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Twenty Four – Epilogue

"Can you see?" Spike waved his hand experimentally in front of Buffy's face and was satisfied that she couldn't peep through the blindfold.

"Where are we going? I refuse to walk through town like this. And it better not make my hair go flat." She grumbled. Spike chuckled. Only his girl could look menacing while wearing a blindfold.

"Now what would be the point of making you wear a blindfold if I was just going to tell you where we're going?" Spike grinned mischievously. Buffy put her hands on her hips and tried to glare back at him through the material, but the effect was ruined by her facing entirely the wrong direction. So much for Slayer sense.

"I mean it, Spike, no funny business."

"You didn't say that last night." He muttered in response, just loud enough for Buffy to hear, and enjoyed watching a delicate blush appear under the blindfold at the memory. He took the car keys out and beeped the central locking off.

"We're not walking?" Buffy asked gleefully.

"Well I was all for walking, but Harris insisted I borrow his wheels. I mean, you can walk if you like…" He finished with an evil grin that Buffy could sense without having to see it.

"No, no! Car is definitely of the good." She replied quickly. Spike helped her get into the car without serious injury, despite Buffy's claims that she was now suffering from concussion. Finally Spike climbed into the driver's side and started the engine.

They cruised along in comfortable silence as Spike took the familiar route. The radio created a pleasant backing track to the journey along with Spike tapping on the steering wheel, trying to relieve some of his nerves. Buffy could tell that this was going to be something important to Spike. He was genuinely worried that she wouldn't like the surprise.

They soon arrived and Spike helped Buffy back out of the car before locking it and then taking her arm.

"Can I take it off yet?" Buffy immediately whined.

"Not yet." Spike said firmly, taking her hand.

Despite the weirdness of the situation, Buffy trusted Spike implicitly. She followed his strong lead, mindful of all his instructions. He led her gently by the arm, careful to deliver her through the main doors, up in the lift and to the front door without so much as a stumble or knock.

"Can I take it off now?" Buffy asked again, with an adorable pout that Spike couldn't resist leaning in and nibbling.

Then he took a deep breath, fished the key out of his pocket and opened the door. He pushed it wide and then led Buffy all the way in.

"Now can I take it off?" She asked gently.

"Yeh, Yes you can." Spike held his breath as she loosened the knot at the back of her head. As the material fell away, Buffy gasped.

"Spike, this is…"

"Yeh, it's my place. Again." He affirmed.

"You bought it back for me?" Buffy asked, wide eyed.

"Well I think I missed it almost as much as you did, luv." Spike admitted with a grin.

"So is everything the same?" Buffy asked a little too innocently. Spike smirked as he caught her meaning.

"Why don't you check for yourself, pet?"

Permission granted, Buffy walked straight to the bedroom. She swung the door open to a sight that took her breath away. She had been hoping the bed would still be there, but she hadn't expected this. All available surfaces were covered with lit candles that cast flickering shadows over the blood red silk of the bed linen. The round bed was covered in rose petals and there was a little card on one of the cushions. Seeing her name on the card, Buffy picked it up and read the contents.

As tears fell down her cheeks at the simple beauty of Spike's words, she felt his string arms around her, pulling her backwards into his chest. After a moment Buffy turned round to bury her face into his shoulder as he held her tight.

"I love you." Spike whispered into her hair as he gently caressed Buffy's back. She quickly relaxed and he used a finger to raise her chin upwards into his soft kiss. Breaking away, Buffy led him to the bed by the hand.

"I love you." She repeated back to him as she started to undo the buttons on her shirt, holding his gaze. Spike stood frozen until she took it off and dropped it onto the floor. The sight of Buffy's breasts held by a simple black bra shook him back to reality and he kissed her again, this time with more force. Buffy moaned into his mouth at the contact. The kiss quickly became more frantic as Spike's hands found their way to Buffy's breasts, unclasping the bra on the way. He was thoroughly enjoying the exquisite little noises she was making as he gently squeezed her with his hand while plundering her mouth with his tongue. They were only just past first base and already he was hard as rock underneath the restrictive denim.

Spike gently pushed Buffy back onto the silk and petals.

After the event, they held each other, still connected intimately, until they fell asleep. As Buffy's eyelids fluttered closed, her last thought was of Spike's card.

I've never been close to anyone, least of all you, until now.

I love you,

Your William.