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Chapter 1- A Gangster's Entertainment

"So, why are we doing this again?" Han Solo asked from his captain's seat.

He was a rough, adventurous looking man with light brown hair and blue eyes. He seemed the type to leap at a chance for action, and, at first glance, no one would suspect that he was married and expecting his first child.

"Leia and I believe that Babba the Hutt, being the new head of Jabba's old gangster ring, might know something about this new enemy we've encountered. I think Leia said his name was Voldemort, or something," came Luke Skywalker's reply from the co-pilot's seat.

He was younger than Han, but only by a few years. He was also his brother-in-law. Luke had short, blond hair, blue eyes, and a serious look that most still believed did not suit him.

"Yes, but why Jabba's brother? True, Babba's organization is not as rough as Jabba's was, but a gangster is still a gangster," Han argued.

"Leia would have been able to explain it better, if you had let her come."

"She's pregnant, Luke. I was not about to risk my wife and my child. Lord, I wish I hadn't asked Chewie to stay behind and watch after her. He rarely ever argued with me."

Luke smiled, knowing that his friend really didn't mean that. Chewbacca was the Wookie that usually did the co-piloting for Han and the Millennium Falcon.

"We're landing," Han announced.

Luke leaned back and tugged on the black glove he had taken to wearing over his mechanical right hand. The ship landed softly on the sand of the desert planet of Tatooine, Luke's homeworld.

"Everyone out," Han said, standing.

Luke stood also. He brushed off the black suit he was wearing and swung over his shoulders a simple, brown hooded cloak. Han and Luke exited the ship onto the thick sands of the planet.

"Babba's palace ought to be just over this hill," Luke said, staring off in the indicated direction. Han followed.

"So, Luke, remind me. Why will Babba welcome us into his chambers again?" the old pirate asked as their destination came within sight.

"You mean in spite of the fact of us killing his brother?" the Jedi knight asked.

"Of course."

"By killing Jabba, we put Babba in charge of one of the most lucrative businesses in the galaxy. In fact, by my guess, we ought to be his guests of honor."

"'Ought to'?"

Luke shrugged a reply. They approached the main doorway of the crude palace. A small droid camera appeared to clear their entrance. Soon, the door rose open.

"Here we go," Han said with a hint of dread.

Things were only slightly different now that Babba was in charge. Most of the servants were new; in fact, all were except the band. The lighting had increased a bit, but that was about all. Luke and Han were led to the main audience chamber by an armor clad man. There, amidst servants and entertainers, on a platform at the back of the hall was Babba the Hutt. He looked exactly like Jabba--both were large, green, and worm-like--except Babba had a small, white goatee growing.

"Mighty Babba," Luke said, inclining his head a bit, "we thank you for the chance for such an audience. We assure you, we will take up no more time than what is needed."

Babba laughed merrily. "Jedi Skywalker, you need not be so formal. Many thanks are due to you and your friends for the destruction of my brother," the Hutt said in clear basic.

Luke could not help but be a little shocked. Babba laughed again.

"Yes, I speak basic well, my friends. Come, sit at the table before me. We shall discuss business later, once we are all relaxed."

Luke and Han complied. They took their seats in chairs that faced the stage at the opposite side of the hall.

"I will provide the best entertainment for my friends! My band shall play my favorite song, and my favorite dancer shall perform for you," Babba said. He nodded toward his nearest servant, who clapped his hands and announced, "May I present, the lovely, the graceful, Miss Lorelei Potter!"

A human girl, no older than eighteen, stepped onto the stage. The outfit she wore was similar to the one Jabba had made Leia wear a little over a year ago, except that it was fashioned in silver and black. Her hair was black, straight, and long--extending an inch or two past her waist.

As the music started, she clapped her hands together just once above her head. Her beautiful emerald eyes caught Luke's and held them. He instantly knew that there was something different about this girl…if not strange. She was frighteningly fair, as if her skin had never seen the twin suns of this planet. She began to twirl, jump, and dance in time with the music. She was enchanting…everyone was quiet with their eyes upon her. They watched as she danced her way off the stage and into the audience. She twirled three times and came to a halt right in front of Han's and Luke's table. Luke raised an eyebrow at her.

She leaned in over the table. Her face was now so close to Luke's that he could feel her soft breath on her face. Suddenly, she flicked something at him, smiled, and danced off. Babba laughed softly.

Leaning over Luke's shoulder, he whispered, "Don't take offense. She likes to tease the men of the audience."

But that was not what was bothering Luke. She had flicked a wadded up piece of paper at him. A wadded up piece of paper that had not been on his table beforehand! He took his hands under the table and undid the paper. In very narrow handwriting it said,

Dear Sir,

We have a common enemy. I know all there is to know of Voldemort. Ask Babba for permission to meet with me after my dance.

Signed, Lorelei

Luke gave Han a nudge.

"What?" he asked.

"We have to speak to that girl," Luke said.

"What girl? The dancer girl? Luke, I didn't know you liked that kind of girl!"

Luke rolled his eyes. "No! Look," he handed the paper to Han, who read it quickly. The look in Han's eye when he looked back up at him told Luke that he now shared his suspicions.

The dance ended and applause filled the hall. The dancer known as Lorelei took her bow, blew a kiss, and left behind the stage. Luke stood and turned.

"Babba, I'm sure this will sound very odd to you, but please, may Han and I have an audience with that girl?" he asked.

Babba looked Luke over. "Master Jedi, my Lorelei is precious to me. I do not allow any man to see her as I allow with my other dancers. Perhaps I could interest you in another girl?" the Hutt replied.

"No. You misunderstand me. I wish simply to speak with her," Luke said. Babba eyed him again.

"Fine. But only under guard," he said.


Two armored men now flanked Luke and Han as they showed them the way to Lorelei's quarters.

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