look. "Do you think I'd actually pull the wings off some poor magical creature or something?"

Leo glanced down at the floor.

"You're not leaving the house like that young lady!" Phoebe said sternly, standing up to look her daughter in the eye. "Now get out of that ridiculous outfit."

"No." Mel replied stubbornly, not caring that her mother looked about ready to explode.

Sensing the tension between her sister and her niece, Piper decided to cut in. "It'll be okay Pheebs." She said comfortingly. "It's the perfect opportunity for them to dress up Let her go."

Phoebe remained silent.

"I know!" Piper exclaimed with excitement "Why don't I go dig those old witches dresses- we can be 'ourselves' too, it'll be fun." With that, she scurried out of the room, not noticing the mortified expressions she received from both Phoebe and Paige.

"I'll go stop her." The youngest sister muttered, shooting a glance at Phoebe and orbing out of the room.

Phoebe sighed, and turned her attention back to the more pressing issue. "Fine, go." She said quietly, frowning at her daughter. "But how come you decided to dress up like this…you're both witches too you know."

"Of course we know that mom, but I thought that being a demon would be a little more original- and everyone knows that Chris is more whitelighter than witch…so we thought it was appropriate."

Chris blushed slightly and looked down at his feet, and Leo beamed with pride.

Mel was right; unlike Wyatt, Chris' whitelighter side had always been more dominant.

"Well," Wyatt said, speaking for the first time since they had entered the room. "I suggest that you get going before Mom starts going overboard with the Halloween thing."

Everyone chuckled, knowing full well that when Piper got an idea she usually carried it a little too far.

"Good point." Chris replied "It's really too bad we didn't make you some wings too Wy…oh well, with any luck Mom will find an extra dress for you to wear…"

Wyatt scowled and sent a dinner roll flying across the room at his little brother. The boy merely grinned and orbed it in to his hand before sending it back at three times the speed right at Wyatt's head.

"Chris-" Leo began to scold.

"Bye everyone." Chris cut in quickly, purposely ignoring his father. He took hold of Mel's hand and orbed them to the alley behind the high school.

"Thanks for the lift angel- boy." She smirked. "That was a close one."

"Any time demon- girl." He replied, flashing her a wide grin.

With that, the two cousins set off toward the entrance, ignorant to the darkness that loomed in the near future.


A large and brutish demon paced back and forth across his underworld liar- trying to come up with a plan. He knew exactly what he needed to do, but he was yet to figure out exactly how he was going to go about doing it.

He gave a loud and frustrated sigh before seating himself behind his crude stone table.

There was once a time, many years ago, when he had been the leader of a large army- one that was unsurpassed in strength and brutality in the underworld…but ever since the Charmed ones had appeared on the scene he had lost many of his loyal followers….and with them, his dreams of becoming the next source.

Not only had the dreaded sisters killed many of his minions, but the fear they, and their offspring incited in all demons had caused almost as many to flee to the upper world. It disgusted him to think that they now attempted to blend into human society, causing only minor havoc at banks and liquor stores.

"Cronus." He shouted gruffly, a vague idea suddenly forming in his head. "Get in here."

A second, lower level, demon shimmered into the liar and bowed to the first who was obviously his superior.

"How may I serve you, master Demetrius?" He asked his voice rather timid for a demonic creature.

Demetrius sighed. "You have the power to create spells…and I need you to create one for me."

"Yes master, anything."

"I need a spell that will expose every magical being concealed in the mortal world- I need a spell that will bring forth the true nature they hide."

Cronus looked up at his master with a look of shock written across his pug- like face. "But…but sir." He stuttered. "I do not think that is possible, even for me."

"It is possible." Demetrius assured, tapping his clawed fingers impatiently on the table. "It is all hallows eve and the magical force in heightened…if we do it tonight we will have success."

The lesser demon nodded apprehensively. "If you are sure, then I will come up with a spell…but may I first inquire as to why you would want this."

"Because." Demetrius replied "If we make magical creature unable to conceal themselves we will both ostracize beings of 'good', and more importantly, create legion of demonic followers who will be forced to take refuge down here. Now, enough questions, cast the spell."

Cronus nodded again and closed his watery eyes as he came up with the correct wording. "Perfect." He muttered, a cruel grin forming across his face as the spell came to him. He looked up at his master, who gestured for him to continue, and he then began to chant;

"Magical beings near and far,

Be revealed for what you are.

On this night, all hollows eve,

Become what you were meant to be."

As the final words were spoken, a grey mist began to rise out of the room, ready to carry out the plan.

Demetrius smiled. "Thank you dear friend, now we shall wait for the spell to do its job- and perhaps later, we will begin our conquest with a little trip to the Halliwell house hold…


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