Chapter One –The Tip


The girl didn't need to be told twice, and quickly left Buffy alone with the two vampires who had just attacked her. She made short work of the first, glad to have the first dust of the night under her belt. Feeling the need for any sort of entertainment, Buffy decided to play for a while, after all her second dust looked like being the last of the night.

Throwing her stake to the side, Buffy began to use the fledgling vampire as a punch bag; practicing punches, jabs and one or two throws. Several times she had to wait for the vampire to recover before continuing the onslaught.

"Stupid vampires." She pouted. "Not even worth sparring with anymore."

She waited as the vampire regained his balance before hitting him square on the jaw.

"And of course my best sparring partner of old has a chip in his head." She hit him with a powerful upper cut.

"And even worse, he's now 'in love' with me." Buffy did air quotes between punches.

"And now I've kissed him. A vampire. Spike." Each statement was accompanied with a blow that knocked the confused expression of the vampire's face.

"As if he needed more encouragement." A jab to the ribs then she sighed.

"As if I needed more encouragement."

As the vampire cocked an eyebrow in a vaguely Spike-like way, Buffy snatched her stake off the floor and finally dusted him.

"What is wrong with me?" She asked the falling dust quietly.

It wasn't until she turned to leave that Buffy saw the girl coming out from behind some boxes where she'd obviously taken refuge instead of running as she had thought.

"Are you ok?" Buffy asked, spooked and worrying that the girl had heard her rant.

" Lucky I was around; muggers are no match for a black belt in karate, no matter how weird they look."

The girl finally spoke up:

"Oh my God! You're like totally the Slayer!" Buffy opened her mouth and shut it again, stunned. The girl continued.

"I'm a witch in Willow's coven at college. She probably wouldn't know me, I mean she's like an uberwitch or something. Her and Tara are just so cool, everyone's always talking about their spells and the big fights against evil. All top secret of course. Wow, I can't believe I've met the real live Slayer, I've wanted to meet you for so long, and know you've like totally saved my life! Man that was so cool."

Buffy finally relaxed, and smiled. She'd never had a fan before, but this girl seemed totally star struck.

"Well it's nice to meet you...?"

"Sarah, my name's Sarah."

"It's nice to meet you Sarah." Buffy turned to leave, half-expecting the girl to ask for an autograph.

"Buffy, wait!"


"Let me do something for you. I mean you saved my life back there, let me give you something in return. I could do a spell, I'm a good witch, although not as good as Willow of course."

"No thank you, Slayers don't accept tips." She smiled but the girl didn't drop it.

"I could change that man of yours…what was his name? Spike?"

Buffy's refusal died on her lips causing the younger girl to smirk. There was something so tempting in her words.

"What do you mean?" Buffy desperately tried to play dumb.

"I just heard you stressing over him while beating crap outta that vamp, and thought I could lend a hand." Buffy flushed at this.

"Well it's obvious that you like him"

Buffy opened her mouth with a ready denial, but was cut across.

"So why not just change one or two things to suit you better, give you guys a better chance at happiness, make you get on better, even make him a better lover, whatever…"

"You're not a vengeance demon, are you?"

"A what now?"

Buffy's lips relaxed into a small smile.

"Do you wanna go get some coffee?"