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Two days later

Jesses vehicle

"Calm down Saber. This will be fun believe me."

"I don't know Jesse. Who are these people? Am just not feeling good about this."

"Well how could you feel good in those clothes you're wearing?"

With this said Saber's face went paler then normal and Jesse was a little scared he would pass out.

"Please don't even talk about it when I'm near. I thought shopping with April was terrible. I knew nothing!"

Jesse saw the sad expression on his friend's face and so he changed the subject.

"We will arrive in few minutes so be ready. And don't worry the people I will introduce you to aren't so sadistic as Amanda in clothing. "

But in his mind he ended the sentence. "Or at least not to you. I can still remember how Duncan wanted all of us to came to a party dressed as highlanders. And it isn't a nice memory."

"Here we are. Be nice and polite and you will see they will love you."

"O.K. I can do nice and charming." With this the two men smiled at each other and went to the barge.

Knock knock.

A tall man with long black hair in a ponytail opened the door. "Hi Jesse! It has been a long time!"

"Long indeed. Duncan I would like to introduce you to my friend Saber. He is a new immortal and I'm taking care of him. I thought you could teach him some good tricks as well. "

"Friends of my friends are always welcome. Come in Saber. My name is Duncan MacLeod of the clan MacLeod. I was born 600 years ago in the Highlands."

Saber´s expression was one of pure shock disbelieve and happiness.

"You are a highlander? I'm also a son of Scotland!"

"OH and what clan are you from?"

"I'm from clan Rider." Said Saber very proudly.

"I knew a few Riders in my past and all were great warriors. Good to have another Rider as a friend. I will teach you more than gladly."

"Duncan and where is Connor?" Jesse disturbed the two highlanders.

"He'll be right back. He had to make a short visit but he will arrive in a moment."

5 minutes later

"Jesse I haven't seen you for a too long time!"

"I'm also pleased to meet you again Connor!" said Jesse with a smile.

"Well I do believe that Saber will be more than happy to stay here, so my job is done. I still have to prepare the party. I should see you later boys!" With this said Jesse tried to exit the barge full of highlanders before it will be impossible to wear pants. Good for him he succeeded.

"Mm is it only me or did Jesse leave too early, but never mind. Connor I am proud to introduce you to a new member of the immortal clan, Saber Rider from the clan Rider!"

"Nice to meet you Saber. I'm Connor McLeod a cousin of Duncan but I little bit older."

"Oh my God! Another highlander!" was Sabers only reaction.

As you probably expect 3 highlanders in one room couldn't end without kilts of the clan (and yes ladies no underwear), "music" from bagpipes and good old Scottish whiskey. Everything that pleasures the heart of a highlander. And everything an intelligent non-highlander would prevent to take part of. But it seemed like Methos wasn't intelligent enough right then. As a predator coming for his prey Methos used to come to Macs barge for beer. But he will probably think twice to come there again.

Nearing the barge he felt the well-known buzz and thought that he will welcome Duncan and Connor back home. He opened the door and froze in shock. Duncan, Connor and Saber all in kilts holding bagpipes and whiskey woke up all his surviving instincts and he was ready to make one of his incredible disappearings. Too late. The highlanders took him in. He couldn't remember a worse torture in his life because this was too cruel.

Anybody walking along the river near to the barge could hear a mess of sounds. Someone trying to play bagpipes without succeeding, an angry voice probably coursing but in long lost languages and a couple of screams like: "Jeans down Methos!" "Never!" and shortly after it "Nice legs Methos!" followed with laughter.

If you think this is already too much better don't read the coming lines.

At this point curious Amanda entered the barge. Her only words were: "Wow! Smoothly shaved legs, teddy bear boxers, you are full of surprises ancient one!"

Methos could only give up but his thoughts were terrible. "What will be better, killing myself or them?" with an evil grin he came to a conclusion. "Them. You will pay! It is time to meet Death!"

2 days later


Methos is standing in front of a grave.

"It has been more than 200 years and I still miss you. I thought time would paralyse the pain, I should know better. So little time was given to you, to us. Each year I come here and think about it. People get born, they live their lives and in the end they die. You're not the first I lost and I am sure not the last either. No matter how long I am with you, how much I love you and how much I try to protect you I always lose all of you. I am not only losing mortals like you Alexa or Joe or Amy, but immortals as well. Byron, Rebecca, Silas or the other horsemen. Yes I am the oldest immortal alive, but that only means I lost everyone I liked, everyone I loved. It's always the same. I meet you, become a friend or a lover and lose you. With every loss I lose a part of me, it is dyeing with you because you gave that part to me, or at least helped me to discover it. I'm not sure how many times I can lose somebody again. Even if sometimes I nearly hate my friends like the highlanders or Amanda, I couldn't deal with their deaths. They are meaning too much to me. Too much.

With this Methos started to cry. It was the only thing he could do for his wounded soul. He cried passionately till he got no tears left. But he remained at Alexas grave for hours.

Next day

Club Ravens nest

Finally, the party of 1000 years being immortal for Mi and Jesse started. All the immortals were in good mood enjoying their company and drinks. Then the time for giving gifts came. Both Mi and Jesse got two presents. One from their parents and the other from the highlanders. Mi got an ancient vase from the highlanders because they knew all too well she loved ancient art. From her parents she got scripts about her other hobby the Arthurian legend, so she won't be bored in the upcoming days. Jesse got a beautiful dagger with his true name written in Chinese from the highlanders and from his parents he got a little statue. He was shocked when he found it was him, but Amanda and Methos only smiled and asked him if he remembered the talented girl he once saved from slavery and certain death some 800 years ago.

The immortals formed two groups. Mi decided to try the dancing skills of the highlanders while the rest of the immortals sat by one table.

Jesse broke the silence and asked:"What do you think, will be Saber fine? I mean his immortality and what it brings is a little bit too hard for him."

"Of course he will be fine. He is more ready for it than most of his generation."

Amanda joined the conversation:" Methos is right. It is hard to teach the kids to fight with a sword, daggers or an axe in the era of blasters and other guns."

Methos continued:"And not only that. It is hard to locate new immortals nowadays. How easy was life when the whole world consisted from only three continents." (America, Australia an Antarctica weren't discovered yet)

"It was still easy when it was only one planet" responded Amanda.

" It would be easier if we could use modern technology a little bit more, Internet for example."

"Oh yes Jesse, w w w.i m m o r t a l.c o m sounds good to me." After this comment from Methos they started to laugh.

"Sign in and within three days you will receive your survival set. Books Me and my immortality and How to use my sword, a short sword, addressees to shops selling ancient weapons and your profile will be sent to the best teachers that will teach you how to fight and survive."

Amanda barely ended and they were laughing even more.

Meanwhile, Mi found out that the highlanders weren't such good dancers as she hoped so she decided to join her family. As usual all 3 noble highlanders went there as well. The whole group was having great fun and Saber being the new member was the centre of woman attention.

Methos was the first to ask how is Saber taking all the latest events. Saber thought about it and decided that being an immortal isn't so bad.

"Well I would like to be a little bit older so I could have met some famous people from the past. For example Maria Curie Sklodowska could have been an interesting person."

"Don't think so. She thought about herself she is the wisest and best living being on earth. I'm so glad that whore is dead." Amanda apparently hated her pretty much.

"And what about ancient Egypt? How they built pyramids, how they lived, that could be interesting."

This time it was Methos who answered Saber. "If I hadn't lost the bet so long ago, the pyramids you know would have a different shape. Pity."

Saber was getting desperate but continued.

"I know! Last days of Troy!" he thought nothing could ruin that.

Again Methos replied: "One thing I know for sure, Helen wasn't so pretty as everyone says. And about the guys, I am sorry for Hektor. He really didn´t deserve such an end. Achilles lost his head in the 3 century A.D. but I can still arrange a meeting with Odysseus if you want.

"You mean Achilles and Odysseus are immortals?" That was a shock for Saber and for some others as well.

"Achilles was an immortal, unfortunately he lost his head as I said before, but Odysseus is indeed still among the living."

"You know you could introduce us to him." Amanda couldn't resist.

But Saber was hit by an incredible thought. "Did any of you meet Brave heart?"

By this name Duncan and Connor became very curious. This time Amanda replied.

"It never stops to amaze me just how good are highlanders in bed." Saying this she went with her eyes from one MacLeod to the other and her sexy look of a goddess ended on Saber. She ended her tender attack with a blink. Saber subconsciously gulped.

Duncan tried to change the subject: "Saber I can't show you people from the past but I can show you some ways of their life. I'm thinking about taking on a trip with a normal ship thru the sea. Away from civilization, spaceships and other hi-tech toys."

Saber was thinking about it and was about to agree when Methos interrupted.

"I don't think going on sea is such a good idea. You can get lost easily, the whole trip is boring and you still don't know all the negative aspects."

Duncan couldn't stop himself: "Common Methos what do you have against the sea? You can't tell me that trip with the monks in the 11th or which century had been so terrible."

"It had been and that isn't the only bad memory I have. You can add year 1912."

Only Saber had no idea what was Methos talking about so he asked: "And what happened then?"

"Titanic. I was a passenger. When the Titanic was sinking I haven´t got myself on a boat to save my life so I had to swim to America. I died countless times from starvation, exhaustion, drowning and other pleasurable causes."

With this little story told both Duncan and Saber said only one word: "Sorry."

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