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Wedding Crashers

Chapter 8: Gone With the Wind

"Crasher Three, your turn!"

"Yes sir, Crasher Six, sir."

Chouji jumped out from the bush and leaned against the fence on the left side of the Sokake residence, as if he had been there all the while, as Bouka made his way down.

"I hear you…" Chouji eyed Bouka haughtily and flung a peanut into his mouth, "…like competition?" He flung another and gave the most pompous look he could muster.

Bouka glared at him. "Yea I do. And?"

"I think I make… very good competition." Chouji poured the remaining of the peanuts into his mouth and chomped on them viciously.

Bouka's glare intensified and a fire could be seen in his eyes, "You're on!"

The two round ninjas dashed off to the nearest buffet restaurant.

"The two Farmers are gone." Naruto reported through the mouthpiece to Shikamaru and Kiba – who were right next to him.

"…I know." Shika murmured, "Ok guys, we go in unseen, we come out unseen. So please be discreet."

Naruto smiled, "We came, we crashed, we left. Crashers, go!"

He, Shika, and Kiba crept silently into the house.


Neji stepped out of the car and the guests turned to look at him, and they clapped in congratulations. Neji looked down, not wanting to show his cheerless face, and he stepped up to the gate, where the red carpet that he and his bride were to walk down to reach the podium began. It felt more like a funeral than a wedding to him. His funeral, that is. His pledge of eternity with a rich snobbish brat of a girl seemed more and more like a sentence to death with every step he took. He stood there, and looked around, and saw Shino at the back of the crowd. Shino just looked back at him, then went to the food table to snack.

'Great. A friend to share my unforgettable memories.' Neji thought sarcastically. 'Shino of all people. Why couldn't it be someone else who cares a little about my fate, or at least someone who pretends to care? Shino- wait. How the hell did he get in here anyway?'

Two of his ANBU spies were at the gates preventing any uninvited guests from entering. The other two had escorted him from his house, in the car, and to the ceremony. When Neji was at the red carpet, they had joined the two at the gate. So it was rather strange that Shino had bypassed them and got in. But oh well. Shino and his creepiness could bypass just about anything.


"Just WHAT the hell is that movie about?.!"

Mitsuka latched on to Sasuke's shoulders as they stared at the movie poster, "It's one of those romantic R-rated movies. The ones where you cuddle up next to your partner and start-"

"WELL… Like I said before, I really don't know how to appreciate films," Sasuke quickly said. "So… why don't we go to… ahh… the mall?"

"I love shopping!"

"Yea I thought so."

"Let's go, dollface."

'D-dollface? Oh, Neji had better be grateful…' Sasuke clenched his fists, thinking about how much to charge Neji as payment for his services once the whole ordeal was over.


The decorated white car stopped in front of the gates, and the door was opened by an ANBU member. The guests of the party fixed their eyes upon the door and watched as a beautifully dressed bride with her face covered under a veil stepped out. The party cheered and clapped.

The bride adorned in white gracefully walked down next to her groom, and forcefully linked her arm with his. Neji controlled his temper and counted to ten.

The walk-down music started, and the two began taking slow steps down the red carpet and to the podium. Neji could feel the excitement the girl was in, but he himself hadn't felt this sad since his father died.


Tonight would be the night. Sasuke was sure he could pull it off. He had been sharpening his skills and training so much lately so it wouldn't be too hard. Naruto was a sound sleeper so it really shouldn't be a challenge just running a knife across the blonde's throat in the middle of the night while he slept. Sasuke knew it was unfair and unethical. But ever since when was the art of ninja about fair play and ethicality? It was all about utilizing deceit in the darkness and the shadows of night. Of stealth and silence. Of executing swift assassination when the prey least expects it…

"Crasher Four, this is Le- I mean, Crasher 7. The Wind is on its way! Get ready!"

'Crap.' Sasuke snapped out off his thoughts of murder as Lee's voice crackled in the earpiece. He could hear the sound of a vehicle in the background. Hopefully Lee had heard him say he was going to the mall. Sasuke looked at Mitsuka, who was busy examining a very pink shirt, and the Uchiha prodigy turned quietly to leave.

"DOLLFACE!" Mitsuka rushed up to Sasuke, "What do you think of this shirt and pants? I want your opinion, my sweet."

Sasuke felt sick, "Yea, it looks great. Just fabulous. I'm… just going to the toilet. Will be right back."

"I'll come with you!" Mitsuka said, a gleam in his eyes that Sasuke did not feel comfortable with.

"What? No! I mean, no, it's alright… I can go myself…"

"But I want to go." The gleam was getting brighter yet unpleasantly darker at the same time.

"Umn… never mind then. Just hurry up. You gonna buy it or what?"

"I have to try it on first, you know." Mitsuka dragged Sasuke to the change rooms and started pulling him into one of the cubicles.

"I REALLY think I should just wait outside." Sasuke hurriedly said and pulled himself out.

Mitsuka pouted, "Fine, but you gotta hold my clothes."

"Fine." 'Save me God…' Sasuke thought pleadingly. He had gone through too much pain and torture in his life already. His father neglected him, his brother assassinated his entire family, he has a goddamn Sennin out to get his body and now THIS? Why did a twelve year old have to go through all this agony? What did he ever do to deserve such anguish?.?

"Oh dollface you have GOT to see how good this looks on me…" Mitsuka called from the cubicle.

But no. This. THIS was worse. Much worse than anything he had been through before. He had survived everything so far but this time may actually be his last. He may not pull through. Oh the woe of having endured more than any human could handle only for one's life to end like THIS. Sasuke leaned against the doorway with his head hung, wondering if after so many years of self control, he may finally break down and cry again.

"Crasher Four, hello!.? The Wind is, like, waiting for you?" Lee's annoying fake valley girl accent called from his earpiece.

Sasuke snapped his head back up. Lee was already here?

"Oh Dollface!.! I need you to get the Smalls for me. Medium just doesn't cut the figure as much as I wanted it to!" Misuka flung a shirt and pants over the cubicle door to Sasuke.

Wait. Sasuke looked at the circumstances he was in, and he smiled as a brainwave hit him, 'God answers prayers. I am SAVED.' He called out, "Yep, I'll be right back." And then he ran out the shop, chucking the clothes in trolley somewhere outside.

He sprinted out the mall and looked around for Lee, and saw the older boy drive up in a large white convertible six-seater limo.

"The Wind, I presume?" He asked, leaping in.

"Let's fly." Lee smiled and sped off.

"…Can you even drive?" Sasuke asked, trying not to let the slight anxiety be apparent in his voice.



Chouji looked down at the unconscious Bouka.

"HA!" Chouji laughed, "No one beats Chouji in stuffing at buffets!" He stood triumphantly above the over-eaten Bouka. "First one to knockout loses, and pal, you just lost."

Lee honked The Wind from outside, "Get in Crasher Three!"

Chouji ran out and jumped in, causing the car to sink a little.

"Whoa… better lose a few pounds there…" Lee said and accelerated.

"Before The Wind stops blowing.." Sasuke couldn't help adding in.

"I'm not fat! Dollface…" Chouji retorted, earning a glare from Sasuke. The Uchiha just KNEW the name was gonna stick for a long long time.


"Do you, Hyuuga Neji, take Sokake Rika to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

Neji gritted his teeth, silent for a while, then finally went into submission, "I… I do." He said softly. 'I do… sure do want to die…' He started feeling rather nauseous.

"And do you, Sokake Rika, take Hyuuga Neji to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I DO!"

"You may then now, kiss the bride."

The bride turned to the groom, waiting for his hands to come up and lift the veil off her face.

Neji breathed in sadly, and forced his hands to move. Just a touch of the lips on the side of the girl's face, maybe. And nothing more. 'God, just kill me now…' He pleaded as he slowly and reluctantly lifted the veil up.

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