USELESS SUMMARY: I usually do non-centric fics, where all twelve genins from our four favorite teams are involved. (Most of my fics will tend to rotate among the twelve, cuz I just love them all. But my favorites will always be Sasuke and Naruto. ) And of course with a little bit of the senseis incorporated within. In this fic however, I touch on more of certain characters than others, cuz some don't have to talk as much or whatever. But still, everyone has something to do with the storyline and most definitely the ending – which all in all is the most important and thought-out segment of the fic. Every character will have an important part to play. Anyway, the main plot is that one of our dear shinobis have been forced into an arranged marriage, against his will of course. Just read on to learn how to properly crash a wedding...

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Before I get into the story, lemme just tell you my epic adventure of "Case of the stolen USB port". Ok, you know those memory sticks or flash drive things you save stuff into?Well, I had finished this entire fic in about 3 days, and had saved everything into my USB drive instead of the computer, cuz last time I saved so many things into my computer it slowed down A LOT. So I had been focusing on deciding whether to illustrate it or not and during this period of indecisiveness, I came home one day and realized a few things had been misplaced in my room. My sis ran out screaming about her watch missing, and I went to check mine. Two of my watches were gone, so I panicked too. Not too much, though. Just a little. My dad came in then and told us he had it, and that my brother's playmate from next door had taken it while me and my sis were out and no one was looking. The kid had returned it to my dad, probably cuz his father found out and told him to return them or something. The kid had actually went into out rooms and taken out things. Thank God that out of the valuable items, he had only taken the watches. So we were all pissed and made it a family rule never to let any of my brother's friends into the house again. Anyway, that night, I wanted to take the first chapter of this fic out to draw any random scene when I realized that my USB drive was gone! I panicked, as in really really panicked, and started to go into depression. Three entire days of typing, thinking, planning and sitting at the computer non-stop was in the bloody USB! It was already night, so I couldn't go next door to ask the boy for it – assuming he took it. I couldn't sleep very well that night. The next morning, I had went next door to ask him for it, but realized he hadn't started his holidays and was in school. His father told me that he'll ask the boy about it, and for me to come back later. I did, and when I when I was knocking on the door, I could hear the boy's father saying, "Give them back. Give them all back." I swear my eyes were like this o.o;. I was thinking, "Just what else did the brat take from us?" The boy came out with my USB drive in one hand and a plastic bag in the other, containing mostly stationary, and 90 percentof the items being mine. I just smiled as nicely as possible, said thank you, and went back home. My sis just claimed her necklace back from him yesterday… Makes me sick thinking just what other of our belongings he may have… :shudders:

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(A/N: I am shamefully aware of how obnoxiously horrid the first two chapters are. Bear with it, please. It gets a lot better in the chapters after. This fic is relatively fast-paced, so don't expect anything too deep and profound. )

Wedding Crashers

Chapter 1: Please Be Normal


The twelve seated genins turned from their individual conversations and stared at Tsunade. Her nostrils were flaring, her chest was heaving up and down viciously, and Naruto thought he could see smoke coming out from her nostrils. Her eyes even had an evil gleam in them. It was… quite scary.

"…Sasuke, what's raucous?"


"Eep!" This time, smoke was coming out from her nostrils. Naruto wisely decided to clamp his mouth shut.

In front of the group of genins in the hall, Tsunade spent a few more seconds panting, then breathed in sharply before continuing the announcement which she had started earlier. "Right. What I was halfway saying before some annoying monsters decided to rudely interrupt, was that there will be a visitor in town."

The ninjas were still listening, so Tsunade continued.

"She hasn't been here before, and she's probably going to… 'tour' the village and take a look at how some of you train. I don't want any misconduct for the time being." Tsunade shot Naruto a glare. "She'll only be here for a while, so please try to make her stay pleasant."

"Is she hot?" Kiba asked.

The Hokage shifted her glare to him. "She's about your age, and so that's why I'm telling you this. So I'm expecting you all to make her feel welcomed."

Tsunade glanced at the clock nearby, and went on, "She's probably just entered the village. All of you, I beg you. This piece of advice in VERY important. Please. Please be NORMAL."

"What is she implying?" Shikamaru said to no one in particular.

"She's a member of a very important clan in the hidden mist village. In fact, she's the daughter of the current head of the clan. So whatever you do, make sure she is happy. Got it?"

A low murmur of "sure"s and "whatever"s ran through the small crowd.

"Rich daughter? Of important clan? She has gotta be hot." Kiba cheered.

"Right. Now get to your training. And even if you don't usually train, just pretend to be doing something ninja-like this time. Now get out of here." Tsunade walked off, mumbling something about wondering how the trainers got the little imps to shut up.

The genins started chatting again, getting up to go outside to their usual training areas.

"New visitor, huh? Well… I'll make her visit… pleasant…" Naruto sniggered evilly.

"NO PRANKS NARUTO!" Sakura gave him a hard smack on his head, sending him howling.

"FINE. The daughter of some rich clan dude is probably no fun anyway." Naruto sniffed.

They and the other nine genins entered the field where they saw their four trainers talking. Well, three of them were talking. One was yelling.

"C'mon, Kakashi!" Gai screamed.

"Why would his daughter wanna come along anyway?" Kakashi mumbled.

"Fight me like the rival of mine you are!"

"Yea… It's not like she's interested in his work, is she?" Kurenai pondered.

"You know you fear me!"

"His name is Sokake Raiku. Of the Sokake clan in the hidden mists. I heard the business he came down here for concerned his daughter." Asuma said.

"Ha! You know I'm going to win this one!"

"Business with who?" Kurenai asked.


TenTen sighed, "Oh man. Gai-sensei's up to his rival matters again…" But Lee looked with admiration at his trainer waving around a hand with two fingers making a "V" shape.

"Sensei's actually early for once…" Naruto noted, looking at a bored Kakashi.

"No he's not." Sakura corrected. "We had been waiting for the Hokage for two and a half hours, and the briefing took about half an hour. The trainers have been waiting for us all the while, so Kakashi-sensei's probably just arrived."

"Man… And I was stupid enough to have actually thought otherwise…" Naruto slapped himself on the head.

Kakashi sighed, "Gai, last time we had this… battle, I won. And if you really want to do this again, here." He casually held out a clenched fist.

Neji rolled his eyes in realization, "They're doing that rock paper scissors thing again."

Gai's eyes were tearing, "NOOO! How could it beee? I have been formulating this move ever since the last time we had this fight. How could u have predicted it? You're not using your sharingan, are you?"

Kakashi sighed again, "I didn't predict anything. You were waving your… formulated move around at me just now. So I just countered it."

"KAKASHI! You outwit me once more!" Gai cried dramatically on his knees. Lee joined him.

"Right…" Shikamaru sucked in a sharp breath. "Sensei," he said to Asuma, "Who's this troublesome chick coming to town?"

"Well, Shikamaru, we were just discussing it while waiting for your briefing to finish. Like I was saying, she's the daughter of the head of a very important clan in the hidden mists village, as I'm sure the Hokage's already told you. And all I know is that she's just here to follow her dad on some business trip. Tsunade told us that she'll allow the girl to take a look at you guys train. So we should be expecting her. In fact, I think she'll be arriving here any minute now…"

"This entire village SUCKS!"

The entire group spun around to see a girl stomping toward them. She had long blonde hair that reached down to her waist – thick enough to cover the entire top half of her body if you saw her from the back, with pink eyes, rather heavy make-up for a twelve year old, and would have been quite pretty if not for the scowl on her face. She wore a short skirt and a halter-neck top that had a mid-drift cutoff. At her right side was a large, round, bald guy, about the size of Chouji, but perhaps a little stouter, and on the other side was a taller, much slimmer guy with light blonde hair who… didn't really look too guy-ish.

Everyone just stood there and stared. Except Gai and Lee, who were still wailing.

"Is that a guy?" Naruto pointed.

"Umn… everyone say hi…" Asuma managed hoarsely.

"Hi." The group chorused.

"Ooh… she is kinda hot." Kiba said.

"Are you all training?" The girl stared at the group, her scrutinizing eyes examining all of them.

"Why, yes! Umn, kids, introduce yourselves." Kurenai said quickly.

Sakura decided to help the others by starting it off, "Hi, my name's…"

"I don't care what your name is."

Sakura froze. The genins and their trainers found themselves speechless.

"Harsh." Naruto broke the silence.

"What kind of training is this?" She stared at Gai and Lee who were bawling away.

"So much for normal…" Shikamaru mumbled.

The girl let her eyes wander a little more before saying, "Ooh… what's your name?" She walked pass some of the genins toward the back.

Neji glared back at her.

"My name is Sokake Rika." She said in the cutest voice she could muster, with eyes flashing, "But you can call me Rika-darling…" She twirled her hair.

"I don't care what your name is."

Sakura would have been proud is she wasn't still frozen.

The girl's eyes started watering. Her mouth started twitching, like it was going to start howling and will never stop. The four trainers started coughing. Gai had stopped wailing and seemed to be choking very aggressively.

"Hey, you guys alright?" Naruto asked, genuinely concerned.

Neji sighed, "My name's Hyuuga Neji. But why don't you not call me at all."

"NEJI! What a handsome name!" Rika squealed. "And I must say, you have the most stunning eyes. Just as stunning as mine! Would you be so kind as to show me around?"


"You would? Oh, how sweet!" She squealed again.

TenTen was boiling in the background.

A fairytale ringtone came out from no where, and Rika pulled out her cellphone and answered, "Hello? Dad? Now? NO! I DON'T WANNA! I'M HAVING FUN! …My WHAT? YOU CAN'T DO THAT TO ME! IT'S MY ALLOWANCE! Oh I HATE you. FINE! I'M COMING!" She slammed her phone into her handbag and smiled sweetly at Neji, "See you Neji-kun. I'm sure we'll meet again. Very soon… Hyuuga…" She added softy, and turned.

Neji just kept right on glaring.

"Tar tar!" She stalked off with her two bodyguards.

The group just stood there, watching her catwalk down the road.

"Well, that went well." Kakashi yawned, then noticed everyone was glaring at him. "What?"

Everyone turned and looked at Neji.

"So…" Asuma said, "She likes you."

"Well, I don't like her." Neji said. He turned and walked off to wherever Gai had last told them they would be training.

"I don't think anyone does." Chouji said, and started pulling out another packet of chips from his pocket.

"She really isn't all that hot anymore…" Kiba added.

"She wasn't hot in the first place." Ino sniffed.

Sakura was still frozen, but TenTen seemed to be glowing rather happily.

Neji walked through the large gates of his home and was immediately greeted by a maid from his household.


"Master Neji, you are wanted at the head's meeting room."

Neji sighed and followed the maid towards the room, wondering just what it was the head family wanted of him right now. After today's episode, he didn't feel very clean and was dying for a shower.

They reached the room in no time and the maid left him. He kicked his shoes off at the entrance, noticing a number of pairs of shoes lying around. 'Must be having some meeting.' He thought before sliding open the door.

"NEJI-KUN!" A familiar high-pitched squeal resounded throughout the room.

Neji stared in horror, "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Oh, Neji-kun!" Rika jumped onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Remember how much fun we had earlier on?"

"What fun? And get off me!" Neji started prying her hands off. Now he really needed a shower.

"Neji! Be polite! Come here and sit down." He heard the stern voice of Hinata's father and grudgingly obeyed. Rika had let go and sat down next to her own father again, smiling happily.

"We were waiting for you to arrive from after your training," His uncle said, "This is Mr Sokake." The man nodded and Neji returned it. "And this is his daughter Rika. I hear from her that you both have already met."

Rika waved. Neji held back a grimace.

"Mr Sokake is the head of the highest clan in the hidden mists, a clan much like ours. We have had many business contracts between the two of us. It is most important to maintain good relations with each other."

Neji raised an eyebrow, "…What exactly are you saying?"

"Neji, your father had agreed that you would be used for the good of our clan. You know that. So, it was decided that-"

"Neji-kun, you must be so excited! We're getting married!" Rika screamed in delight.


A/N: Ok, if you didn't find this chapter too exciting, it's cuz I'm just laying the problem out to get the plot going. It's all part of the settings, my friends. Hope you had enjoyed!

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