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WARNING: Shouen-ai, yaoi, slash! Joey (Jou) x Seto. Slight mentioning of incest, but the story doesn't center around it.



Welcome to my messed up life. Shall I introduce myself? My name is Jounouchi Katsuya. I will be your guide in my story. Now where shall I begin? Oh of course, I'll have to tell some stuff about myself.

I'm a boy (of course I am) and I'm sixteen. Next to me is my little sister sitting. Her name is Shizuka and she is really close to me. If anyone would hurt her…

Mom took her away from me when she and dad had divorced. Shizuka is staying at my place temporary, because her house is a big mess. Her and mom are moving out.

Oh look, there my two best friends are coming, Yugi and Honda. The shorty is Yugi, but don't call him that, he'll get furious! (He can get furious! Call the newspaper!) Heh, he sometimes magically grows a head taller and with that his eyes and hair change.

All right, back to the story. Behind Yugi and Honda comes the annoying idiot, who created Dungeons Dice Monsters. His name: Otogi. He's after my sister, but I bet he just does that to annoy Honda (who has a big crush on her!).

On no! Don't tell me it's her. Guess it is…

I sigh inwardly.

The big friendship freak: Anzu. She's really nice and all, but… I really wish she'd stop talking about FRIENDSHIP for just a second! It annoys the hell out of me! Well, our group is complete.


"Hey Anzu…" said Jou. He gave her a fake smile.

"Hi FRIENDS!" chirped the way to happy brunette.

Jou rolled his eyes and sighed. Before the girl could say more about FRIENDSHIP, he said: "Yo guys! Let's go to school before we're late again."

He stood up, but then suddenly stopped. "Otogi, you don't have to go to school, so why are you here?"(1)

"Oh I just wanted to keep Shizuka company."

This made Honda's face turn red and a vein popped out of his head. Jou blinked. He must've been dreaming, but he really thought that Honda wasn't directing his death glare to Otogi, but to Shizuka.

'Nah I must've been dreaming.'


Ah, there's our school. What a beautiful day to go to-

"Hi Mutt."

Shit. My bad luck. This was the stupid, annoying, irritating CEO, Seto Kaiba. I call him: Moneybags. I would have preferred something like idiot, asshole or anything else sounding cool, but my friends would break up with me in a second then. Yeah, I know, they're way to soft.

"Oh shut up and get the f- Get lost, Moneybags!"

The cocky CEO walked away, an arrogant smirk plastered on his face.

Yeah, this is how my days start.

(1)I pretend he stopped earlier for Dungeons Dice Monsters.

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